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Disambig icon.png This article is about the real-world book. For the housing item, see Encyclopedia Eorzea.


Encyclopædia Eorzea is not part of Final Fantasy XIV, but a real-world book sold by the game's publisher Square Enix, all about the lore of Hydaelyn.
This book is used as an informational reference for many articles found on this fan-maintained wiki.
As of 2023, there are three volumes released. Each volume covers different Patches of content and lore.

For more information, visit the book's Product Page on the Square Enix website, as well as Volume II, and Volume III.

Each volume primarily covers content in the following patches (with some exceptions):

Bonus Items



Blessed By Gods And Forged By Heroes

Comprised of Aldenard, the westernmost of the Three Great Continents, and its surrounding islands, the realm of Eorzea has, throughout history, been the cradle of several unique civilizations. Towering mountains dominate the north, their peaks forever lashed with icy winds; to the south, a bleak expanse of unforgiving desert holds sway. Yet these inhospitable lands hold irresistible lure for man and monster alike, for wide and deep flow the currents of aether, and rich are the veins of power-infused crystal.

This encyclopedia is a labor of love—a love for Eorzea. It is a compilation of knowledge of our forebears. Of their histories and legends. Of their fables and folktales. It is a chronicle left by those who strove to unlock Eorzea’s myriad mysteries that all who followed might better understand this great realm. It is dedicated to those who call Eorzea their home and to those who will do so one day. It is dedicated to those who would give their blood to see the realm persevere. It is dedicated to you, the reader, with hope that the knowledge contained within its pages will serve as a guide on our never-ending journey to a better tomorrow.

A New Era

In this both harsh and vibrant region, the people of Eorzea have carved out their histories from within a cycle of prosperous “Astral” and disastrous “Umbral” eras. And though the land has but recently emerged from yet another age of decline—the Seventh Umbral Era—the skies remain dark. On the eastern border, the Garlean Empire masses its troops for invasion, while the native beastmen tribes summon their deities, the otherworldly primals. The threats facing Eorzea will not easily be overcome.

The Brightest Burning Candle

The life of an adventurer is the pursuit of fortune and the pursuit of fame the devotion of oneself to seeking out danger and glory wherever they might lie. Only the most intrepid and dauntless of souls will endeavor to embark upon such a journey.

It is not without warrant, then, to assume it will ultimately be an adventurer who steps from the shadows of obscurity to defend Eorzea from those who would see Her harmed—that it will be his or her tales of bravery and daring that are sung by bards for ages to come. This adventurer, and every adventurer to have heretofore lived and died in our realm, are the true heroes of this story—Eorzea’s story.

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