List of dancer traits

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PvE traits

Trait Acquired Quest requirement Level Effect
Fourfold Fantasy.png  Fourfold Fantasy Dancer frame icon1.png DNC 30 Grants a Fourfold Feather upon landing certain actions.
Maximum Stacks: 4
Increased Action Damage (dancer).png  Increased Action Damage Dancer frame icon1.png DNC 50 Increases base action damage by 10%.
Increased Action Damage II (dancer).png  Increased Action Damage II Dancer frame icon1.png DNC 60 Increases base action damage by 20%.
Enhanced En Avant.png  Enhanced En Avant Dancer frame icon1.png DNC 68 Allows the accumulation of charges for consecutive uses of En Avant.
Maximum Charges: 2
Esprit.png  Esprit Dancer frame icon1.png DNC 76 Grants Esprit to self and nearby party members upon successfully executing Standard Finish or Technical Finish.
Esprit Effect: Increases Esprit Gauge by 5 upon successfully landing Cascade, Reverse Cascade, Fountain, Fountainfall, Windmill, Rising Windmill, Bladeshower, or Bloodshower. When party members execute a weaponskill or cast a spell, has a chance of increasing Esprit Gauge by 10.
Additional Effect: Chance of triggering party member effect differs according to job.
Enhanced En Avant II.png  Enhanced En Avant II Dancer frame icon1.png DNC 78 Allows a third charge of En Avant.
Enhanced Technical Finish.png  Enhanced Technical Finish Dancer frame icon1.png DNC 82 Grants Flourishing Finish after executing Technical Finish.
Duration: 30s
Technical Finish becomes Tillana while under this effect.
Enhanced Esprit.png  Enhanced Esprit Dancer frame icon1.png DNC 84 Increases Esprit Gauge by 10 upon successfully landing Reverse Cascade, Fountainfall, Rising Windmill, or Bloodshower.
Enhanced Flourish.png  Enhanced Flourish Dancer frame icon1.png DNC 86 Grants Fourfold Fan Dance upon executing Flourish.
Duration: 30s
Enhanced Shield Samba.png  Enhanced Shield Samba Dancer frame icon1.png DNC 88 Reduces Shield Samba recast time to 90 seconds.
Enhanced Devilment.png  Enhanced Devilment Dancer frame icon1.png DNC 90 Grants Flourishing Starfall upon executing Devilment.
Duration: 30s

PvP traits