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Disambig icon.png This article is about the map area. For the fishing hole, see Fishing Log: Yedlihmad.


Saltwind's Welcome
Yedlihmad (X:25.3, Y:34.0)


Meaning "new harbor" in a language brought to the island's shores by mainland settlers, Yedlihmad is Thavnair's main port town. Owing to the shallow waters surrounding the island, however, larger trading vessels are forced to anchor at Alnair, and ferry over to the harbor in smaller boats before making their way to Radz-at-Han.

— Encyclopaedia Eorzea Volume III, p. 140

Yedlihmad is an area in Saltwind's Welcome. This settlement is home to a mixture of Hyur, Arkasodara, and Au Ra. According to the locals, it's name means "new port" (or "new harbor", depending on who you ask).

Additional Information

  • In view of the Aetheryte, there is a Junkmonger in the tent at (X:24.8, Y:34.1), and standing just to the right of the tent is a Mender at (X:24.9, Y:33.9).
  • There is a Skywatcher towards the waterfront at (X:24.9, Y:35.1)
  • Mahveydah, the Gemstone Trader, can be found here at (X:25.8, Y:34.6) near a large stack of crates.
  • A Delivery Moogle can be found at (X:25.9, Y:34.1).
  • Dahaaba, in the building across the wooden bridge, can be spoken to about the lore of the local area.
  • Northward, near the gate, there is a Chocobo Porter at (X:24.1, Y:33.5) that connects to The Great Work (1 minute/60 gil), Palaka's Stand (1 minute/60 gil), and Radz-at-Han (2 minutes/120 gil), assuming the player has those stations unlocked.
  • Just beyond the Chocobokeep, on the beach to the left, are four Striking Dummies
  • Once unlocked, the entrance to the Dungeon Vanaspati is located here at (X:25.5, Y:36.7)
  • Other NPCs in the settlement include:
    • Abdhi, Nashreen and Darpasa along the waterfront just before the docks.
    • Nadi is on the beach around the corner from Dahaabaa, looking somewhat off towards the landmark, Ussaqeyiq.
    • Qefiraz is in one of the boats.
    • Djinaleel and Mehrunnah are found somewhat close to the entrance to Vanaspati.