The Scions of the Seventh Dawn

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the in-universe organization. For the main scenario quest, see The Scions of the Seventh Dawn (Quest).
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A secret society devoted to serving the realm, the Scions of the Seventh Dawn gave sage counsel to the leaders of Eorzea through unofficial channels. After their desperate struggle against the XIVth Imperial Legion they stepped out from the shadows, and continued to work for the betterment of Eorzea

— Encyclopaedia Eorzea Volume 1

Key Members

The Beginning of the Scions

The Scions of the Seventh Dawn are a group formed in the aftermath of the Calamity by the remaining members of The Circle of Knowing and The Path of the Twelve, in accordance with Louisoix's will. Originally a secret society, the Scions went public after a series of events involving the XIVth Imperial Legion. They work to protect Eorzea and her peoples, by keeping the Primal threat at bay and fighting back against the Garlean Empire.

Their first headquarters was The Waking Sands, located in Vesper Bay, though they moved to The Rising Stones, located in Mor Dhona shortly after they stepped out of the shadows.

A Realm Reborn

Five years after the Calamity, rumors of a survivor of the Warriors of Light began to spread throughout Eorzea. The Scions kept a watchful eye over their exploits, and upon hearing of their gift of the Echo, a gift shared by their leader Minfilia, invited them into the fold. The adventurer was first charged with investigating a kidnapping in Thanalan that eventually turned out to be tied to the beast tribe, the Amalj'aa. Working with the Immortal Flames, an ambush was set.

However, a traitor in the Flames enabled their capture, and they were eventually brought before the beastmen's god Ifrit as offerings to be turned into thralls. However, in an unforeseen twist, the adventurer was protected by the Echo and spared form being Tempered. Enraged by this, Ifrit engaged the adventurer in battle, but was laid low. This led to the hero garnering fame as the Eikon-Slayer.

After this victory, the hero was sent to speak with the Sylphs, who feared the summoning of the Primal Ramuh. While working to earn the trust of the Sylphs, the adventurer became aware of Lahabrea and his machinations. While the Ascian's plan wasn't clear to them, the Scions knew it would mean trouble for them. They began tracking his movements and eventually sent the adventurer to Haukke Manor, where the Ascian's confronted the adventurer to test their strength. From this, The Scion's learned that the Ascians have been spreading the knowledge of summoning for their own ends.

Soon after, the Scions had to attend to Vylbrand and the Kobolds who had just summoned their deity, Titan to defend themselves and their land against the expansion of Limsa Lominsa. To defeat Titan, the Scions entreated the aid of Wheiskaet and the Company of Heroes to learn from them and how they had done the same task 12 years ago.

Eventually, after fighting through the mines of the Kobolds to the Aetheryte to Titan, they battled underground and eventually the Primal was defeated.

The victory was to be short-lived, as upon returning to the Waking Sands, the adventurer was met by the sight of members of the Scions strewn about, dead and others missing. In the antechamber, the adventurer finds Noraxia the Sylph, laying on the floor close to death. Using the power of the Echo, the adventurer is able to see her last minutes: The attack of the Garleans, the Garlean Livia sas Junius kidnapping Minfilia and killing everyone else.

Some time later, after burying their comrades, Alphinaud Leveilleur finds the adventurer and Cid nan Garlond to bring the Scions together to handle the looming threat of the summoning of Garuda. Upon defeating her, however, Gaius van Baelsar appears with his legion and shows the power of his newest weapon: The Ultima Weapon. The Weapon was able to easily defeat the Primals summoned for the demonstration, and then consume their Aether. Gaius gives Eorzea the chance to surrender to him and the Empire, then leaves.

Bringing the remaining Scions together, the adventurer mounted a rescue mission to save Minfilia and any other Scions captured by the Garleans from Castrum Centri. After escaping, they learn that Thancred had been possessed by Lahabrea and was working with the Empire to make the Ultima Weapon functional.

The Scions then set about uniting the nations of Eorzea to stand against the Empire. The nations brought together their armies and marched on the Empire while the adventure (now being hailed as a Warrior of Light) destroyed the Ultima Weapon and defeated the Ascian using the power of The Crystals. With Thancred now rescued and the Empire's latest threat neutralized, the Scions turned their attention to the Ascians.

The Scions relocate to Mor Dhona at this time, and Alphinaud founds the Crystal Braves to act as a united military made up of people from all nations. The Scions begin looking into methods to dispatch the Ascians. During this time, the Scions became involved in many plots, such as stopping The Ivy, a spymaster for the Garlean army that had infiltrated the Crystal Braves. The Scions were also contacted by an envoy from Ishgard, who's Astrologians had foretold the return of the great wyrm Midgardsormr, and hoped they would aid them in monitoring the dragon's remains at Lake Silvertear. Alphinaud hoped this would act as a foundation for rebuilding relations with Ishgard.

