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Bone icon1.png Bone is a type of material used to craft various items.

Types of Bones

Bone Icon Gathered/Crafted By Purchased From Dropped By Used to Craft
Adamantoise Shell Adamantoise shell icon1.png Level 49 Mining Aspidochelone, Bronze Tortoise, Iron Tortoise, Lacovie Tortoiseshell Scale Mail, Tortoiseshell Scale Fingers, Tortoiseshell Scale Greaves, Wolf Scale Mail, Wolf Scale Fingers, Wolf Scale Greaves, Tortoiseshell Hora, Tortoiseshell Armillae
Aldgoat Horn Aldgoat horn icon1.png Kobold Vendor Elder Longhorn, Longhorn Billygoat, Longhorn Nannygoat, Mourning Billy, Mourning Nanny, Myotragus Billy, Myotragus Nanny Horn Fishing Rod, Oak Composite Bow, Crab Bow, Wolf Bow, Cobalt Shamshir, Horned Hatchet, Horn Scale Mail, Goathorn Staff, Horn Armillae, Horn Ring, Earth Brand, Fire Brand, Toothed Goathorn Staff, Horn Staff, Lightning Brand, Water Brand, Ivory Staff, Wolf Staff, Raptorskin Targe, Horn Glue
Ancient Bone Ancient bone icon1.png Subaquatic Voyages (Stormport) Mounted Dinosaur Skull
Antelope Horn Antelope horn icon1.png Antelope Stag Ash Composite Bow, Staghorn Fishing Rod, Iron Spatha, Horn Scale Greaves, Horn Scale Fingers, Staghorn Staff, Wind Brand, Sanguine Horn Staff, Horn Earrings, Ice Brand, Toothed Staghorn Staff, Horn Necklace
Archaeotania's Horn Archaeotanias horn icon1.png FATE: Kill BossThe Head, the Tail, the Whole Damned Thing
Barb of the Whorl Barb of the whorl icon1.png Leviathan Tidal Wavesoul Fount
Bat Fang Bat fang icon1.png Aistan, Esmenet Cave Bat, Black Bat, Dusk Bat, Black Bat, Blood Bat, Attic Bat, Attic Bat, Lesser Kalong, Lesser Kalong, Snakemolt Bat, Sun Bat, Sand Bat, Halatali Bat, Temple Bat, Temple Fox, Vale Bat Amateur's Needle, Decorated Bone Staff, Fang Earrings, Bat Fang Needle, Fang Necklace, Velveteen Bandana, Potion of Dexterity, Weak Blinding Potion
Beastkin Horn Beastkin horn icon1.png Level 60★ Mining Sewing Needle, Powdered Horn
Behemoth Horn Behemoth horn icon1.png FATE: Kill BossHe Taketh It with His Eyes
Eureka: Notorious MonsterThird Impact
Behemoth Wall Trophy
Biast Scales Biast scales icon1.png Mists Biast Scale Glue
Bismarck's Baleen Bismarcks baleen icon1.png The Limitless Blue (Hard)
The Limitless Blue (Extreme)
Expanse Barding, Expanse Fountain
Blue Cloud Coral Blue cloud coral icon1.png Level 53 Fishing Grade 1 Mind Dissolvent
Blue Coral Blue coral icon1.png Level 25 Fishing Boarskin Wristbands, Boarskin Wristbands of Gathering, Blue Coral Formation
Blue Yarzon Leg Blue yarzon leg icon1.png Z'ranmaia Forest Yarzon, River Yarzon, Daddy Longlegs Hi-Potion of Strength, Mega-Potion of Mind
Bombfish Spine Bombfish spine icon1.png Bombfish, Hooked Bombfish Bombfish Needle
Bone Ash Bone ash icon1.png
Bone Chip Bone chip icon1.png Level 5 Mining Engerrand, Smydhaemr, Ferreol, O'rhoyod, Osgyth, Aistan, Esmenet, Fridurih Soldier of Nym, Dead Man's Moan, Magicked Bones, Manor Footman, Manor Servitor, Manor Steward, Skeleton Soldier, The Accused, Skeleton Soldier, Hellsbound Warrior Bone Harpoon, Ash Radical, Bronze Bastard Sword, Bronze Daggers, Viking Sword, Bone Hora, Bone Brand, Bone Staff, Bone Ring, Leather Wristbands, Animal Glue
Buffalo Horn Buffalo horn icon1.png
