The Black Shroud

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The Black Shroud

The black shroud map.jpg
Map of The Black Shroud

Connects to
Thanalan (S),
Coerthas (NW),
Gyr Abania (NE)

The Black Shroud is a forested region located in the northern part of Eorzea. Gridania, one of the starting cities, is located in The Black Shroud.

— In-game description

The Black Shroud is a region in Aldenard. It is also sometimes known as the Twelveswood.

The region connects to Thanalan in the southwest, Coerthas to the northwest, and Gyr Abania to the northeast.



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Central Shroud

Main article: Central Shroud

An area bordered by lakes with shallow streams flowing through it and a clifftop area in the west. Connects to every other region of the Shroud, including a ferry to the Lavender Beds Residental District. The Chocobo stables at Bentbranch Meadows are a key feature of the area. Home to various logging Unspoiled Nodes.

North Shroud

Main article: North Shroud

An area with rivers and valleys that divide up the area. Ixali encroach on the region from the north and the border with Coerthas, leading to the construction of archers' watchtowers known as Spires.

East Shroud

Main article: East Shroud

A wooded area with fallen treetrunk passages and rope bridges, which is home to the Sylph. Hawthorne Hut serves as a turn-in point for Grand Company Leves. The marriage location The Sanctum of the Twelve can be found here.

South Shroud

Main article: South Shroud

A rugged area with small gullies, hills, and cave entrances. Home to the former civilization of Amdapor, the founding city of White Magic. Connects to Eastern Thanalan to the south.

Lavender Beds

Main article: Lavender Beds

The Residential District attached to the region. Can be entered by ferry from the Central Shroud, or after completing Feature QuestWhere the Heart Is (The Lavender Beds), reached directly from Gridania by Aetheryte or Ferry.