Shortly after this meeting, the Scions and Aymeric de Borel learned of a shipment of crystals that had been attacked by heretics that had sided with the Dravanians and had made off with them into Snowcloak. Finally finding the heretics and their leader, Lady Iceheart, she attempted to dissuade the Scions from pursuing her. When they refused, she cursed them for their ignorance and used the crystals to summon Shiva, using her body as a vessel for the Primal. The Warrior of Light managed to defeat her, but she fled, nonetheless.

The Scions also met with Moenbryda, a scholar from Sharlayan who has studied Aetheryte technology. She taught them of White Auracite and its ability to capture and hold an Ascian soul, which they could then destroy with a "blade of the purest Aether". Just as they were discussing this, an Ascian named Nabriales appeared and realized the Warrior of Light no longer possessed the blessing of Hydaelyn and sought to use this vulnerability to further their plan.

The Warrior and Moenbryda found the Ascian in the Antechamber, attempting to steal the shards of Tupsimati from Minfilia. Refusing to hand them over, he simply grabbed her and the rod and opened a rift to the Void, where the Warrior followed and promptly defeated the Ascian. Returning to their realm, the three were able to trap Nabriales in white Auracite, however, to create a pure enough Aether to destroy the Auracite, Moenbryda gave her life essence. While the Ascian was destroyed completely, the Scions lost a valuable ally and friend.

Before having time to mourn, an envoy came from Ishgard to alert the Scions that the Horde has launched a full-scale assault on the city-state. The Crystal Braves came to their aid on The Steps of Faith until Lady Iceheart destroyed one of the wards of Daniffen's Collar, the outer wards that protected the city. Taking this opportunity, the dragons sent in Vishap to take the city. The Crystal Braves, Temple Knights and the Warrior of Light battled against the massive dragon in a heated battle, and finally managed to slay the dragon using the Dragonkillers. With Vishap, the siege of Ishgard had ended.

A celebration was held to commemorate the victory of Ishgard against the Dravanian Horde in Ul'dah. Like most celebrations in Eorzea, however, this one was ill-fated. During the celebration, the Warrior of Light was marked as a regicide after Nanamo was poisoned and was dragged to the Fragrant Chamber. Teledji Adeledji accused them and the Scions of murder, seemingly gleeful at the sultana's death. While the other leaders of the nations could do nothing, Raubahn Aldynn flew into a blind rage, striking Teledji down and launching at Lolorito, but was stopped by Ilberd who disarmed him-literally-and stood between him and the Lalafell. The Bull of Ala Mhigo bade the Scions and the Warrior of Light to flee and clear their names.

From here the Scions split up, with seemingly only the Warrior of Light, Tataru Taru and Alphinaud escaping relatively unscathed.


Seeking asylum to escape from the Immortal Flames, The remaining members of the Scions retreat to Camp Dragonhead and meet with Haurchefant, who arranges for them to enter into Ishgard as wards of House Fortemps.

During this time, the Horde prepares to assault the city under the command of Nidhogg. To prevent further bloodshed, Alphinaud sought to speak with the dragons to bring an end to the war peacefully. They join with Estinien Wyrmblood, the Azure Dragoon and seek out Ysayle Dangoulain, the true identity of Lady Iceheart, and attempt to convince her to bring them before the dragons. She brings them to Hraesvelgr. Enraged by the arrogance of man, he refuses to become involved, and reveals the truth of the Dragonsong War and the betrayal of King Thordan I and his people. Realizing there may be no way to end the war peacefully, the Scions return to Ishgard to relay their newly discovered truth of the war and to plan how to bring the end of the war.

Working with Aymeric and Estinien, they formulate a plan to bring Nidhogg low. Climbing to his home, the Warrior of Light and the Azure Dragoon engage in bloody battle, finally managing to use the power of The Eye to deliver the finishing blow to Nidhogg. They come to learn however, that Nidhogg was using the power of his brother Hraesvelgr's eyes, leaving one of Nidhogg's original eyes missing. The Scions suspect that Thordan VII is in possession of the Eye, as his ancestor Haldrath supposedly took an eye from Nidhogg millennia ago.

Their victory over the wyrm is short-lived, as heretics supporting the Horde took to the streets and riots broke out. This is a ploy by the current Thordan to incite fear in the masses. Due to their thousand-year belief in the story of King Thordan I, the original Thordan and his knights twelve had become Primals. By inciting fear, the people began to pray for salvation. With Thordan VII and his knights offering themselves up as vessels as Ysayle had, they were able to embody the original Thordan and the knights to gain their immense power. They then fled to Azys Lla.

Unable to breach the barrier, the Scions return to Ishgard, where they learn that Y'shtola may be floating in the Lifestream after performing powerful forbidden magicks to escape the Immortal Flames. With the help of Kan-E-Senna, they are able to rescue their comrade. After resting, she is able to rejoin the Scions and help with the issue of the barrier.

She directs the group to her old master Matoya, who was able to help them build a prototype Aetheric Ram using the power of Nidhogg's eye thanks to Estinien. They set off once again to Azys Lla and attempt to breach the barrier once again.

Upon reaching the floating city however, the Scions come into contact with the Garlean Empire, who are also pursuing Thordan and fighting to enter Azys Lla. This turns into an all-out battle against one of the Empires massive warships, with the Scions steadily losing ground.

