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Ultima Thule

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Ultima Thule

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Map of Ultima Thule

The Sea of Stars
(Final Fantasy XIV)
Connects to
Labyrinthos (SW)
Reah Tahra (X:10.5, Y:26.7)
Abode of the Ea (X:22.7, Y:8.3)
Base Omicron (X:31.3, Y:28.0)

Ultima Thule Loading Screen.jpg
Loading screen

No description available.

— In-game description

Ultima Thule is a zone in The Sea of Stars. Level 90 Striking Dummies are located at (30.6, 26.8).


Area Points of Interest
Ostrakon Deka-okto
Landmark (map icon).png
The Ragnarok
Landmark (map icon).png
The Vitrified Fort
Landmark (map icon).png
Ahm Nohl
Reah Tahra
Aetheryte (map icon).png
Reah Tahra
Ostrakon Tria
Landmark (map icon).png
The Wellspring of Regret
Landmark (map icon).png
Hollow of the Flesh
Landmark (map icon).png
Landmark (map icon).png
The Tube
Abode of the Ea
Aetheryte (map icon).png
Abode of the Ea
Ostrakon Deka-hexi
Landmark (map icon).png
The Lost Hydraulic
Landmark (map icon).png
The Tree of Life
Landmark (map icon).png
Empty Portal
Landmark (map icon).png
Clouded Portal
Landmark (map icon).png
Fallow Portal
Landmark (map icon).png
Landmark (map icon).png
Unmemoried Portal
Dungeon (map icon).png
The Stigma Dreamscape
Base Omicron
Aetheryte (map icon).png
Base Omicron
Ostrakon Hena
Landmark (map icon).png
The Nekropolis
Landmark (map icon).png
The Last Dregs
Dungeon (map icon).png
The Dead Ends
Landmark (map icon).png
Absolute Horizon
A-4 Research


Ultima Thule Sidequests

Ultima Thule FATEs

Shops & Services

Merchant Name Merchant Location
Merchant and Mender (Base Omicron)
(X:30.8, Y:27.9)
(X:27.7, Y:24.7)
(X:30.9, Y:28)
Provisions Node
(X:14.1, Y:33.7)

Aether Currents


Coordinates Description Number
(x32.8, y29.5, z3.9) Northwest of Stigma-1 near the edge of the map 1
(x34.2, y27.2, z3.9) It is south of the Fallow Portal 2
(x36.5, y28.6, z3.9) On the furthest point east on the landmass of Ostrakon Deka-hexi southeast of Fallow Portal 3
(x13.7, y8.8, z2.1) On the edge overlooking space north of The Wellspring of Regret 4
(x16.7, y15.5, z2.7) On top of stone spiral tower at Hollow of the Flesh 5
(x29.9, y7.8, z2.3) On the top landmass in the top right corner in a glowing circle. East of Elegeia 6
(x32.2, y26.2, z3.9) Head north from Base Omicron it is in a corner 7
(x34.7, y29.7, z3.9) It is northeast of Stigma-1 on the edge of the map 8
(x21.7, y6.3, z2.3) Beside a rock pillar north of Abode of the Ea 9
(x14.8, y14.2, z2.2) On a rise north west of Hollow of the Flesh 10
A map showing the locations of aether currents in Ultima Thule


Quest Level Coordinates Additional Information
Feature QuestA Most Stimulating Discussion 80 (x23.5, y12.3, z2.2) Unlocks after completing Endwalker MSQ Main Scenario QuestWhere Kn∞wledge Leads
Feature QuestEnding as One 80 (x22.4, y11.0, z2.2) Unlocks after completing Endwalker MSQ Main Scenario QuestWhere Kn∞wledge Leads
Feature QuestCombat Evolved 80 (x30.8, y27.7, z3.9) Unlocks after completing Endwalker MSQ Main Scenario QuestVic┨οry ̈ ̈ ̈╳, │̆││ε Lost
Feature QuestLearn to Love 80 (x31.6, y27.6, z3.9) Unlocks after completing Endwalker MSQ Main Scenario QuestVic┨οry ̈ ̈ ̈╳, │̆││ε Lost
Main Scenario QuestYou're Not Alone 89 (x25.9, y27.7, z5.2) Endwalker MSQ

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B Rank

A Rank

S Rank


This zone is associated with the following achievements:

Name Points Task Reward Patch
Mapping the realm ultima thule icon1.png  Mapping the Realm: Ultima Thule 10 Discover every location within Ultima Thule. - 6.0
Free market friend ultima thule icon1.png  Free Market Friend: Ultima Thule 10 Achieve shared FATE rank 3 in Ultima Thule. - 6.0
Freebird ultima thule icon1.png  Freebird: Ultima Thule 5 Attune with all the aether currents in Ultima Thule. - 6.0



The zone's name, "Ultima Thule" roughly translates to a Latin metaphor meaning the edge of the world. Translated literally, it means furthest Thule, "Thule" being an island that was the most distant known to the ancient Romans.