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General Information

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Players can purchase housing privately or together with members of their Free Company. The exteriors and interiors of these houses can be customized with a plethora of furniture and other items. Players can also use the house for a number of in-game activities such as Gardening. Free Company estates also contain a Company Workshop for Free Company Crafting, where players can build Free Company Airships and other special projects.

Five Residential Districts are currently available, and they each have 30 wards. The wards are divided into two halves, a primary division and a subdivision, with a total of 60 plots, 30 for each half. You will always teleport into the primary half of the ward selected to visit. If you wish to go to plots 31-60, you will have to use the Aethernet shards to teleport into the subdivision half of the ward, which is in a separate map. All subdivisions are rotated 90 degrees compared to the primary ward but have an otherwise identical layout. Some wards will only allow for private buyers, others only for Free Companies, and the remaining allows for both.

With 30 wards, there are a total of 9,000 plots per server and 27,000 apartments, which breaks down into 900 Larges, 2,100 Mediums, and 6,000 Smalls. As there is a limited supply of houses per world, acquiring a house, especially in more populated worlds, can be quite difficult and will likely require multiple attempts at purchasing via the housing lottery system.

Note: Claimed land and houses that become inactive (not accessed by its owner(s)) for an extended period of time will be reclaimed by the game (owner(s) will lose the land and house).

Residential Districts

Players can get a house anywhere regardless of their Grand Company allegiance. There are no difference between the housing wards aside from looks.

The Lavender Beds

The Lavender Beds is the housing area in Gridania. Its entrance is located at Mirror Planks Docks (x27,y26) in Bentbranch of Central Shroud. Players can also access the area by selecting Residental District Aethernet in Gridania Aetheryte Plaza's main aetheryte or by talking to Ferry Skipper in Westshore Pier near the Lancers' Guild, Old Gridania (x14,y6) after completing the quest Feature QuestWhere the Heart Is (The Lavender Beds).

Lavender beds1.jpg


Mist is the housing area in Limsa Lominsa. Its entrance is located at Red Rooster Stead (x34,y19) in Cedarwood of Lower La Noscea. Players can also access the area by selecting Residental District Aethernet in Limsa Lominsa Aetheryte Plaza's main aetheryte or taking the Lominsan Ferry Docks near the Fishermen's Guild in Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (x7,y15) after completing the quest Feature QuestWhere the Heart Is (Mist).

The mist2.jpg

The Goblet

The Goblet is the housing area in Ul'dah. Its entrance is located at The Eighty Sins of Sasamo (x25,y27) in Hammerlea of Western Thanalan. Players can also access the area by selecting Residental District Aethernet in Ul'dah Aetheryte Plaza's main aetheryte or talking to Ivory Sparrow in Ul'dah - Steps of Thal near the Miners' Guild (x11,y14) after completing the quest Feature QuestWhere the Heart Is (The Goblet).

The goblet1.jpg


Shirogane is the housing area in Hingashi. Released in Stormblood (4.0), players can teleport to Shirogane through an Aethernet in Kugane or talking to Kimachi in Kugane near Shiokaze Hostelry (x8.9,y10.4) after completing the quest Feature QuestI Dream of Shirogane.



Empyreum is the housing area in Ishgard.[1] Released in Endwalker (6.0), players can teleport to Empyreum through an Aethernet in Ishgard after completing the quest Feature QuestAscending to Empyreum.


Estate Sizes

All estate sizes can have:

Small: Cottage

  • 2 floors with relatively small rooms (around 3x the size of an Apartment)
  • 200 pieces of furniture inside / 20 in the yard max
  • can have 6 vendors at most
  • can have 4 crafting facilities at most
  • can only have 1 garden patch (up to 8 beds)

Medium: House

  • 3 floors, the house is approximately twice the size of a cottage
  • 300 pieces of furniture inside / 30 in the yard max
  • can have 8 vendors at most
  • can have 6 crafting facilities at most
  • can have 2 garden patches (up to 16 beds)

Large: Mansion

  • 3 floors, much larger than a Medium
  • 400 pieces of furniture inside / 40 in the yard max
  • can have 10 vendors at most
  • can have 8 crafting facilities at most
  • can have 3 garden patches (up to 24 beds)


There is an Apartment building in every ward and another in the subdivision. Before purchasing an apartment, players must first attain level 50 with at least one class. Furthermore, players must have attained the rank of second lieutenant in the Maelstrom, the Order of the Twin Adder, or the Immortal Flames. Each apartment building can house up to 90 tenants, with each room costing Gil 500,000 gil. Players are allowed one apartment per character. Furthermore, it is possible to own both an estate and an apartment. To purchase, enter the Apartment Lobby and speak with the Apartment Caretaker NPC to purchase an empty apartment.