Cactuar Needle Cactuar needle icon1.png Sabotender Desertor, Sabotender Del Sol, Sabotender Thousand Needle, Slow Ward Potion
Ceto's Claw Cetos claw icon1.png
Cloud Coral Cloud coral icon1.png Mythrite Earblades of Slaying, Mythrite Earblades of Aiming, Mythrite Earblades of Casting, Mythrite Earblades of Healing, Mythrite Earblades of Fending, Archaeoskin Boots of Striking
Coeurlregina Horn Coeurlregina horn icon1.png
Crystalline Scale Crystalline scale icon1.png
Dragon Fang Dragon fang icon1.png Hardsilver Hatchet, Dragon Fang Needle, Dragon Fang Earrings
Dragon Scale Dragon scale icon1.png Dragonscale Grinding Wheel, Adamantite Culinary Knife, Adamantite Scythe, Scale Glue
Drake Scales Drake scales icon1.png Scale Glue
Dzo Horn Dzo horn icon1.png Dzo Horn Needle, Competent Craftsman's Tea, Commanding Craftsman's Tea
Expanse Baleen Expanse baleen icon1.png The Limitless Blue (Extreme) Endless Expanse Partisan, Endless Expanse Longbow, Endless Expanse Cane, Endless Expanse Sword, Endless Expanse Battleaxe, Endless Expanse Greatsword, Endless Expanse Patas, Endless Expanse Katana, Endless Expanse Machetes, Endless Expanse Handgonne, Endless Expanse Shield, Boundless Expanse Fountain, Endless Expanse Longpole, Endless Expanse Rapier, Endless Expanse Astrometer, Wind-up Bismarck, Endless Expanse Grimoire, Endless Expanse Codex
Firefly Elytron Firefly elytron icon1.png
Fossilized Dragon Bone Fossilized dragon bone icon1.png Level 56 Quarrying
Gazelle Horn Gazelle horn icon1.png Gazelle Horn Fishing Rod, Gazelle Horn Needle, Cunning Craftsman's Tea
Gloaming Coral Gloaming coral icon1.png Aurum Regis Earrings of Slaying, Aurum Regis Earrings of Aiming, Aurum Regis Earrings of Casting, Aurum Regis Earrings of Healing, Aurum Regis Earrings of Fending
Gnat Wing Gnat wing icon1.png
Goldemar's Horn Goldemars horn icon1.png
Goobbue Fang Goobbue fang icon1.png Goobbue, Hoary Goobbue, Jolly Green, Jungle Goobbue, Mildewed Goobbue, Shezmu, Goobbue Farmer, Mossless Goobbue, Highland Goobbue, Snowstorm Goobbue, Snowcloak Goobbue Potion of Vitality
Green Megalocrab Shell Green megalocrab shell icon1.png Megalocrab, Shearing Sheridan, Beryl Crab, Old Six-arms, Codpiece Clipper Crab Bow, Wolf Bow, Crabshell Hora
Griffin Talon Griffin talon icon1.png Akhekhu, Griffin Griffin Talon Ring of Slaying, Griffin Talon Ring of Aiming, Griffin Talon Ring of Casting, Griffin Talon Ring of Healing, Griffin Talon Ring of Fending, Griffin Talon Needle
Heavens Coral Heavens coral icon1.png
Hedgemole Spine Hedgemole spine icon1.png
Hellhound Fang Hellhound fang icon1.png
Hippogryph Talon Hippogryph talon icon1.png
Ifrit's Horn Ifrits horn icon1.png Ifrit Inferno Wall Lamp
Inferno Horn Inferno horn icon1.png Ifrit Inferno Bow, Inferno Cane, Inferno Blade, Inferno Claws, Inferno Battleaxe, Inferno Harpoon, Inferno Kris, Inferno Faussar, Inferno Musketoon, Blazing Inferno Wall Lamp, Inferno Cudgel, Inferno Star Globe, Inferno Grimoire, Inferno Codex
Island Wolf Fang Island wolf fang icon1.png Islewolf Bracelet of Fending, Islewolf Bracelet of Slaying, Islewolf Bracelet of Aiming, Islewolf Bracelet of Casting, Islewolf Bracelet of Healing, Islewolf Ring of Fending, Islewolf Ring of Slaying, Islewolf Ring of Aiming, Islewolf Ring of Casting, Islewolf Ring of Healing
