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GP, or gathering points, are required to use some of your gathering actions. While you have a gathering class equipped, GP bar replaces your MP bar. GP slowly regenerates when outside of gathering actions, but does not regenerate during gathering actions. Reaching specific GP thresholds for a given node will randomly result in a node integrity bonus, allowing for more gathering attempts.


See also: Meals
Item Effect HQ icon.png HQ Effect Source
Watered cordial icon1.png  Watered Cordial Restores 150 GP. Restores 200 GP. Crafted by Alchemist or from Kupo of Fortune
Cordial icon1.png  Cordial Restores 300 GP. Restores 350 GP. Purchase from Vendors with various currencies, Crafted by Alchemist, or from Quests
Hi-cordial icon1.png  Hi-Cordial Restores 400 GP. Purchase from Vendors with various currencies or from Quests