Phoenix Down

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Phoenix Down

Item type
Vendor Value
Gil 14

The billowy plumage of the fledgling Phoenix─a legendary bird that, upon each fiery death, is said to rise from its own ashes in a literal "blaze of glory." When placed upon the body of one who is incapacitated, it will instantly revive the person. While some cultures insist that the tail feather's restorative properties trump those of down, these claims have yet to be proven in any sort of scientific capacity.

※Cannot be used during battle.


Instantly raises a player. Cannot be used in combat

— In-game description



Quest Reward

Quest Type Level Quest Giver Rewards
The Rise and Fall of Gentlemen Feature quest 50 Wymond 1 Phoenix down icon1.png  Phoenix Down
A Faithful Companion Sidequest 51 Luciae 1 Phoenix down icon1.png  Phoenix Down

Used For

Can be used to instantly resurrect a player outside of combat. This is primarily useful in Deep Dungeon Deep Dungeons where there are no role restrictions and healers may not be present.