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The Forbidden Land, Eureka Anemos

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The Forbidden Land, Eureka Anemos

Fair Skies.png Snow.png Gales.png Showers.png
Eureka Anemos banner.png
70 (Sync: 70)
Item Level
(Sync: 300)
Party size
1-144 man 1-144 Any class frame icon.png
Time limit
180 minutes
Req. quest
Feature quest And We Shall Call it Eureka
Kugane (X:8.5, Y:14.2)
The echo icon1.png The Echo
Permanent +150%

Deep in the Glass Ocean, the great expanse of the Far East, lies an island recorded on no navigational charts. An island that seemingly appeared one day–an island that should not be. Recognizing its potential as a trading post, the brave and ambitious ventured forth to explore and claim it, only to discover an untamed land teeming with strange, monstrous beasts...

— In-game description

The Forbidden Land, Eureka Anemos is a level 70 adventuring foray introduced in patch 4.25 with Stormblood.

It is the first of four areas in The Forbidden Land. Anemos refers to the Anemoi, the gods of the wind in Greek mythology. Anemos is notably windy, with perpetual tornadoes even when the weather is otherwise clear.


  • Level Requirement: Disciple of War or Magic level 70
  • Item Level Sync: 300
  • Elemental Level Sync: 20
  • Party Size: One to eight players
    • While up to 144 players can simultaneously be in the instance, only party sizes of up to eight players are allowed. Players can freely join or leave parties inside the instance, but Party Finder is disabled.
  • Role Restrictions: None
  • Time Limit: 180 minutes
    • The instance timer is specific to each player and commences upon entering the duty.
  • Unrestricted Parties not allowed

To start the duty and travel to the Isle of Val, rendezvous with Rodney (X:8.5 Y:14.2) at Pier #1 in Kugane (after meeting the requirements).


Shops & Services

Merchant Name Merchant Location
Expedition Birdwatcher (Eureka Anemos)
(X:18.9, Y:31.4)
Expedition Provisioner (Eureka Anemos)
(X:18.9, Y:32.1)
Gerolt (Eureka Anemos)
(X:18, Y:32.3)

Eureka Anemos FATEs

Eureka notorious monster (map icon).png
Fate Name Fate Level Fate Location Eureka Exp Eureka Tomestones Allagan Tomestone of Poetics Element Type Spawn Mob
Eureka notorious monster (map icon).png
Unsafety Dance 1 The Forbidden Land, Eureka Anemos (X:14.1, Y:21.8) 2,490 Eureka 30Allagan Tomestone of Poetics Wind Flowering Sabotender (Eureka Anemos)
Eureka notorious monster (map icon).png
The Shadow over Anemos 2 The Forbidden Land, Eureka Anemos (X:27.8, Y:28.2) 3,312 Eureka 33Allagan Tomestone of Poetics Water Sea Bishop
Eureka notorious monster (map icon).png
Teles House 3 The Forbidden Land, Eureka Anemos (X:26, Y:26.8) 4,351 Eureka 36Allagan Tomestone of Poetics Wind Anemos Harpeia
Eureka notorious monster (map icon).png
The Swarm Never Sets 4 The Forbidden Land, Eureka Anemos (X:17.2, Y:23.9) 5,313 Eureka 39Allagan Tomestone of Poetics Wind Darner
Eureka notorious monster (map icon).png
One Missed Callisto 5 The Forbidden Land, Eureka Anemos (X:27.8, Y:23.3) 6,588 Eureka 42Allagan Tomestone of Poetics Earth Val Bear
Eureka notorious monster (map icon).png
By Numbers 6 The Forbidden Land, Eureka Anemos (X:23.2, Y:22.7) 7,225 Eureka 45Allagan Tomestone of Poetics Lightning Pneumaflayer
Eureka notorious monster (map icon).png
Disinherit the Wind 7 The Forbidden Land, Eureka Anemos (X:19.1, Y:19.6) 7,984 Eureka 48Allagan Tomestone of Poetics Wind Typhoon Sprite
Eureka notorious monster (map icon).png
Prove Your Amemettle 8 The Forbidden Land, Eureka Anemos (X:14.7, Y:15.9) 8,782 Eureka 51Allagan Tomestone of Poetics Fire Abraxas (Enemy)
Eureka notorious monster (map icon).png
Caym What May 9 The Forbidden Land, Eureka Anemos (X:12.6, Y:12.4) 9,704 Eureka 54Allagan Tomestone of Poetics Ice Stalker Ziz
Eureka notorious monster (map icon).png
The Killing of a Sacred Bombadier 10 The Forbidden Land, Eureka Anemos (X:28.5, Y:20.5) 10,772 Eureka 60Allagan Tomestone of Poetics Earth Traveling Gourmand
Eureka notorious monster (map icon).png
Short Serket 2 11 The Forbidden Land, Eureka Anemos (X:24, Y:20) 11,304 Eureka 66Allagan Tomestone of Poetics Earth Khor Claw
Eureka notorious monster (map icon).png
Don't Judge Me, Morbol 12 The Forbidden Land, Eureka Anemos (X:22.2, Y:14.9) 12,661 Eureka 72Allagan Tomestone of Poetics Ice Henbane
Eureka notorious monster (map icon).png
When You Ride Alone 13 The Forbidden Land, Eureka Anemos (X:20, Y:13.4) 14,244 Eureka 78Allagan Tomestone of Poetics Lightning Duskfall Dullahan
Eureka notorious monster (map icon).png
Sing, Muse 14 The Forbidden Land, Eureka Anemos (X:26.2, Y:15) 15,089 Eureka 84Allagan Tomestone of Poetics Ice Monoeye
Eureka notorious monster (map icon).png
Simurghasbord 15 The Forbidden Land, Eureka Anemos (X:28.8, Y:13.3) 17,127 Eureka 90Allagan Tomestone of Poetics Wind Old World Zu
Eureka notorious monster (map icon).png
To the Mat 16 The Forbidden Land, Eureka Anemos (X:35.2, Y:19.7) 18,382 Eureka 96Allagan Tomestone of Poetics Fire Anemos Anala
Eureka notorious monster (map icon).png
Wine and Honey 17 The Forbidden Land, Eureka Anemos (X:34.6, Y:21.9) 22,059 Eureka 102Allagan Tomestone of Poetics Fire Fossil Dragon
Eureka notorious monster (map icon).png
I Amarok 18 The Forbidden Land, Eureka Anemos (X:8, Y:18) 26,629 Eureka 108Allagan Tomestone of Poetics Ice Voidscale
Eureka notorious monster (map icon).png
Drama Lamashtu 19 The Forbidden Land, Eureka Anemos (X:8.2, Y:25.3) 34,412 Eureka 114Allagan Tomestone of Poetics Wind Val Specter
Eureka notorious monster (map icon).png
Wail in the Willows 20 The Forbidden Land, Eureka Anemos (X:7.3, Y:21.7) 37,854 Eureka 120Allagan Tomestone of Poetics Wind Shadow Wraith

