Save the Queen: Blades of Gunnhildr

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Bozja icon2.png Save the Queen is the level 80 field operations setting introduced with the Shadowbringers expansion. It comprises two 72-player battlefield duties, a set of raids and trial-like encounters, new gear and gameplay mechanics, and the opportunity to forge Resistance Weapons, the Relic Weapons equivalent of Shadowbringers.

It is set in Bozja, home of the Hrothgar. For years it has suffered under Imperial occupation. But now, with the Garlean Empire falling apart, the Resistance seeks to liberate it from their oppressors. The battlefields may be explored in parties of up to eight players, or solo. All players will be level synced to 80 (up from 71-79 or down from 81+), and all equipped items will be synced up or down to item level 430. Unlike instanced duties, a given battlefield may be occupied by up to 72 players, with whom you may choose to cooperate if you so desire!



Players can enter Gangos via the Aetheryte in the Doman Enclave. From there, they can talk to the NPC Sjeros in Gangos (5.5, 5.4) to enter the other Save the Queen zones. If entering as a party, the leader must speak to the NPC.

Party Play

Similar to The Forbidden Land, Eureka, Save the Queen allows the use of party functions such as inviting party members, disbanding the party, and leaving the party without exiting the instance. You may use the Adventurer List to seek out players to form parties and explore the battlefield together. It is also possible to change your online status to "Looking for Party."

  • Please note that if you enter an instanced Save the Queen zone as a member of a party, even if you leave it while within the instance, you will be returned to the party upon exiting the instance.


Gangos: Non-combat zone. The main hub for all Save the Queen content.

The Bozjan Southern Front: 72 player battlefield.

Delubrum Reginae: 24 player raid. The Echo is applied for small groups.

Zadnor: 72 player battlefield.

  • The Dalriada: Raid designed for up to 48 players. The Echo is applied for small groups.

Changing Class and Jobs

You may change between Disciple of War and Magic classes and jobs in Gangos, and in Resistance bases with Aetherytes within the Bozjan Southern Front and Zadnor.

  • This includes classes and jobs that have not reached level 80+, but are at least level 71.

Resistance Weapons

Main article: Resistance Weapons

As you progress through Save the Queen, you will be able to create legendary weapons with which you may challenge the authority of the Empire and drive them out of Bozja.

Riding Mounts

Mounts can be ridden in the Bozjan Southern Front and Zadnor. Mount speed can be upgraded by purchasing the Bozjan Southern Front Riding Map and Zadnor Riding Map can be purchased from the BSF Resistance Quartermaster or Zadnor Resistance Quartermaster for Bozjan Cluster 25 Bozjan Clusters each.

  • Mounts cannot fly in any Save the Queen zones.

Advancement - Mettle and Resistance Rank

The Bozjan Southern Front4.png

Mettle and Resistance rank are similar in concept to experience and leveling, respectively. Mettle is earned by completing skirmishes and critical engagements, and on reaching a certain amounts of mettle, you will be able to increase your resistance rank by talking to the commander. Mettle is not acquired by by killing random mobs, although Bozjan Cluster Bozjan Clusters and Lost Fragments do drop from them, many exclusively. Increasing your Resistance Rank is needed to progress within the front, and unlocks additional features.

See also: Lost Actions and Lost Fragments

Features unlocked by Resistance Rank

Rank Mettle Required New Features / Content Unlocked
1 0 Starting Rank, Feature QuestAn Expected Engagement
2 300 Feature QuestLost No Longer, can appraise Forgotten Fragment of Skill, Preparation, and Caution
3 1100
4 2200
5 3800 Feature QuestOn the Offensive, Access to Old Bozja (BSF Second Area), can appraise Forgotten Fragment of Awakening, Ingenuity, and Care
6 9400 Feature QuestTime to Focus
7 18000 Feature QuestThird Time's the Charm
8 32000 Feature QuestPressing Forward, Access to the Alermuc Climb (BSF Third Area), can appraise Forgotten Fragment of Violence, Resolve, Support, and Compassion
9 51300 Feature QuestSignature Acquired, Feature QuestPicking Up the Trail
10 78000 Feature QuestThe Lady of Blades, Access to Castrum Lacus Litore, Continuation of the Save the Queen storyline leading to Delubrum Reginae and Zadnor
11 106000 Can appraise Forgotten Fragment of Mastery and Superstition
12 157400 Can appraise Forgotten Fragment of Sagacity
13 252000 Can appraise Forgotten Fragment of Becoming
14 416000 Can appraise Forgotten Fragment of Transcendence
15 703200 Access to Delubrum Reginae (Savage), can appraise Forgotten Fragment of Caprice
16 1124000 Feature QuestResolve Unshaken, can appraise Forgotten Fragment of History, Rage, and Ferocity
17 1930000
18 2790000 Feature QuestWhere Eagles Roost, Access to the Western Plateau (Zadnor Second Area), can appraise Forgotten Fragment of Moonlight, Hope, and Artistry
19 4435000
20 6163000 Feature QuestReaching Out
21 8663000
22 11471000 Feature QuestIn Their Shadow, Access to the Northern Plateau (Zadnor Third Area), can appraise Forgotten Fragment of Desperation, Tenacity, and Inspiration
23 15602000 Feature QuestRenewed Focus
24 20516000
25 25870000 Feature QuestMarch of the Bloody Queen, Access to The Dalriada, can appraise Forgotten Fragment of Heroism, Cunning, and Revelation


Main article: Field Operations Achievements.

Save the Queen duties are associated with several achievements.


  • This field operation series is essentially a sequel to the Return to Ivalice alliance raid series, featuring some returning characters, additional songs from Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy XII, and several enemies originally appearing from those games. Many enemy encounters are also remixed versions of their first incarnations as alliance raid bosses.