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The Fury's Aegis

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The Fury's Aegis


One must wonder whether this thick-shelled crustacean's name was approved by the Ishgardian Orthodox Church.

[Suitable for printing on medium canvases.]

— In-game description

Basic Information

  • Recommended Fishing Level: 90★★★
  • Fish Type: Rivers
  • Aquarium Type: None
  • Sizes: Smallest - ??im, Largest - ??im


For reasons as of yet unknown, Sharlayan naturalists have recently been inundated by a veritable mountain of inquiries from anonymous adventurers asking why this species of shrimp does not have the ability to transform into a shrimp-sized sword and fire shrimp-sized beams of rime. Perplexed by the specificity of the question, they have been unable to give a satisfactory answer.


Fishing Log: The Mover Beta

Used For

Only has use as a collectable. Must be caught with Collect fisher icon1.png  Collect active.

Aetherial reduction icon1.png  Aetherial Reduction