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Ravana concept render1.jpg

Lord of the Hive
Wrath of the Colony
Male ♂
Gnath (Primal)
53, 60
Aggression level 6
Thok ast Thok (Hard)

Ravana is a boss found in Thok ast Thok (Hard). He is a Primal revealed for Heavensward. Ravana is worshiped by The Gnath Beastmen Tribe.


Name Type Item Level Rarity Quantity
Triple Triad Card r4.png  Ravana Card Triple Triad Card N/A 1
Ravanas forewing icon1.png  Ravana's Forewing Material N/A ABasic 1
Surpanakha.png  Surpanakha Spell N/A 1


Zone Coordinates Level range
Thok ast Thok (Hard) Unknown 53
Thok ast Thok (Extreme) Unknown 60


Quest Type Level Quest Giver
Lord of the Hive Main Scenario quest 53 Ysayle
Thok Around the Clock Feature quest 60 Unukalhai

Additional Information

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Ravana is also a server in the Oceanian Materia Data Center.


Fourfold master of the blade, savior of the insect-like Gnath tribe. A warrior and conqueror, Ravana respects strength and abhors weakness. He revels in battle with worthy opponents, and is known to wield the legendary Chandrahas blades.

Wrath of the Colony and god and savior of the Gnath tribe. A proud warrior and conqueror, Lord Ravana exalts strength and abhors weakness in any form. Believing the rite of combat to be sacred, he revels in battle with worthy opponents while wielding the Chandrahas—legendary blades of moonlight that obey his every command.It is said that the Gnath called forth this deity of war to annihilate the dragons, their racial enemy, and begin a new campaign to expand the borders of their territory.

Creation Myth

Though scholars are eager to research the society and religion of the Gnath, repeated attempts to interact with the hostile Onemind have yielded little insight. As such, the manner in which the Gnath perceive Ravana's existence is poorly understood.One theologian writes, "A hive of shared consciousness instinctively aspires to an image of singular perfection, and it is likely that this ideal is seen projected onto the incarnation of their deity. Ravana is an invincible warrior god, his four shining blades slicing through dragonscale with contemptuous ease as he soars freely through the air on glittering wings. What more perfect ideal could the Gnath ask for to champion the defense and expansion of their territory?"


After setting out with Ysayle Dangoulain to parley with the Dragons at the summit of Sohm Al, the Warrior of Light and the Scions of the Seventh Dawn stop in Tailfeather to rest. They end up speaking with Marcechamp, the leader of the village, and learn of the Gnath and their unprovoked aggression towards the village. The insect-like beast tribe had attacked everyone in the area, including troubling the Dragons. Heading to the ruins of Anyx Trine, they spoke with Vidofnir, one of the dragons that called the ruins home. The dragon tells the group that she felt fearful of leaving her home unguarded because of the wrath of the Gnath god. It became clear to the party that they were dealing with a summoned primal, explaining the increased aggression of the Gnath.

With the primal blocking the way, Alphinaud Leveilleur proposed they dispatch it in order to unblock the way and curry favor with the dragons. The dragon agreed, and promised that if they took care of Ravana, she would open the way to Sohm Al. Returning once again to Tailfeather, the chief advised they seek out the Vath, a disenfranchised group of Gnath that live separate from the main tribe. They disagreed with the policies of the Loth ast Gnath and became outcasts because of it.

The Warrior and the Scions head to where they had set up camp to learn from them. The Vath called themselves the Nonmind, as they had been severed from the Onemind and were not party to the thoughts of their kin, nor were they loyal to Ravana. The only suggestion they offered on how to come into contact with the War God was to offer themselves as sacrifices. With no other options left to them, the Warrior of Light and Ysayle do just that: they enter the encampment of the Gnath and surrender themselves after taking out a large number of their drones.

Being brought before Lord Ravana, Ysayle challenged the Primal to a trial by combat. If she won, the Gnath and Ravana would cease hostilities and leave the area. Ravana agreed, but only if Ysayle agreed to join his army if she lost. With the terms set, Ysayle summoned the power of Shiva using the crystals the Gnath had gathered for Ravana, and engaged the surprised Primal. However, she proved to be no match for his whirling blades, and struck her down.

Next the Primal turned to the Warrior of Light, issuing a challenge to them next. Through a vicious battle, the Warrior saw victory. Ravana declared them to be the victor through their sacred rite, and called his followers back from the Dragon's domain.