Gathering (Attribute)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the attribute. For the class type / gameplay mode, see Gathering.

Affects the rate at which items are successfully gathered. For Miner frame icon.png miner and Botanist frame icon.png botanist, too little Gathering can result in a miss instead of receiving an item. The success rate of gathering an item increases up to 100%, and is indicated next to the item in a node, based on the gathering attribute. Affects the yield increase (+1 to +3) of Bountiful Harvest.png  Bountiful Harvest / Bountiful Harvest II.png  Bountiful Harvest II / Bountiful Yield.png  Bountiful Yield / Bountiful Yield II.png  Bountiful Yield II depending on the node. Reaching specific gathering thresholds for a given node will randomly result a bonus in yield. For Collectable collectables, higher gathering will result in a higher collectability increase when using Scour MIN BTN.png  Scour and a higher chance node integrity will not be reduced (depending on the node) when using Meticulous Woodman and Prospector.png  Meticulous Prospector or Meticulous Woodman and Prospector.png  Meticulous Woodsman.

For Fisher frame icon.png fisher, a minimum gathering stat is needed to catch any fish. However, for rod fishing, the success rate of catching a fish may not become 100% depending on the fish. This is especially true for big fish, which have a noticeable failure rate regardless of stats. Increasing gathering above the minimum requirement does not appear to significantly increase the success rate of catching a given fish (e.g., it is possible, although unlikely, for a level 1 fish to escape the hook with endgame gear). Gathering also affects the yield increase from Double Hook.png  Double Hook and Triple Hook.png  Triple Hook. For spearfishing, increasing gathering will increase the hitbox size of fish up to a certain length, making them easier to catch. Below the minimum gathering stat, the fish will not have a hitbox and not be possible to catch.