An apartment building is available in every ward in the five residential districts, with a second apartment building available in each subdivision. The Interior Wall, Flooring, and Ceiling Light of apartments can be customized in the same way as estate halls. Each apartment building also contains a lobby where players can speak with a receptionist, as well as mender and Material Supplier NPCs. Outside the lobby is a Chocobo stable icon1.png  Chocobo Stable accessible to all tenants. Players can enter apartments directly from the building entrance or via a door inside the lobby.

Differences Between Free Company and Personal Housing

Free Company Housing

Personal Housing

  • No Private Chamber
  • No Company Workshops or Airships
  • You can share your estate with up to 3 friends through the tenant system. You can allow them to use your stables, garden, or move and place furniture.
  • If the owner (not tenants) doesn't enter the house within 45 days, it'll be automatically demolished.

Acquiring a House

Official Lodestone: Additional Plots and Purchasing Guide


  • Character with level 50 in 1 of the classes.
  • A player and a Free Company can only have 1 house each. If a person wants to have two houses, they need to create/lead a Free Company and then buy one for themselves and one for their Free Company. Private chambers in Free Company houses and apartments don't count. You may see some free companies or players with multiple houses. This was possible to have in the past. However, changes have been made, and it is no longer possible. Those players and FC's were grandfathered to retain what they had already.
  • You must be a member of your free company for at least 30 days to purchase a free company plot.
  • Free Companies with fewer than four members are not allowed to post a bid for a Free Company plot.

Side Note: You CANNOT transfer your Personal Plot directly into a FC Plot or visa versa. You have to relinquish the plot and then re-purchase it at the full price or wait for the demolition timer to expire.

Purchasing Land

You can check if there are any plots available by speaking to the NPC who takes you to or out of the wards or using the capital city's main aetheryte in Aetheryte Plaza and selecting “Go to specified ward” (after selecting “Residental District Aethernet”, if using the main aetheryte — you need to have done the Where the Heart Is quest for this to be an option). Taken plots have the owner's name or the Free Company tag on them while available plots show their price instead.

Plots of land are purchasable either on a first-come-first-serve basis or by lottery, as designated per housing area. In each of these areas, land will be designated for purchase by either free companies or private buyers.

Purchase via Relocation

Effective as of Patch 4.1 you can now transfer your property from one to another. The new property will be discounted by approximately 15% of the value of the old plot. Whenever you do this you must be careful of how many items are in your house storage as you can only transfer 40 outdoor items and 400 indoor items. Anything that is currently placed on your property will be automatically placed in your house storage during the relocation process with some exceptions. For full details on the relocation process see the official referenced link at the bottom.[2]

Plot Pricing

The cost of a plot is based on size and 'grade' of the plot itself (as determined by the developers). The costs are:

Fifth-class Plot Fourth-class Plot Third-class Plot Second-class Plot First-class Plot
Small Gil 3,000,000 Gil 3,187,500 Gil 3,375,000 Gil 3,562,500 Gil 3,750,000
Medium Gil 16,000,000 Gil 17,000,000 Gil 18,000,000 Gil 19,000,000 Gil 20,000,000
Large Gil 40,000,000 Gil 42,500,000 Gil 45,000,000 Gil 47,500,000 Gil 50,000,000

Purchase Availability

As of Patch 6.1, the lottery system has been added as a method of purchasing land. Currently, all land must be purchased by lottery. The purchasing method for land may be subject to change in future patches based on land availability.

Housing Lottery1.png

  • Explanation of icons:
    • Lottery icon.png Plots in the ward are only available for purchase via lottery.
    • Free company plot icon.png Plots are only available for Free Company estates.
    • Private plot icon.png Plots are only available for private buyers.
    • Shared plot icon.png Plots are available for both Free Company and private buyers.

Housing Lottery System[3]

To purchase land via the lottery system, players must submit a lottery entry for their desired plot during a predetermined period of time. One winning entry will be randomly selected from the pool of applicants, and the player who submitted that entry will gain the ability to finalize their purchase of the plot.