When all hope seemed lost, Ysayle and Hraesvelgr suddenly appeared. Ysayle, wishing to repent for causing bloodshed at the Steps of Faith, attacked the Garleans as Shiva, dealing massive damage to them, before they were able to blast her out of the sky.

With the Empire distracted, the Scions were able to enter the city and seek out Thordan. They were stopped by two Ascians. After a brutal battle, the Scions were able to trap and destroy one of the Ascians with a white Auracite. At this point, Thordan showed himself. He transformed into King Thordan I and used the power of Nidhogg’s other eye that was entombed with his ancestor to slay the other Ascian, challenging the Warrior of Light to a duel.

After a fierce fight, Thordan and his knights are defeated and their reign is brough to an end. But when Estinien retrieves both of the Eyes, Nidhogg's spirit overwhelms him and he is transformed into the wyrm's shade, swearing vengeance, and flying away. With this and the Scion's other allies still missing, there was still work to do.

During a celebration of the end of the Dragonsong War, Nidhogg attacks the dragons in attendance. With the Eyes attached to his body, Estinien is fully under control. He swears final vengeance against the people of Ishgard. Once Nidhogg launches a final assault on the city, the Scions deliberate how to stop the rampant destruction. They send the Warrior of Light in to defeat Nidhogg one more time without killing Estinien. After defeating the wyrm a second time, the Warrior and Alphinaud manage to remove the Eyes from the armor of Estinien, who also wills Nidhogg out of him. They cast the eyes into the abyss below the Steps of Faith to be rid of them, and the Dragonsong War finally draws to a close.

After returning to the city, the Scions are joined by Krile, Alphinaud's old teacher from Sharlayan who wishes to aid in the recovery of the still missing members. While searching for them, the party is accosted by the Warriors of Darkness. During the fight, the party is saved by Thancred, who had emerged from the Lifestream and had been helped by the Vath. Slowly, the Scions were reuniting and returning to their former strength.

During their investigations of the Warriors of Darkness and their actions of summoning and slaying Primals, they rejoin with Yda, Papalymo and Alisae. Eventually, they enter into combat with the Warriors of Darkness, where they come into contact with Urianger, whom they believed to have betrayed them. Locked in combat, they quickly learn that no matter how many times they strike down the Warriors, they cannot defeat them, due to them sharing the blessing of Light with the Warrior of Light.

However, when they use their Crystals to return to life, Urianger urges the Warrior of Light to use theirs as well. Doing so brings them before the Mother Crystal and reveals the fate of Minfilia: She had entered the Lifestream trying to escape the Immortal Flames and had been selected by the crystal to act as the Word of the Mother, speaking on behalf of the crystal. She promised the Warriors of Darkness that she would return with them to their world to stop the Flood of Light that was destroying their home. Realizing this may very well be the last time they saw her, the Scions said their goodbyes to their dear leader, then were returned to The Source.

After returning and taking some time, the Scions turn their attention to the border of Gyr Abania where an Ala Mhigan resistance leader named The Griffin is rallying troops to break through Baelsar's Wall. It turns out that the Griffin was trying to get the Alliance involved in the attack to force them to attack the Garleans who hold Ala Mhigo.

The Scion's attempt to stop the Griffin, however, are unable to and must engage with him at Baelsar's Wall. Upon finally reaching him at the top of the wall, the Scions learn that Ilberd was in fact the Griffin all along and was using the traitors from the Crystal Braves as well as the alliance members and the resistance to summon a Primal to destroy the Empire. The Scions defeat him, but before they can deliver the final blow, Ilberd reveals that he is using the power of both of Nidhogg's eyes. He falls to his death from the wall, and his malice combined with the power of the eyes calls forth Shinryu, another Primal wyrm. To stop this new threat, Papalymo sacrifices himself in the same manner as Louisoix to trap Shinryu and buy the Scions time to figure out how to remove the Primal altogether.

The Scions ended up collaborating with Nero tol Scaeva, who suggested using Omega, an Allagan weapon to destroy Shinryu. They manage to activate the weapon just as Shinryu breaks free and they engage each other in battle, but suddenly disappear. With the Primal threat out of the way, the Scions and the Alliance now must contend with the liberation of Ala Mhigo thanks to the Griffin's actions.

With Papalymo passing, Yda reveals to her comrades that she is in fact not Yda at all, but her little sister, Lyse. Yda died long ago fighting against the Empire during the Ala Mhigo occupation, and she took her name to continue her fight. The Scions stand beside her and join the war effort to free Ala Mhigo.


Raubahn sends the Scions to Gyr Abania to strike an accord with the resistance. They come into contact with Conrad Kemp, the leader of the resistance, and enter into an alliance. Kemp sends the Warrior of Light on a recon mission to Castellum Velodyna, as taking that castrum would be instrumental to pushing the resistance trough Ala Mhigo. While the Warrior is out, the Empire attacks Rhalgr's Reach, the base of the resistance. Leading the attack is the crown prince of the Empire, Zenos yae Galvus.

