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"It has ever been said that Eorzea is a land embraced by gods. For weal or for woe, I should wonder."

— In-game description

Unukalhai is a Hyur found in The Rising Stones. He is first introduced to the player following the conclusion of the Heavensward expansion. For some time thereafter, he can be found inside The Solar near a journal he gradually fills with information as the player completes the story quests for The Warring Triad.[1] Unukalhai makes further appearances once the player completes the Shadowbringers main story, in a handful of quests unlocked from the completion of all five Role Quests.[2] As of Patch 6.2, Unukalhai has yet to be involved in any further quests related to Endwalker or its subsequent content, but he may have new dialogue for players who meet certain quest completion conditions.

Quests Started

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
When the Bough Wakes Feature quest 60 Unukalhai
The Fate of Stars Feature quest 60 Unukalhai
Balance unto All Feature quest 60 Unukalhai
The Last Pillar to Fall Feature quest 60 Unukalhai
The Diabolical Bismarck Feature quest 60 Unukalhai
Thok Around the Clock Feature quest 60 Unukalhai
A Fiendish Likeness Feature quest 60 Unukalhai
A Deific Simulacrum Feature quest 60 Unukalhai
A Demonic Duplicate Feature quest 60 Unukalhai
One Step Closer Sidequest 80 Unukalhai
A Bounty of Hunters Sidequest 80 Unukalhai

Quests Involved In

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
Gods of Eld Feature quest 60 Torsefers
The Hero's Journey Sidequest 80 Cyella



Outside of quest-based instances, this character is most often found in the following locations.

Zone Coordinates Level range
The Rising Stones (X:6.1, Y:5.2) 60
The Crystarium (X:10.7, Y:15.4) 80

Other Instances

This character can be found at these locations for short intervals, only while specific quests or instances are active.

Zone Coordinates Level range
Azys Lla (X:25.5, Y:21.4) 60
Azys Lla (X:20.4, Y:21.6) 60
Azys Lla (X:20.2, Y:21.6) 60
Azys Lla (X:25.5, Y:21.6) 60
Azys Lla (X:24.3, Y:21.4) 60
The Crystarium (X:11.2, Y:15.2) 80
Lakeland (X:21.7, Y:15.2) 80
Lakeland (X:34.7, Y:25.8) 80

Additional Information

Inducted into the Scions of the Seventh Dawn at the recommendation of Urianger, Unukalhai's assistance has proven invaluable when dealing with entities of considerable might; this includes both primals incarnate and the Warring Triad. It is believed the masked youth has an ability not unlike The Echo which somehow shields him from the tempering gaze of the bestial deities. Though his age, origin, race, and ultimate intentions all remain mysteries, the Scions have yet to find reason to mistrust Unukalhai, and cautiously count him as one of their own.

— Encyclopedia Eorzea vol 1, page 212


Post-Heavensward Content

— Unkalhai's writing, Chapter 3

— Unkalhai's writing, Chapter 4

— Unukalhai, in The Solar

Post-Shadowbringers Content

— Unukalhai,

Post-Endwalker Content

— Unukalhai (Patch 6.2)


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References and Notes

  1. This journal remains in The Solar regardless of Unukalhai's future status.
  2. For interested parties, this set of follow-up quests is started by speaking to Cyella in the Crystarium.