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The Omphalos

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The Omphalos

The Omphalos.PNG
Map of The Omphalos

Connects to
Mor Dhona (N)

No description available.

— In-game description

The Omphalos is a zone in ???.


Area Points of Interest
The Omphalos
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Raid (map icon).png

Additional Information

Where the Myths of the Realm raids take place.

As beings who endure by the will of the star, we are susceptible to the influence of hopes and prayers. Thus do we commit our yokes herein, lest we stray from our purpose.

  • He who is named Byregot shall preside over construction. His duty: to fortify the works of men, and encourage them to build.
  • He who is named Rhalgr shall preside over destruction. His duty: to galvanize the star's beating heart, and facilitate mankind's regeneration.
  • She who is named Azeyma shall preside over the sun. Her duty: to nurture its life-giving light, and illuminate the truth for all to see.
  • He who is named Nald'thal shall preside over the subterrane. His duty: to make gleam the riches hidden in the darkest depths─and in men themselves.
  • She who is named Nophica shall preside over fertility. Her duty: to fill the land with life, and prepare a path of peace and plenty.
  • He who is named Althyk shall preside over space and time. His duty: to endow the star with material vigor, that mankind's march may never cease.
  • She who is named Halone shall preside over the glaciers. Her duty: to hold the melting ice at bay, and imbue men with constancy and tranquility.
  • She who is named Menphina shall preside over the moon. Her duty: to perpetuate the turning of night and day, and foster love in the hearts of all.
  • He who is named Thaliak shall preside over the rivers. His duty: to quench the thirst of men, and water their minds with wisdom.
  • She who is named Nymeia shall preside over the stars. Her duty: to preserve the celestial fabric of the seasons, and weave the threads of men's lives.
  • She who is named Llymlaen shall preside over the seas. Her duty: to administer the tides, and inspire men to come together as one and seek new horizons.
  • He who is named Oschon shall preside over the mountains. His duty: to sustain the breath of the firmament, and in wandering share in men's solitude.
  • He who is unnamed shall watch unflinching. His duty: to stand guard over his charge, always and unto the end.

Omphalos Epigraph