List of goldsmith actions

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This is a list of goldsmith actions.

Class mechanic

Goldsmiths are able to craft trinkets such as rings, accessories and earrings, besides some weapons and furniture.


Regular actions

Action Quest requirement Level CP Description
Basic Synthesis (goldsmith).png  Basic Synthesis 1 0 Increases progress.
Basic Touch (goldsmith).png  Basic Touch 5 18 Increases quality.
Master's Mend.png  Master's Mend 7 88 Restores item durability by 30.
Hasty Touch.png  Hasty Touch 9 30 Increases quality and requires no CP.
Rapid Synthesis.png  Rapid Synthesis 9 0 Increases progress.
Observe.png  Observe 13 12 Do nothing for one step.
Tricks of the Trade.png  Tricks of the Trade 13 0 Restores 20 CP.
Can only be used when material status is "Good" or "Excellent".
Waste not new icon.png  Waste Not 15 56 Reduces loss of durability by 50% for the next four steps.
Veneration DoH ability.png  Veneration 15 18 Increases efficiency of Synthesis actions by 50% for the next four steps.
Standard Touch (goldsmith).png  Standard Touch 18 32 Increases quality.
Great Strides.png  Great Strides 21 32 Increases the efficiency of next Touch action by 100%.
Effect active for three steps.
Innovation.png  Innovation 26 18 Increases efficiency of Touch actions by 50% for the next four steps.
Final Appraisal.png  Final Appraisal 42 1 The next action that would complete item synthesis will instead leave one progress point remaining.
Waste not ii new icon.png  Waste Not II 47 98 Reduces loss of durability by 50% for the next eight steps.
Byregot's Blessing.png  Byregot's Blessing 50 24 Increases quality. Inner Quiet effect ends upon use.
Precise Touch (goldsmith).png  Precise Touch 53 18 Increases quality.
Muscle Memory.png  Muscle Memory 54 6 Increases progress.
Careful Synthesis.png  Careful Synthesis 62 7 Increases progress.
Manipulation.png  Manipulation 1Quest: Manipulation unlock quests 65 96 Restores 5 points of durability after each step for the next eight steps.
Prudent Touch (goldsmith).png  Prudent Touch 66 25 Increases quality at half the durability cost.
Focused Synthesis (goldsmith).png  Focused Synthesis 67 5 Increases progress.
Focused Touch (goldsmith).png  Focused Touch 68 18 Increases quality.
Reflect DoH.png  Reflect 69 6 Increases quality.
Preparatory Touch (goldsmith).png  Preparatory Touch 71 40 Increases quality at a greater cost to durability.
Groundwork GSM.png  Groundwork 72 18 Increases progress at greater cost to durability.
Efficiency decreases by half when durability is below durability cost.
Delicate Synthesis (goldsmith).png  Delicate Synthesis 76 32 Increases both progress and quality.
Intensive Synthesis (goldsmith).png  Intensive Synthesis 78 6 Increases progress.
Trained Eye.png  Trained Eye 80 250 Increases quality by 100%.
Available only on the first step. Recipe level must be at least 10 levels below yours. Cannot be used with expert crafting recipes.
Advanced Touch (goldsmith).png  Advanced Touch 84 46 Increases quality.
Prudent synthesis (goldsmith) icon1.png  Prudent Synthesis 88 18 Increases progress at half the durability cost.
Trained Finesse.png  Trained Finesse 90 32 Increases quality at no cost to durability.

Specialist actions

Action Quest requirement Level CP Description
Careful observation specialist.png  Careful Observation 1Quest: Beloved of the Builder 55 0 Do nothing for one step, preserving the status of any actions presently in effect.
Heart and soul icon1.png  Heart and Soul 1Quest: Beloved of the Builder 86 0 Allows the execution of Precise Touch, Intensive Synthesis, or Tricks of the Trade regardless of material condition.

Effect ends if the aforementioned actions are executed when material condition is not "Good" or "Excellent".