The Warrior sees smoke rising from the camp and hurries back to find the resistance almost completely crushed and many of the Scions in critical condition. They engage with Zenos but prove to be little challenge for him. Zenos expresses his disappointment in the Warrior and leaves them there to die.

Luckily, the Scions are able to recover and begin planning their next move to divide Zenos's forces. Alphinaud suggests attacking on two fronts; having rebel groups fight on both the Ala Mhigan front as well as the Doman front. The Scions agree and set off across the Ruby Sea for Doma to stoke the fires of rebellion.

Crossing the Ruby Sea and entering Kugane, the Scions learn that the King of Doma, Hien Rijin has been fighting as a resistance member for Doma but hasn't been seen in quite some time, the last time being in Yanxia.

The Scions set out for Yanxia after helping the Confederacy defend against the Red Kojin, a militant beat tribe that delight in guerilla warfare and fighting, and save Gosetsu, who was captured for trying to stop the Empire from torturing innocent civilians. The Blue Kojin and the Confederacy swear to be ready to help with the rebellion. They meet up with Yugiri and infiltrate imperial camps and free citizens along the way. They hear rumor that Zenos is in Doma, crushing any notions of rebellion in the smaller villages. Yugiri enlists the aid of the Warrior of Light to attempt an assassination, however Zenos proves to be too much for her and overpowers her. The Warrior of Light is able to hold their own and defend Yugiri until help arrives, but they still aren't strong enough to defeat him. Zenos leaves, telling the Warrior to keep getting stronger so they can meet again.

Eventually, the Scions arrive in the Azim Steppe and find Hien, who has been living amongst the Xaela Au Ra tribes with the hopes of winning the Naadam to enlist their military might in the Doman Resistance. The Scions agree to help out and take part in the battle.

During the Naadam, an Imperial strike team shows up to try to kill Hien, but the Warrior of Light leads an attack against them and drives them off. The Scions and the Mol tribe win the Naadam, and they swear allegiance to helping Hien.

The Scions formulate a plan of attack: The Doman Liberation Front begin uprisings around the kingdom while the Xaela occupy Doma Castle. At the same time, the Shinobi and the Scions would disable the barrier barring entrance by water to allow the Blue Kojin and the Confederacy to invade. Finally, the Warrior of Light will infiltrate the castle and take out Yotsuyu, the viceroy for the Empire.

The plan is executed flawlessly, and the resistance is able to take Doma back from the Empire. However, Yotsuyu saw the attack coming and rigged Doma Castle with explosives, triggering them to take out the Scions, Warrior of Light and the resistance along with her. Gosetsu was able to save everyone and get them out of the castle but was trapped in the rubble under the water with Yotsuyu. Mourning, but believing that the samurai would want them to move on, the Scions return to Gyr Abania to aid in the liberation of Ala Mhigo.

The resistance is bolstered by the news of the successful liberation of Doma and are renewed in their efforts. Conrad sees this and believes it is time to pass the leadership of the resistance to someone younger with a new vision of the future and offers this to Lyse. Lyse is hesitant to accept this responsibility, and turns to plan another attack on Castellum Velodyna, this time intending to take it. They succeed but are accosted by the Qalyana, who summon their Primal Lakshmi to take revenge against Fordola and the Skulls for killing their leaders’ daughter. The Scions leave the Primal to the Warrior of Light while they push onwards with the resistance to The Peaks.

Once Lakshmi has been dispatched, the Warrior heads up through the peaks to learn that the Scions with the resistance have taken several Imperial bases and are currently aiming to take out Specula Imperatoris, the main base of the Empire in The Peaks.

The Scions join in the group taking the facility and succeed. However, upon capturing the base, the weapons facility in Castrum Abania fire their massive canon at the base, obliterating it and blowing it down the mountains into the sea. This kills resistance members and Imperials alike, and while the Scions escaped, there were heavy casualties, including Conrad Kemp, who with his dying breath, bequeaths the mantle of leadership of the resistance to Lyse. Lyse swears revenge against whoever gave the order to fire and readies an attack on the weapons facility.

Upon taking the facility, the Scions reach the command room and find it was Fordola who ordered the attack. Calling her a traitor and a butcher, Lyse and Alisae attack Fordola. Despite being attacked by two Scions, Fordola is able to anticipate and dodge every attack, and is able to land a critical blow on Alisae, wounding her severely. Fordola flees through the window, inviting the Scions to Zenos's slaughter, and leaves.

After regrouping, the Scions realize that Krile had been captured and taken prisoner to an Empire facility in Ala Mhigo. Thancred heads out ahead of the group to determine her location. In the meantime, the Scions devise a plan to storm the capital and finally liberate Ala Mhigo from the Empire. Once they hear back from Thancred that Krile is being kept in a testing facility in the heart of the city, they enact their plan and launch an assault on the Empire.

