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Transports the user and party members to the chosen Aetheryte location for a fee. The fee is higher the further the destination.

— In-game description

Teleport is an action unlocked at level 1. It is available for any class or job.

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When first adventuring beyond the walls of your starting city, attuning to an aetheryte will grant you the spell Teleport. Using this spell, you can travel instantly between aetherytes to which you are attuned. It should be noted that adventurers are expected to pay a small fee in gil for the upkeep of the aetheryte network.

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Players will be able to teleport to various Aetherytes in different locations of Eorzea. Players must visit the Aetheryte and attune (interact) with it before they are able to teleport to it. Each teleport costs Gil Gil. The farther away the player is from the destination the more gil it costs to teleport. These teleport costs are a method to control inflation by removing Gil Gil from the game entirely.

Players may designate up to 4 "favored" destinations for 50% teleport cost. Activating one-time passcode (also known as 2-factor authentication) grants a free teleport location, and in addition, downloading the Companion app and registering your account grants another half-priced "favored" teleport location. There are also free company actions and a consumable item that can reduce rates for their duration. Finally, there are other consumable items available that allow one free teleport per item.

When an expansion or major patch is newly released, overworld zones and cities relevant in the Main Scenario Quests for the update will often be divided into multiple instanced zones to alleviate player congestion. Teleporting to any aetheryte in the zone will place the player in a random, non-congested instance. Players can view their current instance by inputing /instance in the chat. To switch instances, players can interact with any aetheryte in the instanced zone and select "Travel to Instanced Area", which will display a list of all instances of that zone in the server along with the current player population in each.



Item Duration Buff Effect Source
Priority aetheryte pass icon1.png  Priority Aetheryte Pass 2h Reduced rates1.png Reduced Rates III -40% decreased aetheryte teleportation fees. Reward from Squadron Missions
Aetheryte ticket icon1.png  Aetheryte Ticket 1 teleport Good for a single free journey through the aetheryte network. Purchased from a Hunt Billmaster for Allied Seal 5 Allied Seals
or Ardolain for Centurio Seal 5 Centurio Seals
Immortal flames aetheryte ticket icon1.png  Immortal Flames Aetheryte Ticket 1 teleport A voucher redeemable by Immortal Flames enlistees for instant teleportation to the Hall of Flames. Purchased from a Flame Quartermaster for Flame seal 2,000 Flame Seals
Maelstrom aetheryte ticket icon1.png  Maelstrom Aetheryte Ticket 1 teleport A voucher redeemable by Maelstrom enlistees for instant teleportation to Maelstrom Command. Purchased from a Storm Quartermaster for Storm seal 2,000 Storm Seals
Twin adder aetheryte ticket icon1.png  Twin Adder Aetheryte Ticket 1 teleport A voucher redeemable by Order of the Twin Adder enlistees for instant teleportation to the Adders' Nest. Purchased from a Serpent Quartermaster for Serpent seal 2,000 Serpent Seals
Firmament aetheryte ticket icon1.png  Firmament Aetheryte Ticket 1 teleport A voucher redeemable by Ishgardian restoration participants for instant teleportation to the Firmament. Purchased from Enie for Skybuilders Scrip 500 Skybuilders' Scrips
Vesper bay aetheryte ticket icon1.png  Vesper Bay Aetheryte Ticket 1 teleport A voucher redeemable by Scions of the Seventh Dawn for instant teleportation to Vesper Bay. Main Scenario QuestThe Scions of the Seventh Dawn
Main Scenario QuestBack from the Wood
Main Scenario QuestThe Black Wolf's Ultimatum (30 total)


Normally, Teleport is unlocked upon attuning to one's second Aetheryte. However, if one refrains from attuning to any Aetherytes after the first mandatory attunement during the quest Close to Home, it is possible to proceed throughout the entire Main Scenario Quest without ever unlocking Teleport -- even though City of the First requires attuning to a second Aetheryte, in The Crystarium, for reasons unknown this will not unlock Teleport.[1]