Lottery Schedule

Lotteries operate on a 9-day cycle (Earth time), and are divided into two periods.

  • Entry period:
The entry period lasts 5 days (Earth time), during which players may submit their lottery entries.
  • Results period:
The results period lasts 4 days (Earth time), during which players may confirm lottery results and finalize land purchases.

Housing Lottery2.png

  • Due to events like scheduled maintenance, certain lottery periods may be shorter than the standard 5 or 4 full days. Please be sure to confirm the lottery schedule as it is posted in game.

A new lottery cycle will begin once the results period of the previous lottery has ended. You can confirm the current status of the housing lottery via the Housing tab, or by accessing the placard of the relevant plot of land.

Housing Lottery3.png

Entry Requirements

Characters who fulfill the requirements below are eligible to submit one lottery entry per lottery period.

  • Entering as a Private Buyer:
  1. You must have at least one class at level 50.
  2. You must hold the rank of second lieutenant or above in one of the Grand Companies.
  • Entering as a Free Company Representative:
  1. Your free company must be rank 6 or above.
  2. Your free company must have four or more members.
  3. You must be authorized by your free company to purchase and relinquish land.
  4. You must have been a member of your free company for 30 days or longer.(*)

* This is a new requirement introduced in Patch 6.1, in order to preserve the integrity of the lottery system.

Please note that all requirements listed above must be fulfilled at the time of both entry and purchase.

Players whose accounts are currently covered under the grandfather clause allowing multiple plots to be owned are not permitted to enter the lottery until they relinquish down to one FC house and one personal house owned on the server.

How to Enter the Lottery

1. You may enter the lottery by accessing the placard at the entrance of an available plot of land in a lottery housing area.

Housing Lottery4.png

2. After confirming the information on the placard, select "Enter Lottery."

Housing Lottery5.png

3. Agree to the lottery terms and conditions, and deposit the full sum of the plot’s value. Your entry is now complete!

  • Once submitted, a lottery entry may not be withdrawn.

4. Once completed, the details of your entry will appear on screen and in your log window.

Housing Lottery6.png

You may also confirm the details of your entry via the Housing tab.

Housing Lottery7.png

  • You may only confirm the details of your entry while in your Home World.

Results Period

During the results period, you may confirm lottery results for a plot of land by accessing the placard located at its entrance.

Housing Lottery8.png

Winning the Lottery

When you win the lottery, you must finalize your purchase of the plot by accessing the placard located at its entrance. If relocating from an existing plot, in principle, approximately 15% of the value of the old plot will be refunded to you.

  • Please note that the refunded amount may not exceed the value of the new plot.
  • Previously, land prices followed the price reduction system, and players who relocated received a refund of 30% of the minimum value of their old plot. However, starting in Patch 6.1, the price reduction system will be retired, and housing plots will retain the value at which they are initially listed. Therefore, the notation for the relocation refund has been changed to “approximately 15% of the value of the old plot.” Please be assured that while the notation has changed, the amount received by players remains the same.
  • You may learn more about relocation by speaking to the resident caretaker stationed in any housing area.

You may finalize your purchase of a plot at any time during the results period. However, should you fail to claim your plot of land during the results period despite having won the lottery, your claim to that plot will be forfeit. Furthermore, a 50% cancellation fee will be deducted from the deposit made at entry.

Losing the Lottery

You will receive a 100% refund of the deposit paid at entry.

Regardless of lottery results, any and all refunds for a given lottery period expire 90 days (Earth time) after the results period ends. Please be sure to accept your refund within this allotted time by accessing the same placard by which you entered the lottery.
Failure to accept your refund within the allotted time will result in the loss of said refund.

  • You may only confirm lottery results and accept refunds while in your Home World.

Treatment of Emptied Plots

Plots that are emptied during the lottery period will be marked as currently unavailable, and will become available for purchase during the next lottery period.

Regarding Home World Transfer

Lottery entries are only valid within the World they are submitted. Therefore, you will be unable to confirm lottery results or accept any refunds from your previous Home World after transferring Home Worlds. Furthermore, if you complete your transfer during a lottery period, you must wait until the next lottery period to participate.

First-come-first-serve System

Currently NO housing plots use the First-come-first-serve system. All plots available use the lottery system. There is no indication that there will be a return to the first-come-first-serve system.

In wards designated first come, first served, an available plot of land can be immediately purchased by accessing the placard at its entrance. See purchase requirements.

