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Armor is equipment that provide defense against direct damage in combat and also provide attribute bonuses. Depending on the class or job, the adventurer will be able to equip different types of armor.

Armor slots

Armor is divided into five standard slots, besides shields – useable only by gladiators, paladins, and low level thaumaturges and conjurers: head, body (or "chest"), hands, legs, and feet.


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Armor can be acquired through various means depending on the type and rarity. All players are given a set of starting armor when they create a character. Beyond that, some common methods of acquisition are:

Rarity is as follows: ABasicDAetherialBDungeonCTomestoneERelic. Rarity does not indicate anything about an item's power, merely how it is obtained. For gear power, see Item Level.

Glamour system

Main article: Glamour

In Final Fantasy XIV the glamour system is used to change the appearance of equippable items. Most physical items allow glamours to be cast on them, as long as the physical item's ilvl is equal or higher than the glamour chosen. Similarly most physical items can be dyed. Glamours can be understood as physical items whose appearance will be projected on other physical, target items. There are two ways of applying glamours:

  • Casting a glamour directly on an armor piece by right-clicking it and choosing "Cast Glamour Icon.png  Cast Glamour". The player will be prompted to select the glamour in their inventory. This option requires one Glamour prism icon1.png  Glamour Prism per piece.
  • Applying a previously built "Glamour plate icon1.png  Glamour Plate". When selecting a glamour plate each armor piece on the plate will be applied to its respective slot, including any dyes applied to the glamour plate's pieces. This option has no extra requirements.