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Snowcloak Image.png
50 (Sync: 50)
Item Level
Party size
Light Party
4 man 1 Tank role.png 1 Healer role.png 2 DPS role.png
Time limit
90 minutes
Duty Finder
Dungeons (A Realm Reborn)
High-level Dungeons
Allagan Tomestone of Poetics 70 
Req. quest
Main Scenario quest The Path of the Righteous
Coerthas Central Highlands (X:3.1, Y:21.2)
Duty Support, Explorer

The landscape of Eorzea has undergone a great many changes in the wake of the Calamity, giving way to anomalies heretofore unseen. The great ice wall, Snowcloak, is one such construct molded in the aftermath of Bahamut’s rampage. Once thought to be impassable, recent reports tell of a network of tunnels piercing through the heart of this crystalline impasse. Duty demands these passageways be investigated, but woe unto he who finds their creator.

— In-game description

Snowcloak is a level 50 dungeon introduced in patch 2.4. With the addition of Duty Support in patch 6.2, changes to progression and bosses were implemented.

Duty Support

Scion Marauder Scion Conjurer Scion Thaumaturge Scion Lancer
DS Marauder5.png DS Conjurer5.png DS Thaumaturge5.png DS Lancer5.png
Class Marauder frame icon.png Marauder Conjurer frame icon.png Conjurer Thaumaturge frame icon.png Thaumaturge Lancer frame icon.png Lancer
Role Tank Healer DPS DPS


  1. Tiny Key: 0/1
  2. Clear Silence: 0/1
  3. Clear Conviction: 0/1
  4. Finger of the Apostate: 0/1
  5. Defeat Fenrir: 0/1



Snowcloak Video Guide (Updated for 6.2)

Aggressive difficulty r5.png Wandil

Wandil has several AOE abilities (one of which is unavoidable) which add a stacking debuff called Frozen icon1.png Frozen to all players affected. ("Ice has begun forming on gear. A stack of 4 will result in Deep Freeze.") Once this debuff reaches 4 stacks, the player is afflicted with Deep Freeze icon1.png Deep Freeze for a short duration. Periodically he will summon Frost Bombs which will self-destruct after some time or when they get low health. These should be killed to avoid additional damage and more stacks of the debuff. Healers should keep an eye on their stack count and try to top up the party's health before they're stunned.


  • Cold Wave: Summons AoE circles beneath each player. Inflicts a stack of Frozen icon1.png Frozen debuff.
  • Snow Drift: Deals unavoidable raid-wide damage. Inflicts a stack of Frozen icon1.png Frozen. Keep moving to negate the debuff.

Periodically, Frost Bomb adds are summoned throughout the encounter. If not dealt with, they will cast Hypothermal Combustion.

  • Hypothermal Combustion: Arena wide AoE. Inflicts a stack of Frozen icon1.png Frozen.

Aggressive difficulty r5.png Yeti


  • Buffet: Frontal cone AoE.
  • Northerlies.png  Northerlies: Summons six untargetable snowballs, each with a point blank AoE. Yeti will breathe on one to two of the snowballs, increasing the size of the snowball and it's resulting AoE.
  • Updrift: Launches players into the air, dealing damage and preventing movement. Cast shortly after Northerlies.
  • Spin: Point blank AoE, immediately followed by a donut AoE.
  • Frozen Spike: Player targeted AoE.

Aggressive difficulty r6.png Fenrir


Fenrir will alternate between casting party-wide attacks, Heavensward Roar, and Howling Moon/Lunar Cry.

  • Heavensward Roar: a cone attack in front of Fenrir which puts no AoE indicator on the ground but has a long animation time. Move to Fenrir's sides or rear.
  • Ecliptic Bite: very high damage tank buster
  • Thousand Year Storm: unavoidable party-wide attack
  • Howling Moon: Four icicles drop to the ground in a diamond pattern, preempted by circular AoE indicators. Immediately followed by Lunar Cry.
  • Lunar Cry: Long-duration cast that will instantly knock out any players not hiding behind an icicle. The first time Lunar Cry is cast, you can hide behind any of the four icicles to block the attack. After the first Lunar Cry, you must hide behind the icicle which stays blue. The other three of the four icicles will start blue, but turn pink in color and then shatter. As soon as Lunar Cry finishes, the icicle will explode in a circular AoE, freezing nearby players for 10 seconds and applying damage over time. Either stand far enough away from the icicle while also remaining out of sight, or stay near the icicle and be prepared to move quickly after the cast finishes.

After Lunar Cry, Fenrir will jump onto the tank for moderate damage with no telegraph.


