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“'Tis not a question of whether Eorzea’s champion shall yield, but of when.”

— In-game description

Nabriales is a boss found in The Chrysalis. He is a Red-masked Ascian who was first teased during the Epilogue scene of A Realm Reborn, before appearing as a trial boss during Patch 2.5.


Name Type Item Level Rarity Quantity


Zone Coordinates Level range
The Chrysalis Unknown 50


Quest Type Level Quest Giver
An Uninvited Ascian Main Scenario quest 50 Edelstein

Additional Information

An Ascian of the Twelfth--The fragment world adjoining the void--and not of the Source, Nabriales was possessed of far less raw power than the likes of Lahabrea and Elidibus. But what he lacked in sheer might, he made up with his expansive knowledge of the dark arts, earning him fear and respect amongst his peers. Nabriales was the first to sense when the Warrior of Light had been stripped of Hydaelyn's blessing, and seized the opportunity to asail the Rising Stones, capturing both Tupsimati and the Antecedent. With the staff of legend, he aimed to invoke the next Rejoining. However, after being pursued by the Warrior of Light, Nabriales was trapped within a piece of white auracite, and erased from existence through Moenbryda's brave sacrifice.

Encyclopaedia Eorzea, page 213