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Affects the rate at which Gatherer's Boon is triggered for Miner frame icon.png Miner and Botanist frame icon.png Botanist. Additionally increases the collectability increase provided by Scutiny MIN BTN.png  Scrutiny when gathering Collectable collectables. Certain items in gathering nodes require a minimum perception stat to be eligible for gathering. Reaching specific perception thresholds for a given node will randomly result in a bonus in Gatherer's Boon rate (up to 100%).

For Fisher frame icon.png Fisher, increases the chance of gathering large-sized fish when fishing or spearfishing. Will also result in a higher chance of gathering a large-sized fish upon using Nature's Bounty.png  Nature's Bounty.


Perception used to control the rate at which HQ icon.png High Quality items were gathered. It was retooled with Patch 6.0 and the release of Endwalker.