Name Drops
Chary Harrier
Dove Aevis
Ice Bomb
Ice Sprite
Glacier Sprite
Hybrid Gator
Name Drops
Northern Bateleur
Snowcloak Goobbue
Snowcloak Wolf
Spriggan Icecutter
Spriggan Tumbler
White Bear
Yeti Northerlies.png  Northerlies


See also: Mythology Armor, Mythology Accessories and Kakalan

Silver Coffer (small).png Wandil

Name Type Item Level Rarity Quantity
Antique sollerets icon1.png  Antique Sollerets Other N/A BGreen 1
Heros ring of aiming icon1.png  Hero's Ring of Aiming Ring 90 CBlue 1
Heros ring of casting icon1.png  Hero's Ring of Casting Ring 90 CBlue 1
Heros ring of fending icon1.png  Hero's Ring of Fending Ring 90 CBlue 1
Heros ring of healing icon1.png  Hero's Ring of Healing Ring 90 CBlue 1
Heros ring of slaying icon1.png  Hero's Ring of Slaying Ring 90 CBlue 1

Silver Coffer (small).png Yeti

Name Type Item Level Rarity Quantity
Heros bracelet of fending icon1.png  Hero's Bracelet of Fending Bracelets 90 CBlue 1
Heros bracelet of slaying icon1.png  Hero's Bracelet of Slaying Bracelets 90 CBlue 1
Heros bracelet of aiming icon1.png  Hero's Bracelet of Aiming Bracelets 90 CBlue 1
Heros bracelet of casting icon1.png  Hero's Bracelet of Casting Bracelets 90 CBlue 1
Heros bracelet of healing icon1.png  Hero's Bracelet of Healing Bracelets 90 CBlue 1
Antique gauntlets icon1.png  Antique Gauntlets Other N/A BGreen 1
Name Type Item Level Rarity Quantity
Heros earrings of fending icon1.png  Hero's Earrings of Fending Earrings 90 CBlue 1
Heros earrings of slaying icon1.png  Hero's Earrings of Slaying Earrings 90 CBlue 1
Heros earrings of aiming icon1.png  Hero's Earrings of Aiming Earrings 90 CBlue 1
Heros earrings of casting icon1.png  Hero's Earrings of Casting Earrings 90 CBlue 1
Heros earrings of healing icon1.png  Hero's Earrings of Healing Earrings 90 CBlue 1
Antique helm icon1.png  Antique Helm Other N/A BGreen 1

Gold Coffer (small).png Fenrir

Name Type Item Level Rarity Quantity
Antique breeches icon1.png  Antique Breeches Other N/A BGreen 1
Antique mail icon1.png  Antique Mail Other N/A BGreen 1
Heros necklace of aiming icon1.png  Hero's Necklace of Aiming Necklace 90 CBlue 1
Heros necklace of casting icon1.png  Hero's Necklace of Casting Necklace 90 CBlue 1
Heros necklace of fending icon1.png  Hero's Necklace of Fending Necklace 90 CBlue 1
Heros necklace of healing icon1.png  Hero's Necklace of Healing Necklace 90 CBlue 1
Heros necklace of slaying icon1.png  Hero's Necklace of Slaying Necklace 90 CBlue 1


This duty is associated with the following achievements:

Name Points Task Reward Patch
Mapping the realm snowcloak icon1.png  Mapping the Realm: Snowcloak 10 Discover every location within Snowcloak. - 2.4



Into the Heart of Ice

A dizzying ravine once clove the region of Coerthas, separating the central and western highlands, and straddling this divide was a bridge known as Gargoyle Crossing. When the Calamity wrought a great freeze upon these lands, however, an avalanche engulfed both ravine and bridge in snow, and raised in their place an impenetrable ice wall: Snowcloak.

Seeking refuge from the bitter cold, the desperate inhabitants of Falcon’s Nest decided to make the perilous climb over the wall in order to reach Ishgard. But as the last of the group began their ascent, a section of the structure broke loose, entombing them beneath tons of ice. By some miracle, one little girl survived the tragedy, yet bereft of her kin and forced to turn back alone, it may be said that hers was the crueler fate. Her name was Ysayle Dangoulain, and she would one day become known as Iceheart.

Years on from that day, now leading the heretics, Iceheart ordered her minions to dig a network of tunnels through Snowcloak. These secret passageways served as a base, allowing them to operate close to Ishgard with their enemies none the wiser.


Brought to life by the primal Shiva, this golem guardian’s hulking body is composed of icicles. Holding sway over the element of ice, it can unleash scouring drifts of snow to afflict its foes with frostbite.


A massive hoarhound beholden to Lady Iceheart. With its shimmering hide reminiscent of pale moonlight and a demeanor just as cold, this imposing beast was named after the legendary spirit-hound Fenrir. It fell upon the adventurers who had stormed Snowcloak, but was slain in the attempt to protect its mistress.


Within the tunnels, the heretics had built a makeshift aetheryte connecting Snowcloak to another of their strongholds, the Akh Afah Amphitheatre.