Before they leave, Urianger gives the Warrior of Light an Aetheric Siphon to help deal with Fordola's strange new ability. The resistance and the Scions travel through underground tunnels to enter into Ala Mhigo and fight through the city to reach the facility where Krile is being held and reach the top of the facility where Fordola was waiting for them. Lyse swears revenge for what she did to Conrad and they engage in battle. Using the Siphon, the Scions gain the upper hand and manage to defeat Fordola handily, and take her prisoner, telling her she will pay for her crimes. She laughs, saying it doesn't matter, as Zenos has gained a power far beyond them and is more than strong enough to crush them.

After freeing Krile, the Scions learn that the Garleans were studying how to replicate the Echo to get around their inability to use magic. Fordola was one of the test subjects, and Zenos became the first successful Resonant.

The final push for Ala Mhigo is now at hand, and Zenos enters the fray, He is pushed back by the force of the resistance and invites the Warrior of Light to the top of the palace, the Royal Menagerie as his prey.

Upon entering the Royal Menagerie, the Warrior of Light is horrified to see that the Empire has captured Shinryu and has it restrained with Magitek. Zenos says he believes the Empire shouldn't fear summoning Eikons, instead they should embrace and control them. He uses his powers as a Resonant, telling the Warrior of Light that this is the true power of the Echo that they wouldn't even consider using, and fuses his Aether with Shinryu to possess the Primal, and attacks the Warrior.

After a long and brutal battle, Shinryu is defeated and Zenos is cast out of the dragon. The Scions reach the Menagerie just in time to see Zenos admit defeat, that he had become the hunted, thank the Warrior of Light for being his first true friend and for giving him this pure feeling of being alive, then take his own life with his katana. With the death of Zenos, the battle for Ala Mhigo was won.

Estinien finds the eyes of Nidhogg at the Menagerie, practically drained of Aether from sustaining Shinryu, and drives his lance through them, destroying them completely so they may never be used again.

Some time later, Gosetsu and Yotsuyu are found to be alive in Kugane, however Yotsuyu seems to have lost all her memories and now goes by Tsuyu and is a sweet and caring woman. The Scions are wary of her but Gosetsu vouches for her, so they keep an eye on her and keep her in Doma.

The Empire's Populares sends a team to parley with Doma, wishing to make peace with the nation and change course from what the previous emperor had done. Heading this team is Asahi, Tsuyu's adopted brother. He wishes to sign a peace treaty and do a prisoner exchange as a show of good faith, with Tsuyu being returned to the Empire. The Scions negotiate that if she remembers who she is by the time the exchange happens, she can return to the Empire, but otherwise she would live as a citizen of Doma. Asahi agrees and leaves, but not before threatening the Warrior of Light that he will get revenge for what they did to Zenos and for taking Doma from the Empire.

The Warrior relays this information to the Scions, who become wary of Asahi, debating the true intentions behind this treaty. Finally, the day before the exchange comes, and Asahi returns with his and Tsuyu's parents to try to return her memory. While it partially works and she sees flashes of her parents abuse and the things she had done, she doesn't completely recover who she was. Asahi concedes and leaves once again. The Scions note the strange boxes that the Empire unloaded while they were there, and quickly packed away once they left.

That night, Tsuyu escapes the Scions, kills her parents, and seemingly returns to the Empire, to the lament of Gosetsu. On the day of the exchange, Yotsuyu shows herself, demanding to be recognized as the ruler of Doma, which Hien denies. This sends her into a rage, where she swears revenge against all those who wronged her.

At that moment, Asahi flipped a switch, opening the boxes to reveal crystals, which allow Yotsuyu in her rage to summon a Primal into herself, Tsukuyomi. Asahi exclaims that by allowing a citizen of Doma (as Hien had not released her from their custody) to summon, they had nullified the treaty with the Empire. The Scions evacuate the area and leave the Primal to the Warrior of Light.

After a harsh battle, the Warrior lays Tsukuyomi low, and Yotsuyu falls to the floor. Asahi appears and shoots her while taunting her and madly raving about how she was "unworthy of Zenos' praise". Using the last of her strength, she summons two glowing blades to impale Asahi, killing him. She reveals that he was the first she swore to kill, and now that he was dead, she was satisfied.

With the power of the Echo, the Warrior sees Asahi's memories, where a seemingly living Zenos had orchestrated this little show to instil fear of Primals into those who believed peace was an option to end the war.

After returning to Doma, the Warrior of Light shares this information with the Scions. Alphinaud suspects the involvement of Ascians and enlists the help of Maxima, one of the members of the Populares who truly wished for peace between the Empire and the other nations. They set off to observe the Empire to see if anything was happening.

The remaining Scions head to the unmarked grave where they entombed Zenos's body only to find it empty. This all but proved to them that an Ascian has possessed his body.

Meanwhile, Alphinaud and Maxima's ship are shot out of the sky by a hit squad from the Empire and are surrounded. It seems like a losing fight, until a group of masked people show up and fight the Empire's men off. Their leader, going by Shadowhunter, wields a gunblade and says he has a history with the Scions. He takes Alphinaud and Maxima with him as they cross The Burn.

