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Lumber icon1.png Lumber is a type of material gathered by botanists and used by Carpenter to create various items.

Types of Lumber

Lumber Icon Gathered/Crafted By Purchased From Used to Craft
Aged Oak Log Aged oak log icon1.png Ronkan Rocking Chair
Ancient Lumber Ancient lumber icon1.png Level 50★★★ Carpenter Magic Broom, Glade Path Light, Alps Striking Dummy, Oriental Striking Dummy, Large Wall Chronometer, Woodworking Bench, Goldsmithing Bench, Leatherworking Bench, Clothcraft Loom, Oriental Altar, Beak of the Vortex, Inferno Bow, Spine of the Vortex, Mischievous Moggle Mogbow, Inferno Cane, Maleficent Moggle Mogstaff, Artisan's Grinding Wheel, Artisan's Spinning Wheel, Summoning Bell, Wootz Knuckles, Regal Letter Box, Drachen Armor Augmentation, Choral Attire Augmentation, Healer's Attire Augmentation
Approved Grade 2 Artisanal Skybuilders' Log Approved grade 2 artisanal skybuilders log icon1.png Grade 2 Artisanal Skybuilders' Wardrobe, Grade 2 Artisanal Skybuilders' Fireplace, Grade 2 Artisanal Skybuilders' Overcoat
Approved Grade 2 Skybuilders' Maple Log Approved grade 2 skybuilders maple log icon1.png Grade 2 Skybuilders' Crate, Grade 2 Skybuilders' Leather Straps
Approved Grade 2 Skybuilders' Oak Log Approved grade 2 skybuilders oak log icon1.png Grade 2 Skybuilders' Stepladder, Grade 2 Skybuilders' Soap
Approved Grade 2 Skybuilders' Switch Approved grade 2 skybuilders switch icon1.png Grade 2 Skybuilders' Plywood, Grade 2 Skybuilders' Leather
Approved Grade 2 Skybuilders' Teak Log Approved grade 2 skybuilders teak log icon1.png Grade 2 Skybuilders' Grindstone, Grade 2 Skybuilders' Broom
Approved Grade 2 Skybuilders' Umbral Galewood Log Approved grade 2 skybuilders umbral galewood log icon1.png Grade 2 Artisanal Skybuilders' Wardrobe, Grade 2 Artisanal Skybuilders' Overcoat
Approved Grade 2 Skybuilders' Walnut Log Approved grade 2 skybuilders walnut log icon1.png Grade 2 Skybuilders' Bed, Grade 2 Skybuilders' Oven, Grade 2 Skybuilders' Overalls
Approved Grade 3 Artisanal Skybuilders' Log Approved grade 3 artisanal skybuilders log icon1.png Grade 3 Artisanal Skybuilders' Goldsmithing Bench, Grade 3 Artisanal Skybuilders' Door, Grade 3 Artisanal Skybuilders' Leather Chair
Approved Grade 3 Skybuilders' Cedar Log Approved grade 3 skybuilders cedar log icon1.png Grade 3 Skybuilders' Bed, Grade 3 Skybuilders' Oven, Grade 3 Skybuilders' Overalls
Approved Grade 3 Skybuilders' Ebony Log Approved grade 3 skybuilders ebony log icon1.png Grade 3 Skybuilders' Crate, Grade 3 Skybuilders' Leather Straps
Approved Grade 3 Skybuilders' Lauan Log Approved grade 3 skybuilders lauan log icon1.png Grade 3 Skybuilders' Grinding Wheel, Grade 3 Skybuilders' Stepladder, Grade 3 Skybuilders' Cookpot, Grade 3 Skybuilders' Broom, Grade 3 Skybuilders' Soap
Approved Grade 3 Skybuilders' Switch Approved grade 3 skybuilders switch icon1.png Grade 3 Skybuilders' Plywood, Grade 3 Skybuilders' Leather