  • Players may only purchase one private and one free company plot per World on any given service account.

How to Purchase

1. Once you have chosen a plot to purchase, access its placard.


Select "Purchase Land."

  • If the land has already been purchased, this option will be unavailable.

2. Choose from the following options.


When purchasing a new plot:
Select the desired housing type.

When relocating existing housing:
Select "Relocate."

  • The options will vary according to the player's ownership of land and housing.

3. Be sure to check the price before purchasing the land.


Select "Yes" to complete the purchase.

4. You may now build an estate on your plot.

Building House

After you've bought the land, you need to buy the Housing permit to actually get a house on the plot you just bought. You have 45 days to do this (if you don't build in this time, you will lose the land due to reclamation of inactive housing). After purchasing a plot of land, open the Social menu, then select "Housing," followed by "Estate Hall" and lastly "Purchase Construction Permit." It will cost you:

  • Gil 450,000 Gil for a small cottage
  • Gil 1,000,000 Gil for a medium house
  • Gil 3,000,000 Gil for a large mansion

Small, medium and large houses can only be built on small, medium and large plots respectively. This also means that after buying the plot, you're locked into the size, and if you want to get a house of different size, you must relinquish the land and get another plot. (You can't even build a smaller house on a bigger plot.)

While building the house you have to make a choice between three exterior types: wood, composite or stone. You can change the exterior components afterwards if you like, but choose the one you like the most.

Customizing House


A house is comprised of four mandatory parts—roof, exterior wall, windows, and door—along with up to four optional parts: roof decoration, exterior wall decoration, placard, and fence.

A number of furnishings can be placed in the yard outside of your house. The following three options will be available to adjust their position:

Move: Change the position of selected furnishing.
Rotate: Rotate the selected furnishing
Remove: Remove the selected furnishing from the yard.
  • The number of furnishings that can be placed in your yard will depend on the size of your land.
  • Once a furnishing has been placed in the yard, it can no longer be traded. Furthermore, certain furnishings will be lost upon placing them in or removing them from the yard.


A number of parts including the wallpaper, flooring, and lighting of the interior can be changed.

A wide range of furnishings will be available to decorate the interior of your estate including tables, lamps, plants, wall mountings, carpets, and more. Certain furnishings can be placed on top of others, such as lamps atop tables or desks.

  • The positioning of furnishings inside a house can be adjusted using an interface similar to the one used for the exterior.
  • Once a furnishing has been placed in the house, it can no longer be traded. Furthermore, certain furnishings will be lost upon placing them in or removing them from the room.

Housing Items

See also: Crafting Facility and Player Housing Vendors

Housing Items, including furniture, are items that the players can place in or build their Free Company Houses, Personal Rooms or Personal Houses. There are 18 different types of housing items. A Storeroom was added in patch 4.1 for players to keep extra Housing Items when not in use.

Furnishing Preview

Introduced in Shadowbringers with patch 5.0, players can now confirm the size and color of furnishings─including those they do not yet own─before they are placed on estate grounds.

Using the Furnishing Preview

Select either Preview Indoor Furnishings or Preview Outdoor Furnishings from the Housing menu under Social to display applicable furnishings.

Furnishings will be sorted by category, with a separate category for furnishings newly added with each patch. A search function is also available to find specific furnishings.

Furnishings that can be dyed will also allow you to select a color when previewing them.

  • Only one furnishing item may be previewed at a time.
  • Certain furnishings such as estate vendors, mannequins, retainers, Feast rewards, seasonal event rewards, and optional items from the Mog Station cannot be previewed.


Jukebox, released in patch 3.2, that can be placed in houses, rooms and inns to play various songs from the game.

Aquarium and Paintings

Aquariums are fish tanks released in patch 3.4, while Paintings are framed pictures released in patch 3.5.

Message Books

Message Books is a housing feature that allows visitors to leave messages for estate owners, as well as "like" estates to show their appreciation for the décor.


Mannequins are interior furnishings that you can equip with clothing items. You may select their class or job, as well as gender and race. Various poses are also available. The mannequin can be used either to display an outfit for sale, or simply as decoration.


Gardening, released in Patch 2.2, allows the player to set up a garden and cultivate various plants. Some of these plants can be placed in flowerpots and used as decorations.