No one had heard from Alphinaud in quite some time. Thancred reports that they never made it to the Empire and heard him briefly mention they would be passing over the Burn. The Scions head out there and find the wreckage of Maxima's ship and signs of battle. Yugiri suggests that the Scions head back to Doma and her and the other shinobi will continue their search.

While they wait to hear from Yugiri, They discuss how the Empire has been dealing with uprisings from all over, and how they had destroyed one of their own cities to supress a rebellion that acted as a major fuel depot for the Empire. With their fuel supplies cut short it seems the Empire would have to travel across the Burn to reach Doma. Hien wonders if it would be possible to fortify the area, and Y'shtola suggests the area may have fortifications similar to Azys Lla, as this is where the Allagans most likely built the floating city.

Sure enough, they discover a barrier that had no power, as the Aether from the Burn had been completely drained and needed a power source. Hien mentions a story of a large deposit of Aether in the Azim Steppe, and the Scions head off to see if it's possible to redirect that flow of Aether to the defensive system.

Once they arrive, Y'shtola is able to use her magicks to redirect the Aether to the Burn, noting the area around the wellspring of Aether seems to be devoid of any life, similar to the Burn. With the area fortified, Hien sees fit to travel to speak with the Alliance about bringing Doma into the fold.

During this meeting, the Scions are all stricken by an inexplicable pain and a voice that pulls them into a strange realm, pleading for their help in rewriting the future, and to "throw wide the gates". They all seem to snap out of it at the same time, however Thancred collapses and becomes unresponsive. The Scions have him rushed to the Rising Stones where they confirm with Urianger that he experienced the same phenomenon. Just as they confirm this, it happens again, only this time Urianger and Y’shtola both collapse.

Out in the Burn, Alphinaud and Shadowhunter come across a resistance camp where everyone has died with no signs of conflict. Shadowhunter reveals that the Empire had a weapon called Black Rose, a biochemical weapon that kills immediately on contact. It was deemed too powerful and had been shelved, however its use here only confirms Alphinaud's suspicions that the Ascians are active in the Empire.

What remains of the Scions seek to find a way to wake their comrades from their strange slumbers. They meet with Krile, who notes that it seems their Aether has been removed from their bodies. She suspects they may be able to follow the trail of their Aether and seek out Matoya to use her Crystal Eye. however, upon inspecting their Aether, they make a horrifying discovery: Their Aether trails seemingly just end as if they were cut.

As they make this discovery, Alisae received a message via Linkpearl, stating that they received an influx of members from the Populares who defected from the Empire to Ala Mhigo, with Maxima amongst them. The remaining Scions head to Gyr Abania and press Maxima for information, who reveals that Shadowhunter led them to the edge of the Burn, but Alphinaud chose to join him on his mission to take out Ascians. He also shares that the Empire is employing the use of Black Rose to supress any who would stand against them, and a military unit with Black Rose is headed towards Ala Mhigo via the Burn.

The Scions discuss heading to the Burn to make sure the shield is operational. Just as they do this, they suffer another flash of pain, with the voice sounding more insistent than ever. Both Alisae and the Warrior of Light come back from this however, and they count their blessings.

They head to the barrier and confirm it is working and see a small ship approaching. Out of the ship steps Shadowhunter, carrying an unresponsive Alphinaud. He reveals that they had been traveling and fighting the Empire and even managed to take out the facility that produced Black Rose. However, Alphinaud suddenly collapsed, so Shadowhunter brought him here. The Warrior of Light locks eyes with Shadowhunter and immediately recognizes him as Gaius van Baelsar, the Black Wolf of the Empire. He explains that after his failure, he left the Empire and swore revenge against the Ascians who interfered with his homeland. He bids farewell to the Warrior and they head back to the Rising Stones.

Some time later, the Scions and the Alliance are invited to diplomatic talks with the Empire. Upon meeting, they realize they will be speaking with the Emperor himself. The Emperor reveals that he wishes to commence the Rejoining and the Empire was the key to that. The Scions note that the Ascians had spoken of the Rejoining before, and the Emperor reveals that the founder of the Empire was his grandfather and an Ascian. The peace talks fall through at this point and the Emperor announces his intent to go to war, then leaves.

The Empires army advances on The Ghimlyt Dark, and the Scions join the Alliance in the fight. As they push the Empire back, Alisae suffers from the pain and the voice and falls into a coma as well. Just then, Elidibus in Zenos's body appears on the battlefield and challenges the Warrior of Light. Through a brutal struggle, the Warrior proves more than a match for the Ascian and strikes him down. However, the Ascian is able to immediately revive in Zenos's body and readies to battle again.

Before he can engage again however, the Warrior of Light collapses with the voice ringing in their ears and awake in a strange realm in between with a mysterious figure. The figure warns of the destruction of both the Source and the Shards unless the Warrior can stop the calamity that is claiming the figure's world. He invites the Warrior to The First, saying they can yet save their friends, and leaves a beacon for them at the foot of the Crystal Tower.

The Warrior awakes again in Ishgard, rescued by Estinien and others. They relay what happened and head for the base of the Crystal Tower, ready to head to the First to save the Scions.


