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The duty of the strong is to protect the weak.

— Company of Heroes Creed

The Company of Heroes were a group of death-or-glory mercenaries formed in the year 1562 of the Sixth Astral Era and famed for the defeat of the primals, namely Titan and Leviathan, plaguing Limsa Lominsa back when beastmen first began to summon the beings.[1] This effort, however, had little effect on the overall balance of power within the realm, and they lost many of their best in the never-ending cycle of summonings. They disbanded in 1572, ten years later, in the wake of the Calamity.[2]

When Titan was summoned once more, twelve years after the Company struck him down in 1565, the Scions of the Seventh Dawn sought their help. After some effort to earn the trust of the scattered members, the Scions learned from them of an aetheryte that could be used to teleport directly into the primal's sanctuary. With Titan's defeat, the Company of Heroes yet again─if only indirectly─helped to cull the primal threat.


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Quest Type Level Quest Giver
Wrath of the Titan Main Scenario quest 30 Minfilia Warde
Tales from the Tidus Slayer Main Scenario quest 30 Trachtoum
The Lominsan Way Main Scenario quest 30 Trachtoum
In the Company of Heroes Main Scenario quest 33 Y'shtola
Lord of Crags Main Scenario quest 34 Riol
Old Heroes Never Die Role quest 87 Maelstrom Secretariat
A Mother's Suffering Role quest 88 Maelstrom Secretariat
Out of the Shadows Role quest 89 Maelstrom Secretariat
To Calmer Seas Role quest 90 Maelstrom Secretariat


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