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Sri Lakshmi


The Lady of Bliss
Female ♀
67, 70
Aggression level 6

The Lady of Bliss, beloved deity of the serpentine Ananta tribe.
Legends tell of a beauty without equal, a benevolent goddess whose coming brings the promise of halcyon days and bountiful harvests. Some believe she has imparted her life-bestowing powers to her most fervent followers─the Ananta. Lakshmi, in her infinite mercy, would shelter them from harm, granting them succor with her alluring embrace.

— In-game description

Sri Lakshmi is a boss found in Emanation.


Name Type Item Level Rarity Quantity
Triple Triad Card r3.png  Lakshmi Card Triple Triad Card N/A 1
Stotram.png  Stotram Spell N/A 1


Zone Coordinates Level range
Emanation Unknown 67
Emanation (Extreme) Unknown 70


Quest Type Level Quest Giver
The Lady of Bliss Main Scenario quest 67 Vajra
Return of the Bull Main Scenario quest 70 Raubahn
Songs in the Key of Kugane Feature quest 70 Wandering Minstrel

Additional Information

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Sri Lakshmi is a Primal, also known simply as Lakshimi or by the title Lady of Bliss. Lakshimi was first summoned during the Stormblood expansion by the Qalyana Ananta tribe, originating from the Anantas' patron goddess and the vengeful grief of the Qalyana broodmother, stemming from the recent loss of her daughter.[1]

Players can only unlock her trial, Emanation, by reaching her associated main story quest, Main Scenario QuestThe Lady of Bliss. The extreme version of her trial can only be unlocked after the conclusion of the Stormblood main story, by accepting the quest Feature QuestSongs in the Key of Kugane from the Wandering Minstrel in Kugane, and while speaking to him, selecting the option associated with Sri Lakshimi.[2]

Creation Myth

At the beginning of creation, the world and all who inhabited it were a form of chaos. All beings dealt only harm to one another as frenzied, wild animals, struggling to survive. Seeing this, Sri Lakshmi molded a being in her image from clay and breathed into it life and will, bringing forth the first Ananta. From her beauty emerged beauty, and by her providence was a command over earth imparted.

Lakshmi also blessed her creations with limitless fertility, allowing for birth and motherhood without a male counterpart. From this immaculate conception were born children of unlimited vitality as a blessing of the goddess.


After taking Castellum Velodyna, the Warrior of Light and the Scions of the Seventh Dawn received a message from a resistance officer who informed them that the retreating Skulls ran into the Qalyana broodmother, who had come with her warriors to free her daughter, whom the Skulls had taken hostage. However, Fordola of the Skulls cut her daughter down in front of her mothers eyes.

Outraged and grief stricken, the Qalyana called for her patron deity, and Sri Lakshmi was summoned. While the Skulls managed to flee, the Qalyana demanded that those who remained in the stronghold to come pay tribute to her goddess.

The Scions and the Warrior of Light then had to infiltrate the Qalayan stronghold to reach Lakshmi. Upon entering her chambers, they overheard the goddess saying that while they could bring the broodmother's daughter to life, her soul was gone forever. Angered by this, Alisaie decried the goddess, saying that primals only hold empty promises. The goddess fired a warning shot, telling the invaders to leave her and her people alone. Alisaie attacked regardless, needing the Warrior of Light to intervene before it was too late. With the Scions evacuating, the Warrior engaged the Lady of Bliss in battle, and laid her low.



  1. Broodmother: The leader of an Ananta tribe. Both the Vira and Qalyana clans of Ananta are led by their own broodmother.
  2. Each of the Wandering Minstrel's dialogue choices is fairly self-explanatory.