The Warrior of Light heads to the Tower and is able to enter into the First, a shard of the Source that has suffered the Calamity of Light and is almost entirely consumed by light. They are brought to the Crystal Tower of the First before the Crystal Exarch who explains that he accidentally brought the Scions to the first when he was trying to summon the Warrior instead. He tells the Warrior that time flows differently to the Source, so the Scions have lived on the First for years.

The Exarch explains that the reason he brought the Warrior here is because the First is on the verge of being consumed by the light. The Scions have been working with him to prevent further spread of the light and trying to undo the damage that has already happened. The Warrior heads out to meet with their compatriots and end up finding the soul of Ardbert, the Warrior of Light from this world who came to seek an answer on the Source. He reveals that it's been a hundred years since Minfilia came to the First and they sacrificed themselves to halt The Flood. But for some reason, he stayed behind on the First as a spirit to witness what happens to Norvrandt following the end of the Calamity. Ardbert warns of the Sin Eaters, the monsters that came from the Flood.

The Warrior eventually reunites with Alphinaud, who has been in Eulmore to learn how the city-state has survived despite everything happening, and Alisae, who has been taking care of victims of Sin Eater attacks in Amh Araeng. The Scions learned of the Lightwarden in Lakeland, which is tied directly to the never-ending light that fills the sky. They also learned that the Lightwardens had been dispatched before, but never stay dead, as their light Aether simply overwhelms whoever defeats them and creates a new Lightwarden.

When the Lightwarden attacks a small village in Lakeland, the group protects the village and the Warrior of Light slays the beast. However, they aren't overrun by the monsters Aether and seem to be able to contain the Aether, preventing a new Lightwarden from appearing. With no Lightwarden, the everlasting light in the sky broke to reveal a beautiful night sky full of stars. This gives cause for the people to celebrate, and they believe whoever slayed the beast may be the prophesized Warrior of Darkness.

The party next encounters Thancred, who is on the run from Vauthry for rescuing a young girl named Minfilia from Ran'jit, Vauthry's general. Minfilia is believed to be the incarnation of the Oracle of Light, Minfilia's moniker from her time a hundred years ago on the First.

The Scions escape to Il Mheg and encounter Urianger, who has been living amongst the fae folk. He informs the Warrior that the fairy king Titania has become a Lightwarden and must be defeated. The Scions gain access to the fae castle and defeat the fairy king. Upon doing so, the Warrior absorbs more Aether and the fairy Feo Ul succeeds as the new king.

The Scions then set out to find Y'shtola in the Rak'tika Greatwood when they are approached by Emet-Selch, one of the Ascians. He appears before them disguised as the old emperor of the Garleans, and says he wishes to help them understand why the Ascians do what they do. They hesitate before accepting and continue on to the village where Y'shtola is staying. The Scions locate the Lightwarden in that area and defeat it to bring night back to the wood.

In the ruins surrounding where the Lightwarden was, they discover paintings that depict the creation of Hydaelyn and Zodiark, and Emet-Selch reveals the truth behind the Ascians actions. They leave the ruins and return to the village, where the Warrior overhears Y'shtola telling Urianger that she can see an imbalance in the Warriors Aether.

With no idea where to go or what to do, the Scions seek the advice of their Minfilia. They can speak with her again; however it would require Minfilia to possess the body of the child, who would cease to be herself. The child agrees and they head to the location where Minfilia stopped the Flood, where they are beset by Ran'jit. Thancred fights him off and urges the Scions forward. The child communes with Minfilia, and they enter the realm of the Mother Crystal. Instead of taking over the child, however, Minfilia bequeaths her powers to the child, telling her to find her own way and be who she is. Minfilia ceases to be, and the child and the Warrior return to the First.

After surviving his encounter with Ran'jit, Thancred is happy to see the child alive again. While he is heartbroken to know that Minfilia will never return, he acknowledges it wasn't the child's fault. He pats her head and renames her Ryne to celebrate the beginning of her new life.

The Scions make use of Ryne's ability to track Lightwardens and set forward to destroy them all and return darkness to the land. It turns out that the ruler of Eulmore, Vauthry, was actually a Lightwarden himself, and obtained the Lightwarden powers through a perverse ritual. They do battle in the sky on the peak of the now floating Mt. Gulg and lay Vauthry to rest.

However, after consuming so much Light Aether, the Warrior becomes overwhelmed by the light. Emet-Selch appears and states this was his plan all along: turn the Warrior into a Lightwarden and continue the Calamity of Light to destroy the First, bringing them closer to the Rejoining.

The Exarch, who reveals himself as G'raha Tia, tries to save the Warrior by absorbing the Light into himself. Emet-Selch prevents this and takes him prisoner, leaving to the Tempest.

Luckily, Ryne is able to stave off the Warrior's transformation into a Lightwarden for now, but they need to find a permanent solution and stop Emet-Selch from destroying the First. In the interim, the everlasting Light has returned to the skies of Norvrandt, causing the people to despair.

