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Collect (Fisher)

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Fisher frame icon.png FSH (actions)

Quest Req.
Feature quest Inscrutable Tastes

Readies the catch to retain as a collectable.

— In-game description

Collect is an action unlocked by questing at level 50. It is available for Fisher.


Patch 6.2
Patch 6.3

Collectables can be gathered at various nodes starting at level 50, and turned in at the Collectable Appraiser in various cities for White Gatherers' Scrip White Gatherers' Scrips (for level 50-89 collectables) or Purple Gatherers' Scrip Purple Gatherers' Scrips (for level 90 collectables) and Experience experience. Unspoiled items earn much more; it is recommended to focus on unspoiled items as their nodes have a minimum of six gathering attempts, allowing you to gather more items after reaching the desired collectability. They are usually the optimal way to earn experience points for little effort.

To gather a collectable, interact with the node, reach the item, and click on the desired collectable. You can identify which items in the node are collectables by seeing the Collectable icon next to the item name. When selecting a collectable, a new window will appear with actions specific to collectables (see right). You can increase the item's collectability using actions, then "Collect" the item once the desired collectability is reached. The Collect action succeeds at your gathering rate (as shown by the percentage at the very top). The appraisal actions are based on perception.

Gathered collectibles usually have a separate non-Rarefied version (as of Patch 5.4). These cannot be converted between the types, and the Rarefied items cannot be used as ingredients in recipes in place of the non-Rarefied ones. The different versions will never be found together on the same node. Previously, you could gather the items that only had use as a collectable in a non-collectable form, which is why this change was made.

Fisher frame icon.png Fisher still works the old way, which is different. To catch collectable fish, you simply enable Collect fisher icon1.png  Collect (previously known as the Collector's Glove) and fish as normal. Any fish capable of being a collectable that you catch with Collect active will have a random amount of collectability influenced by your total amount of perception. The abilities Patience.png  Patience and Patience II.png  Patience II appear to boost collectability as well.
Note: It is possible to catch collectable fish in a non-collectable form if you forget to enable Collect fisher icon1.png  Collect. Non-collectable versions of those fish have no use whatsoever.

For a full list of general-purpose gathered collectables with thresholds and scrips, see: Collectables/Gathered.

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