The Ultima Weapon

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The Ultima Weapon

A counter-primal weapon of unparalleled might, the Ultima Weapon is a relic of ancient Allag discovered deep beneath Gyr Abania in a nigh-forgotten, ruin-sized site. Through the ingenuity of Nero tol Scaeva, it was restored to working order and made battle-ready, but dark rumors surround its source of power, the Heart of Sabik, which some claim was gifted from the Ascians.

— In-game description

The Ultima Weapon is a boss found in The Porta Decumana.



Zone Coordinates Level range
The Porta Decumana Unknown 50
The Minstrel's Ballad: Ultima's Bane Unknown 50
Ultima's Bane (Unreal) Unknown 90


Quest Type Level Quest Giver
The Ultimate Weapon Main Scenario quest 50 Raubahn
The Ultimate Ballad Feature quest 50 Alys

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