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You're Not Alone

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You're Not Alone

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Quest giver
Ultima Thule (X:25.9, Y:27.7)
Quest line
Endwalker Main Scenario Quests
Gil 1,475
Previous quest
Main Scenario QuestForge Ahead
Next quest
Main Scenario QuestEndwalker

Main Scenario Progress: 805 / 853 (94.4%)


Endwalker Progress: 107 / 155 (69%)


If Alisaie is discouraged, she betrays no hint of it.

— In-game description




"Explore the Nekropolis" vantage points:

  • Right behind Meteion
  • Tree surrounded by tables
  • One of the tables next to the tree
  • At the Bar Counter.
  • A Rusty Door at (23.5, 27.5).
  • (23.0, 26.3)



  • If Alisaie is discouraged, she betrays no hint of it.
  • At the end of the crystalline path, you and the twins arrive at a recreation of a ruined city. Meteion reveals that this world was already devoid of life when she found it, but despite the seeming absence of emotion to bar your way, she claims you will find no path forward. Not to be discouraged, you resolve to ascertain the truth with your own eyes, and split up to explore.
  • You search high and low, but fail to find any forms of life. Given the state in which the city has been left, however, one would think the denizens simply up and vanished. Having seen what there is to be seen, you decide to rejoin Alisaie.
  • Alisaie points out a terminating road; if only it continued, the dead sun would seem to be within reach. With your combined findings, you go to seek out Alphinaud to see if he has made any discoveries of his own.
  • As your party gathers to ponder your quandary, Alisaie's musings spark an epiphany within Alphinaud. Convinced that there is indeed someone present who has wished for the ruin amidst which you stand, he leads the way to that very individual─Meteion herself. The familiar, he explains, was horrified by the devastation she found wheresoever she went in the universe, and succumbed to the fear of moving forward. Drawing upon their conviction that hardships are a part of life to be embraced, Alphinaud and Alisaie succeed in breaking down the wall of Meteion's fear, sacrificing themselves to open the way for you. As the last to remain, your steps weigh heavy, but you remind yourself that you are not alone as you set forth for the oppressive darkness of Absolute Horizon. Should you stray from the path, you may begin walking it again from the entrance to the Nekropolis.
  • You arrive at Absolute Horizon only to have Meteion reveal that there is no way to reach her nest─for hope cannot deliver you unto hopelessness. To come so near yet be so far, you feel the tendrils of despair begin to grip your heart, but the voices within grant you the strength to carry on. As if resonating with your resolve, the crystal of Azem begins to shine before two familiar forms appear─Emet-Selch and Hythlodaeus, plucked from the Lifestream. Declaring their defiance against the doom Meteion would bring, they draw upon the hopes of your comrades to make for you a new path, one in a form of your choosing. You scarcely have a moment to blink as the barren ground around you transforms into a field of Elpis flowers, white and radiant in hope enduring. Their presence serves to prove that despair no longer holds complete sway in this realm, and thus you are free to summon your comrades back to your side. The blossoms also awaken the memories of Hermes within Meteion, who beseeches you to silence the song of oblivion her sisters sing before fleeing to the dead sun. Their impromptu parts played to perfection, your ancient allies take their leave, bowing out to resume their slumber and entrusting you with the fate of the star─yours and theirs.
  • With the way to Meteion's nest open and your comrades beside you once more, you stand ready to finish your task. To the Endsinger, you must deliver the answer of all lives of Etheirys, and see this tale to a triumphant conclusion.