Eurekan Gear

See also: Eurekan Weapons and Eurekan Gear

Anemos Weapons

To unlock the quest chain, players need to be level 70 and complete the Main Scenario Quest Main Scenario QuestStormblood. Additionally they need to complete the quest Feature QuestAnd We Shall Call it Eureka.

Item Quick Reference Total for every weapon
Protean Crystal x1300 Pazuzu's Feather x3
Protean Crystal x19500 Pazuzu's Feather x45
Anemos Weapons (iLvl 355)
Galatyn Anemos Galatyn Anemos (PLD) Evalach Anemos Evalach Anemos (PLD) Sudarshana Chakra Anemos Sudarshana Chakra Anemos (MNK)
Farsha Anemos Farsha Anemos (WAR) Ryunohige Anemos Ryunohige Anemos (DRG) Failnaught Anemos Failnaught Anemos (BRD)
Nagi Anemos Nagi Anemos (NIN) Vanargand Anemos Vanargand Anemos (BLM) Aymur Anemos Aymur Anemos (WHM)
Lemegeton Anemos Lemegeton Anemos (SMN) Organum Anemos Organum Anemos (SCH) Caladbolg Anemos Caladbolg Anemos (DRK)
Outsider Anemos Outsider Anemos (MCH) Pleiades Anemos Pleiades Anemos (AST) Kiku-ichimonji Anemos Kiku-ichimonji Anemos (SAM)
Murgleis Anemos Murgleis Anemos (RDM)
Weapon Tier iLvl Items needed
Starter 335 Protean Crystal x100
Starter +1 340 Protean Crystal x400
Starter +2 345 Protean Crystal x800
Anemos 355 Pazuzu's Feather x3

How to acquire items to upgrade

  • Protean CrystalProtean Crystals: Kill Notorious Monsters in Eureka Anemos to earn Anemos CrystalAnemos Crystals, then turn them in to Gerolt to exchange for 3 to 5 Protean Crystals for each Anemos Crystal turned in. Protean crystals will also drop randomly from trash mobs of equal or higher elemental level to your own. In Eureka, a notorious monster is essentially a Kill Boss FATE.
  • Pazuzu's FeatherPazuzu's Feather: 3 feathers will drop each time you complete the FATE Eureka: Notorious MonsterWail in the Willows with gold medal credit in Eureka Anemos, which requires you to kill the notorious monster Pazuzu. Feathers can also be purchased from the Expedition Birdwatcher for 300 Protean CrystalProtean Crystals each.

Anemos Gear Sets

Other Rewards


This duty is associated with the following achievements:

Name Points Task Reward
Mapping the realm eureka anemos icon1.png  Mapping the Realm: Eureka Anemos 10 Discover every location within the Forbidden Land, Eureka Anemos. -
Making the most of anemos icon1.png  Making the Most of Anemos 10 Complete all the scenario quests within the Forbidden Land, Eureka Anemos. -