Bentbranch Meadows

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Bentbranch Meadows

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Central Shroud
(The Black Shroud)
Connects to
New Gridania (N)
The Lavender Beds (SE)
Bentbranch Meadows (X:21.8, Y:22.1)

Once Moogle's Gift Mounts was established and its rookery stocked with Ishgard's finest birds, it was not long before an entire settlement had grown up around the stables. The trademark balloon tethered to the main building is actually an Ixali war vessel claimed by chocobokeeps after it became tangled in a nearby tree and was abandoned by its riders.

— In-game description

Bentbranch Meadows is a area in Central Shroud.


Bentbranch Meadows has an aetheryte.