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Allied Seal Allied Seal is a currency obtained by killing Marks in The Hunt in A Realm Reborn (2.0) zones. They are also acquired from Blue Mage frame icon.png Blue Mage activities.

Earning Seals

Allied Seals are earned through completing any of the following in A Realm Reborn zones:

  • daily clan mark bills (killing regular monsters)
  • weekly clan mark bills (killing B-rank monsters)
  • killing A-rank monsters (40 seals)
  • killing S-rank monsters (100 seals).
Level Bills Total reward Frequency
Level 1 5 15 seals Daily
Level 2 5 20 seals Daily
Level 3 5 75 seals Daily
Elite 1 100 seals Weekly

Seal Rewards

Allied Seals can be traded with a Hunt Billmaster (and Maudlin Latool Ja) in exchange for Grand Company unique weapons and armor, as well as Alexandrite icon1.png  Alexandrite, minions, Housing Items, and many other things.
Notably, they can be traded for armor and accessories formerly obtained with Allagan Tomestone of SoldieryAllagan Tomestones of Soldiery.