Approved Grade 4 Artisanal Skybuilders' Log Approved grade 4 artisanal skybuilders log icon1.png Oddly Delicate Pine Lumber, Grade 4 Artisanal Skybuilders' Icebox, Grade 4 Artisanal Skybuilders' Company Chest, Oddly Delicate Gazelle Leather
Approved Grade 4 Skybuilders' Mahogany Log Approved grade 4 skybuilders mahogany log icon1.png Grade 4 Skybuilders' Crate, Grade 4 Skybuilders' Leather Straps
Approved Grade 4 Skybuilders' Spruce Log Approved grade 4 skybuilders spruce log icon1.png Grade 4 Skybuilders' Spinning Wheel, Grade 4 Skybuilders' Stepladder, Grade 4 Skybuilders' Cookpot, Grade 4 Skybuilders' Broom, Grade 4 Skybuilders' Soap
Approved Grade 4 Skybuilders' Switch Approved grade 4 skybuilders switch icon1.png Grade 4 Skybuilders' Plywood, Grade 4 Skybuilders' Leather
Approved Grade 4 Skybuilders' Umbral Galewood Branch Approved grade 4 skybuilders umbral galewood branch icon1.png Grade 4 Artisanal Skybuilders' Icebox, Grade 4 Artisanal Skybuilders' Chocobo Weathervane
Approved Grade 4 Skybuilders' White Cedar Log Approved grade 4 skybuilders white cedar log icon1.png Grade 4 Skybuilders' Bed, Grade 4 Skybuilders' Oven, Grade 4 Skybuilders' Overalls
Arrowwood Branch Arrowwood branch icon1.png
Ash Branch Ash branch icon1.png Level 9 Logging Ferreol, Ixali Vendor Amateur's Fishing Rod, Ash Radical, Ash Shortbow, Wrapped Maple Longbow, Elm Fishing Rod, Elm Longbow, Oak Longbow, Ash Wand
Ash Log Ash log icon1.png Level 8 Logging Material Supplier, Ferreol, Material Supplier, Material Supplier, Esmenet Ash Lumber, Firewood, Stump Stool, Engraved Leather Grimoire, Ash Picatrix
Ash Lumber Ash lumber icon1.png Level 10 Carpenter Smydhaemr, Soemrwyb, Material Supplier, Ixali Vendor, Osgyth, Material Supplier, Material Supplier, Esmenet Ash Macuahuitl, Ramhorn Harpoon, Ragstone Grinding Wheel, Ash Spinning Wheel, Amateur's Fishing Rod, Feathered Harpoon, Ash Mask, Ash Pattens, Ash Shortbow, Square Ash Shield, Ash Mask (Lapis Lazuli), Ash Composite Bow, Ash Cavalry Bow, Glade Round Table, Glade Classical Window, Glade Chair, Riviera Arched Window, Crofter's Wain, Glade Drawer Table, Glade Lancet Window, Oasis Wooden Awning, Lalafellin Step Stool, Glade Cottage Wall (Wood), Glade Cupboard, Riviera Cottage Roof (Composite), Ash Cabinet, Bronze Baselards, Amateur's Cross-pein Hammer, Amateur's Chaser Hammer, Bronze Mortar, Amateur's Doming Hammer, Amateur's Head Knife, Bronze Awl, Amateur's Pickaxe, Bronze Scythe, Amateur's Saw, Bronze Culinary Knife, Bronze Sledgehammer, Amateur's Hatchet, Spiked Bronze Labrys, Birdsbeak Hammer, Bronze Raising Hammer, Brass Knives, Iron War Axe, Iron Hatchet, Initiate's Head Knife, Initiate's Saw, Iron Pickaxe, Oasis Octagonal Window, Amateur's Skillet, Iron Skillet, Cast-iron Cookpot, Floating Minnow, Oasis Cottage Roof (Composite), Oasis Cottage Wall (Composite), Hard Leather Sandals, Leather Targe, Glade Bench, Ash Picatrix, Wax Vegetables
Ash Plank Ash plank icon1.png