Jackal Fang Jackal fang icon1.png
Ladybug Elytron Ladybug elytron icon1.png
Leviathan's Barb Leviathans barb icon1.png Leviathan, Leviathan Wavesoul Fount, Tidal Barding
Molech's Horn Molechs horn icon1.png
Mossy Horn Mossy horn icon1.png Order of Nald'thal Lectern, Mosshorn Scale Mail, Mosshorn Earrings
Muud Suud Horn Muud suud horn icon1.png Beech Mask of Healing, Muudhorn Fishing Rod, Beech Mask of Casting, Muudhorn Ring of Fending, Muudhorn Ring of Slaying, Muudhorn Ring of Aiming, Muudhorn Ring of Healing, Muudhorn Ring of Casting, Potent Spiritbond Potion
Nidhogg's Scale Nidhoggs scale icon1.png The Minstrel's Ballad: Nidhogg's Rage Miniature Nidhogg, Horde Barding
Ogre Horn Ogre horn icon1.png Level 50 Mining Manor Warden, Bolthorn, Hrimthurs, Elder Hapalit, Hapalit, Porus, Scabrous Hapalit Black Horn Staff, Jade Scepter
Ram Horn Ram horn icon1.png Smydhaemr, Ferreol, Aistan Lost Lamb Ramhorn Harpoon, Bronze Spatha, Ramhorn Staff, Ramhorn Claws, Toothed Ramhorn Staff
Raptor Talon Raptor talon icon1.png
Rathalos Scale Rathalos scale icon1.png
Rathalos Scale+ Rathalos Scale Plus Icon.png
Red Coral Red coral icon1.png Crab Bow, Wolf Bow, Red Coral Armillae, Red Coral Earrings, Red Coral Ring, Red Coral Necklace, Raptorskin Wristbands, Raptorskin Wristbands of Gathering
Red Megalocrab Shell Red megalocrab shell icon1.png Cancer, Gripper, Snipper, Cave Crab, Harness Snipper
Red Sky Coral Red sky coral icon1.png
Rhino Beetle Carapace Rhino beetle carapace icon1.png Beetle Glue
Sandworm Fang Sandworm fang icon1.png Z'ranmaia Giant Sandworm, Sandworm, Ulhuadshi, Wellwick Worm Worm Fang Needle, Morbol Chair, Morbol Bookshelf, Morbol Screen, Mega-Potion of Intelligence
Seiryu's Scale Seiryus scale icon1.png The Wreath of Snakes (Extreme) Seiryu Barding, Seiryu Statuette, Seitei
Shinryu's Scale Shinryus scale icon1.png The Minstrel's Ballad: Shinryu's Domain Shinryu Barding, Wind-up Shinryu, Shinryu's Wing
Skoll's Claw Skolls claw icon1.png
Soiled Femur Soiled femur icon1.png Level 8 Mining Engerrand, Ferreol, O'rhoyod, Aistan, Fridurih Feathered Harpoon, Iron Pugiones, Bone Staff, Bone Necklace, Bone Armillae, Decorated Bone Staff
Splendid Bone Fragment Splendid bone fragment icon1.png
Tortoiseshell Tortoiseshell icon1.png
Weevil Elytron Weevil elytron icon1.png
White Coral White coral icon1.png Coral Armillae, Coral Ring, Hard Leather Wristbands, Hard Leather Wristbands of Gathering, Goatskin Wristbands of Gathering, Goatskin Wristbands
Wolf Fang Wolf fang icon1.png Wild Jackal, Wild Wolf, Attack Hound, Watchwolf, Imperial War Hound, Pit Wolf, Natalan Watchwolf, Snow Wolf, Snow Wolf Pup, Snowcloak Wolf Steel Broadsword, Steel Bardiche, Mythril Broadsword, Wolf Earrings, Wolf Necklace, Horn Staff, Wolf Fang Needle, Ivory Staff, Wolf Staff, Spine Drops
Yellow Yarzon Leg Yellow yarzon leg icon1.png Cieldalaes Crawler, Yarzon Feeder, Yarzon Scavenger, Russet Yarzon, Wall Crawler Yarzonshell Harpoon, Potion of Strength
Yeti Fang Yeti fang icon1.png Cedar Crook, Mythrite Hatchet, Yeti Staff, Yeti Fang Earrings, Yeti Fang Ring of Slaying, Yeti Fang Ring of Aiming, Yeti Fang Ring of Casting, Yeti Fang Ring of Healing, Yeti Fang Ring of Fending, Wyvernskin Mask of Casting