The Red Sands

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The Red Sands is a Crystalline Conflict map released in patch 6.51. It is available for both Custom Matches and Ranked Matches.

Arena Events

Shifting Sands

The Red Sands3.png

Ride the shifting sands to travel swiftly to a specific location on the field.


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The crystal line intersects with ringlike nests at checkpoints. Clearing any such checkpoint with the tactical crystal in tow will result in one of the following denizens emerging from within:

Red Sands Antlion

The antlion will drag all players in range deep into the nest, rendering them immobile before erupting from the sands to deal massive damage.

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The sabotender will unleash 100,000 Needles upon all players in range. As the needles are split between affected players, the damage dealt to each player will change accordingly.

The Red Sands6.png


This rare and curious creature will unleash Therapeutic Needles upon all players in range, granting them a barrier effect. As the needles are split between affected players, the strength of the barrier granted to each player will change accordingly.

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The Red Sands8.png

The arena's oasis area grants players within a special effect that regenerates HP over time. The effect will remain for a time after exiting the oasis.

Heat Waves

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Heat waves atop the Red Sands will deal damage over time to all competitors.

However, relief can be found at sandpits, from which balming geysers will erupt. Players standing in one of the small circular indicators on the ground will be soothed by sandpearl shrouds, granting HP recovery and a boost to the limit gauge. While the geyser is erupting, no creatures will emerge from the sandpit. Nevertheless, caution is advised, as the force of the geyser will deal damage to and knock back any who approach its center.