Piety (Stat)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the character attribute. For the guildleve category, see Category:Piety.

Affects MP regeneration during combat. Regeneration rate is determined by piety. Only applicable when in battle and role is Healer role.png Healer.

Due to the wealth of MP-free healing actions and availability of other MP management actions that high-level healers have, piety is generally minimized when possible in favor of DPS-increasing substats such as Critical Hit. However, some amount of piety is helpful when progressing high-end duties. Consumable MP restoration may also be used to compensate for low Piety.


Piety formerly controlled the amount of MP the player had, much like Vitality does with HP. During that era, Piety Materia was the pale blue color of core stat materia. This changed with Patch 5.0 and the release of Shadowbringers, which fixed MP at 10,000 for all levels and changed Piety materia to the yellow role-stat color.