Demolishing Your House

If you want to get rid of your house for any reason (going to switch servers, don't really use your house, plan on quitting the game) you can demolish it. You won't get back any of the Gil you paid for it and you will lose the “cannot be retrieved once placed” furniture (like all the cool and expensive primal stuff).

You could also wait for the automatic reclamation and then get 80% of your Gil back. In this case, you cannot enter your house in 45 days, but you can keep playing normally otherwise.

You can demolish your house and get rid of the plot by choosing Housing > Estate Settings > Private/Free Company Estate > Relinquish Land. (Or, in private room's case, “Vacate Chambers”.)

Reclamation of Inactive Housing

Automatic housing demolition is currently enabled for all data centers. 

[4]To ensure that plots of land are not claimed and left unused, estates not accessed for extended periods of time will be automatically demolished, and the plots of land will be put back up for sale.

  • Reclamation of Inactive Housing was released in patch 3.1.

Estates Subject to Demolishing

  • Free company housing that has not been accessed by at least one member within 45 days.
  • Private housing that has not been accessed by the owner within 45 days.
  • Purchased plots of land upon which an estate has not been built within 45 days.
    • Some servers may have their demolition timers put on hold if there are major disaster events that occurred in their local region. This is typically on hold for about 4-6 patches before timers are resumed. Square typically gives a month warning before this is to occur but anything can change.

Steps Prior to Demolishing

  • 30 days of inactivity: A notification indicating that the estate is being prepared for auto-demolition will appear in the Timers interface in the Duty tab of the Main Menu.
  • 35 days of inactivity: An e-mail will be delivered to the registered e-mail addresses of all free company members, or the owner of a private estate, indicating the estate is being prepared for auto-demolition.
  • 42 days of inactivity: An e-mail will be delivered to the registered e-mail addresses of all free company members, or the owner of a private estate, indicating that the estate will be demolished automatically in three days.
  • 45 days of inactivity: The estate will be automatically demolished.

Halting Demolition

Any free company member or private housing owner entering the estate at any time prior to demolition will cancel the demolition process.

After Demolition

When an estate has been demolished, or the rights to an empty plot have been relinquished, the land will be unavailable until the next Entry Period. After this, said plot will be made available for lottery entrants according to the rules of the Ward it is in.

Reclaiming Gil and Items

When an estate has been demolished, gil and certain furnishings will be placed in the care of the resident caretaker for a fixed period of time.

Redeemable from the Resident Caretaker:

  • 80% of the price paid for the estate grounds.
  • Indoor and outdoor furnishings that are not destroyed upon removal.

Not Redeemable from the Resident Caretaker:

  • The construction permit required to build an estate.
  • Furnishings destroyed upon removal.
  • Housing exteriors.
  • Private chambers.
  • Company workshops and any registered airships in the workshop.

Players will have thirty-five (35) days to retrieve items from the resident caretaker before they are deleted! Items belonging to a free company estate can only be retrieved by members with the authorization to purchase or relinquish land. Items belonging to a private estate can only be retrieved by the owner, and not tenants.

Housing Map Legend

A yellow house on the map indicates the house is locked, and can not be entered by the public. A blue house is open to the public. Houses marked with an (i) are owned by an individual, while houses without are owned by a free company.

When choosing to teleport to a district: Plots that appear in red are either locked or do not yet have a house. Plots that appear in green are open to visitors. If a plot is for sale, its price will be listed in white text.


Shops & Services

Main article: Player Housing Vendors
Merchant Name Merchant Location
Allagan Commerce Node
(X:6, Y:6)
Allagan Housekeeping Node
(X:, Y:)
Allagan Resupply Node
(X:, Y:)
Ananta Junkmonger
(X:6, Y:6)
Ananta Maidservant
(X:, Y:)
Ananta Material Supplier
(X:, Y:)
Estate Maidservant
(X:, Y:)
Estate Manservant
(X:, Y:)
(X:, Y:)
Journeyman Salvager
(X:, Y:)
(X:6, Y:6)
Kojin Junkmonger
(X:6, Y:6)
Kojin Material Supplier
(X:, Y:)
Kojin Shellservant
(X:, Y:)
Loporrit Junkmonger
(X:6, Y:6)
Loporrit Material Supplier
(X:, Y:)
Loporrit Servingway
(X:, Y:)
Material Supplier
(X:6.2, Y:6.2)
Namazu Junkmonger
(X:6, Y:6)
Namazu Manservant
(X:, Y:)
Namazu Material Supplier
(X:, Y:)


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