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Aggression refers to the game mechanics behind attracting creatures towards players or friendly NPCs. In Final Fantasy XIV, a creature's aggression varies in type and rank.

There are two types of aggression behavior in the game:

  • Passive: Passive creatures will not aggro on the player or other friendly NPCs, unless that creature is attacked. It's denoted by a light blue icon.
  • Aggressive: Aggressive creatures will aggro on the player or other friendly NPCs as soon as they enter a specific aggro radius, or trigger other special conditions. These are denoted by a yellow icon within a red triangle.

Creatures are also categorized by aggression rank. It refers to how strong a certain creature is (relative to its level), and range from rank 1 to 6, each with their own icon.

Rank Aggressive Passive Examples
1 Aggressive difficulty r1.png Passive difficulty r1.png Regular overworld enemies
2 Aggressive difficulty r2.png Passive difficulty r2.png Weak Dungeon enemies
3 Aggressive difficulty r3.png Passive difficulty r3.png Regular Dungeon enemies
4 Aggressive difficulty r4.png Passive difficulty r4.png FATE: Kill BossFATE Bosses
Elite Hunt Marks
Strong overworld enemies
5 Aggressive difficulty r5.png Passive difficulty r5.png Dungeon mid-bosses
6 Aggressive difficulty r6.png Passive difficulty r6.png Dungeon, Trial, and Raid final bosses

In the overworld, aggressive creatures will not attack players 11+ levels higher than the creature's level.

Aggro conditions

Enemies listed as aggressive may aggro to players based on the following conditions. Each enemy has a different aggro type. The most common types are sight and proximity. Other aggro types are less commonly used but become important in areas such as Deep Dungeons and Field Operations.

  • Sight: Will aggro to players in the enemy's field of vision, which is a cone in front of them.
  • Proximity: Will aggro if a player moves within a certain distance of the enemy.
  • Group: Enemies that are "linked", which are indicated with semi-transparent curves, will all aggro to players if one of the enemies is aggro'd. Most commonly seen in dungeons.
  • Sound: Will aggro to players who generate "sound", such as running close to the enemy. This can be prevented by switching to walking. An example of this is the sleeping Frozen Void Dragons in the Forbidden Land, Eureka Pagos.
  • Spell / Magic: Will aggro to a player who uses an action classified as a spell near them. Only located in Field Operations, particularly for sprites.
  • Low Health / Blood: Will aggro to a nearby player at low/critical HP. Only located in Field Operation zones, particularly for certain undead enemies.