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Stargilt Lobster

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Stargilt Lobster


Uniquely well suited to survival in Ultima Thule. Uniquely poorly suited to survival on a star where most races enjoy the taste of lobster and laying claim to shiny objects.

[Suitable for printing on medium canvases.]

— In-game description

Basic Information


Despite its resemblance to gold leaf, the coating on a stargilt lobster's carapace serves the practical purpose of protection amidst the odd aetherial eddies of its habitat. Should one boil the creature like a common lobster, the coating will dissolve and lend the flesh a complex flavor─as will the knowledge of contributing to the extinction of a dead star's few survivors.


Fishing Log: Apohelos 18-α

Used For

Only has use as a collectable. Must be caught with Collect fisher icon1.png  Collect active.

Aetherial reduction icon1.png  Aetherial Reduction