The Scions learn that G'raha Tia is from an alternate time where the destruction of the First had an effect on the Source and caused another Calamity. Years later, people harnessed the ability to travel through time and woke G'raha to head back in time to prevent the Calamity from happening.

Even more set on rescuing him, the Scions travel to the Tempest, where Emet-Selch has recreated an illusion of his home, Amaurot. As a last measure to persuade the Scions, Emet-Selch showed them the destruction of his home and the birth of Zodiark.

While the Scions understood the loss Emet-Selch felt, they could not sacrifice their world for his. Unamused, he attempted to stop the Scions and turn the Warrior of Light once and for all. They were almost lost if it hadn't been for Ardbert, who joined with the Warrior and brings balance to their Aether. The Warrior challenges Emet-Selch to battle. He accepts and reveals his true name: Hades.

In a battle that took everything they had; Hades was defeated. However, he refused to concede and attempted to use the last of his strength to destroy the Warrior. At the last possible moment, the Scions emerged and banded together to destroy Hades once and for all. The darkness cleared, and Emet-Selch returned to his humanoid form. Bidding the Warrior remember he and his people once lived, he faded away.

Y'shtola confirmed that battling against Emet-Selch's darkness seemed to have purified the excess Light within the Warrior. Having rescued G'raha Tia and stopping the end of Norvrandt, they could now set about finding a way home.

G'raha Tia sought to find a way to return the souls of the Scions to their bodies on the first. Using the research locked within the tower, as well as seeking the help of a Nu Mou named Beq Lugg. During this time the Scions tell the people of the truth of the Warriors of Light and their sacrifice. However, Elidibus appears in the body of Ardbert and reveals the gift of the Echo to the people of the First and enforcing the belief that the Warrior of Light is a hero of legend. The Scions are wary of Elidibus but can do nothing to stop him.

During their research, the Scions uncover the truth about how the ancient Venat gave themselves to Hydaelyn and Zodiark to become their hearts. Furthermore, it is revealed that Elidibus is a Primal of sorts who has separated from Zodiark to save his people. Using the power of the people's faith in the Warrior of Light, Elidibus takes on the moniker of the original Warrior of Light, and reveals it was he who was the basis of the legendary figure.

Elidibus attacks G'raha Tia to steal the method of summoning from him and disappears, intending to summon phantom Warriors of Light from all over the universe to do his bidding. He then heads to the top of the Crystal Tower to await the current Warrior of Light.

They do battle atop the tower, with The Warrior defeating Elidibus and sealing his Aether in the Crystal Tower. Unfortunately, G'raha Tia becomes crystalized from using the power of the Tower too much. Before he was crystalized however, he and Beq Lugg were able to master the method to return the Scions to their bodies. Finally, the Scions were able to return home.

Once the Scions had returned, the Warrior of Light went to the Crystal Tower and awakens G'raha Tia in their time. Doig so gave him all the memories of his time on the First, and he formally joined the Scions.

Using the knowledge, they gained on the First, the Scions are finally able to reverse the Tempering. They use this to heal people and beasts affected by Primals and begin mending the relationships between people and the beast tribes. This new union they christen the Grand Company of Eorzea to represent the united front of all peoples who share the land.

The Scions learn that Zenos has been returned to his body and has taken the throne. He is also being advised by a nihilistic Ascian named Fandaniel, a member of the Ascian cult the Telophoroi, who seeks nothing short of the destruction of all the worlds. Zenos is willing to entertain the Ascian as long as he can engage the Warrior of Light in combat one more time.

The Scions set out to stop Fandaniel attacking an Amalj'aa settlement and slay his Primal-like monster, Lunar Bahamut. After this battle, Estinien finally joins the Scions as their newest member.

Some time after, the Scions petition Sharlayan to join the Alliance and help them uncover the Telophori's machinations. However, Sharlayan refuse to join the alliance, deciding instead to remain neutral in the conflict. The Alliance believes that they are hiding information and seek a way into Sharlayan.

In the interim, strange towers have begin appearing all across Eorzea, which they learn are draining the Aether from the land and are using any who get too close to them as conduits to summon forth the lunar Primals. The Warrior of Light receives a warning via the Echo that an apocalypse is coming, and they must stop Fandaniel before its too late.



In 1572 of the Sixth Astral Era, Louisoix Leveilleur was serving as a commander of the army fielded by the Eorzean Alliance. With Dalamud set to collide with Eorzea, he resolved to invoke the power of the Twelve to save the realm. Realizing that the summoner would need to sacrifice himself, lest all in Eorzean fall under the thrall of the deities, Louisoix made his choice: he would give up his life to call the Twelve’s might. Yet, he kept his intentions from the Archons of his Circle of Knowing, fearing they would lose heart should they learn the truth. Nonetheless, he knew full well his organization would lose its leader—and so he devised a plan. In times past, he had had dealings with the head of “the Path of Twelve, Minfilia. Now, he told her everything, and entrusted the Circle’s future to her. It was thus in accordance with Louisoix’s will that the Scions of the Seventh Dawn were formed following the Battle of Carteneau, the confluence of his Circle of Knowing and Minfilia’s Path of the Twelve. [1]