Disciples of Magic

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Disciples of Magic (DoM) are classes and jobs that utilize magic and cast destructive and restorative spells. They use MP as their primary resources.

DoM Jobs and Classes

Job Role Primary Class
White Mage frame icon.png White Mage Healer Conjurer frame icon.png Conjurer
Black Mage frame icon.png Black Mage Magical Ranged DPS Thaumaturge frame icon.png Thaumaturge
Summoner frame icon.png Summoner Magical Ranged DPS Arcanist frame icon.png Arcanist
Scholar frame icon.png Scholar Healer Arcanist frame icon.png Arcanist
Astrologian frame icon.png Astrologian HW Healer None
Red Mage frame icon.png Red Mage SB Magical Ranged DPS None
Blue Mage frame icon.png Blue Mage Limited Job
Magical Ranged DPS
Sage frame icon.png Sage EW Healer None

DoM Starting Classes



Conjurer is the healing class in A Realm Reborn. Conjurers utilize wands and canes as their weapons and earth and wind as their elements. They must become White Mages at level 30.


Thaumaturge is the damage dealer class with specialization in consistent damage. Thaumaturge utilize scepters and staves as their weapons and fire, ice and thunder as their elements. They must become Black Mages at level 30.


Arcanist is the damage dealer class with specialization in burst damage. Arcanists use Books as their primary weapons and are able to spawn smaller version of primals to aid them in combat. They must become Summoners (DPS) or Scholars (Healer) at level 30.