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Explorer Mode was released in patch 5.4 in Shadowbringers. It allows players to freely explore previously completed dungeons. Using Explorer Mode, players can take their time to enjoy the scenery of their favorite dungeons with no enemies or obstacles to ruin their fun.


The new Duty Finder feature known as "Explorer Mode" allows you to revisit dungeons in their completed state, and will initially be available for instances that were introduced with Patch 5.0 or later. With this mode enabled, you can mount up and ride around the dungeon, or put down a striking dummy and batter it with limit breaks. And with no hostile creatures to bar your path, you are free to roam and take screenshots to your heart's content!

5.4 special site description

Entering Duties via Explorer Mode

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Explorer Mode must be enabled under Duty Finder Settings. While players must still adhere to the time limit of their selected duty, it is possible to enter solo or in a party up to the maximum number of players allowed for the duty.

  • A party can only enter if all members have previously completed the selected duty.

Available Duties

As of patch 6.3, all 4-player dungeons that are accessed through Duty Finder are compatible with Explorer Mode. New dungeons have Explorer Mode available on release.

Explorer Mode allows access to the following

  • Mounts
  • Minions
  • Fashion Accessories
  • Changing Jobs (Excluding DoL/DoH Classes) - Players are free to change to any Disciple of War or Magic, regardless of level.
  • Striking Dummies - Players can freely summon and dismiss striking dummies via the Explorer Mode interface.
    • Each party member may summon a single striking dummy.
  • Limit Breaks - Players can freely execute limit breaks of any level at any time. Moreover, it is possible for more than one player to execute limit breaks simultaneously.
    • Limit break is not available for limited jobs.
  • Shortcuts - Players can freely move between all available shortcuts in a duty.
  • Performance Actions