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A tribe of insect-like beastmen known to inhabit the southern reaches of the Dravanian Forelands. Hunters first and foremost, they burn a sort of incense to defend their homeland from the Dragon threat. At the center of Gnath society sits the king-like "Overmind", its presence allowing its subjects to communicate without need of word or gesture.

A tribe of insect-like beastmen known to inhabit the southern reaches of the Dravanian forelands. Hunters first and foremost, they burn a sort of incense to defend their homeland from the dragon threat. At the center of Gnath society sits the king-like "Overmind," its presence allowing its subjects to communicate without need of word or gesture.

Encyclopædia Eorzea vol 1, page 262

Physical Characteristics

Reminiscent of upright antlings, the Gnath have wide sloping heads, and their perpetually hunched backs are covered by rounded carapaces. Beneath the concealing mantles they drape over their segmented forms, their torsos and upper limbs are surprisingly gaunt. The Overmind, the nucleus of Gnath society, has a hyper-developed head housing a brain of extraordinary size.


The symbol of this beast tribe is a representation of the carapace upon a Gnath's back. The design is thought to encapsulate a desire for protection.


The Onemind of the Gnath mix together meat obtained from hunting with various kinds of cultivated fungi, grinding all the ingredients into a highly nutritious-and allegedly extremely unappetizing-paste to be consumed by every member of the hive. In contrast, the Nonmind subsist on whichever dishes agree with their personal tastes, their tables set with everything from caelumtree fruit to the succulent flesh of juvenile nanka.


An individual Gnath-The Overmind-sits at the center of a matrix of thoughts known as the Onemind, to which all other Gnath are connected. What one Gnath feels, all feel; what one Gnath knows, all know. Fundamentally speaking there is no contention between the desires of individuals, and thus no need for a form of government.

Society and Culture

Gnath society functions on the principle that "all are one;each one is the all"-the entire hive coordinating its actions as if it were a single entity. As such, each beastmen within the hive is treated not as an individual, but as an appendage of the Gnath's collective body. And in the same way as a person employs their hands for different tasks than their feet, the Gnath assign each "appendage" to the task to which it is most suited. Certain Gnath might serve best as soldiers, while others naturally excel at foraging, but in no case does the will or desire of the creature in question play a part in deciding its role.

Even when a Gnath dies, its memories live on with the surviving members of the colony. The existence of the Gnath can be thought of as the generational continuation of one complex mind, with new vessels being born to replace those lost in a constant process of regeneration. But just as the memories of youth fade over time, so too have the Gnath begun to forget events of the most distant past. Recent attempts to recall the history of ancient times have ended in frustrated failure.


The concept of individuality does not exist within the main Gnath society, and as such, they do not assign individual names. There is, however, a fringe colony of Gnath who have developed distinct personalities following the loss of their connection to the Overmind. These "Nonmind", or "Vath", as they are known, seek to distinguish their identities by mimicking the naming practices of other races. There appears to be non adherence to any particular rule or convention, with one Vath adopting the name of an Elezen hunter, one named after his obsession with new cuisine, and yet another titled simply for his chosen profession.

Primary Industry


The survival of the Gnath colony relies on the success of its hunting efforts, and the beastmen go to great lengths to secure their hunting grounds from other predators. The observance of such behavior has likely contributed to the Gnath's reputation for being violently territorial.


The Gnath concoct incense from a wide range of herbs to produce a variety of effects, such as the vile-smelling "Silver Dew" used to ward off roaming dragons. The beastmen are also well practiced in the manufacture of firesand, and they commonly employ muskets in both hunting and warfare.

Loth Ast Vath

The Nonmind are a gathering of Gnath whose connection to the Overmind has been severed. Cast off at different times, the Vath, as they are also known, have all developed varying degrees of individuality. Before the foundation of the hive at Loth ast Vath, members of the main Gnath colony considered deficient in some way were simply cut away from the hivemind and disposed of, as one might amputate an extremity tainted by infection. The storyteller is a Vath who survived the separation, and his efforts to rescue other kin suffering similar circumstances led to the establishment of the Nonmind hive.

Vath Deftarm

"Oh, my mind, it is full of questions! Heavy questions. I fear many things. But I fear losing myself the most."

After the emergence of his sense of self, this young Gnath was rescued by the storyteller, and invited to dwell in the Nonmind hive at Loth ast Vath. He remained the "nameless one" for quite some time as he struggled to find a path that resonated with his newfound identity. Upon encountering an adventurer, however, he at last discovered his calling: he would establish an Adventurers' Guild with his fellow Vath, and for that he must become "the deftarm."

Following this epiphany, the deftarm's journeys took him to distant locales, where he succeeded in gaining both new clients and new allies. Recently, the adventurous Vath appears to be wholly consumed with filling the pages of a sightseeing log-a gift from his acquaintance, Kester Ironheart. He has since seen but one summer since his break from the Onemind, and therefore when asked his age, will reply with that number. [1]

The Gnath and Kongamato

The kongamato were once merely one of many vilekin species living along Abalathia’s Spine, but generations of selective breeding have domesticated and enlarged them. Modern Kongamato can even be employed as mounts, but because their larvae require an aquatic environment, breeding them is an inconvenient and labor-intensive process that none but the Gnath seem keen to undertake. [2]

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