Astral Birch Lumber Astral birch lumber icon1.png Level 60★★ Carpenter Sun Mica Grinding Wheel, Astral Birch Spinning Wheel, Astral Birch Necklace, Astral Birch Armillae, Astral Birch Ring, Savage Gordian Bureau, Fortified Claw Hammer, Sharpened Adamantite Awl, Heavy Adamantite Mortar, Wrapped Adamantite Culinary Knife, Weighted Adamantite Sledgehammer, Balanced Adamantite Scythe, Millmaster's Saw, Forgemaster's Hammer, Galleymaster's Frypan, Boltmaster's Needle, Griffin Leather Boots of Casting, Griffin Leather Boots of Healing
Balsa Wood Lumber Balsa wood lumber icon1.png
Balsa Wood Scrap Balsa wood scrap icon1.png
Bamboo Paper Bamboo paper icon1.png
Bamboo Stick Bamboo stick icon1.png Level 50★★ Logging Magicked Stable Broom, Open Hearth, Green Tea Set
Bamboo Weave Bamboo weave icon1.png
Beech Branch Beech branch icon1.png Level 60★★ Logging
Beech Log Beech log icon1.png Level 61 Logging Beech Lumber
Beech Lumber Beech lumber icon1.png Level 61 Carpenter Beech Rod, Beech Mask of Healing, High Steel Trident, Beech Composite Bow, Muudhorn Fishing Rod, Beech Mask of Casting, Larch Earrings, Larch Necklace, Larch Bracelets, Oriental Dressing Case, High Steel Katzbalger, High Steel Headsman's Axe, High Steel Guillotine, High Steel Knuckles, High Steel Tachi, High Steel Main Gauches, High Steel Culverin, High Steel Saw, High Steel Cross-pein Hammer, High Steel Doming Hammer, Koppranickel Ornamental Hammer, High Steel Head Knife, High Steel Dolabra, High Steel Hatchet, High Steel Bomb Frypan, Koppranickel Staff, Koppranickel Foil, Bombfish Needle, Koppranickel Codex, Koppranickel Index
Birch Branch Birch branch icon1.png Level 58 Logging Birch Longbow, Birch Signum, Birch Composite Bow, Birch Rod, Birch Fishing Rod, Adamantite Scythe, Adamantite Hatchet
Birch Log Birch log icon1.png Level 58 Logging Birch Lumber
Birch Lumber Birch lumber icon1.png Level 58 Carpenter Adamantite Spear, Birch Longbow, Birch Signum, Dragonscale Grinding Wheel, Birch Spinning Wheel, Adamantite Trident, Birch Composite Bow, Birch Rod, Birch Fishing Rod, Hive Ceiling Fan, Clockwork Barrow, Magnificent Mogdelier, Deep Hive Ceiling Fan, Stuffed Carbuncle, Adamantite Jamadhars, Adamantite Bill, Adamantite Zweihander, Adamantite Revolver, Adamantite Claw Hammer, Adamantite Awl, Adamantite Mortar, Adamantite Culinary Knife, Adamantite Sledgehammer, Adamantite Winglet, Adamantite Headsman's Axe, Adamantite Main Gauches, Adamantite Greatsword, Adamantite-barreled Culverin, Adamantite Saw, Aurum Regis Texture Hammer, Adamantite Dolabra, Adamantite Frypan, Adamantite Hoplon, Aurum Regis Longpole, Aurum Regis Staff, Griffin Talon Needle
Black Willow Log Black willow log icon1.png Level 70★★ Logging Black Willow Lumber
Black Willow Lumber Black willow lumber icon1.png Level 70★★★ Carpenter Merry Mog Bed, Odder Otter Bench, Odder Otter Screen, Odder Otter Chair, Odder Otter Dining Table, Southern Kitchen, Black Willow Spear, Black Willow Greatbow, Black Willow Cane, Silvergrace Grinding Wheel, Black Willow Spinning Wheel, Black Willow Fishing Rod, Yamashi Kasa, Black Willow Necklace of Fending, Black Willow Necklace of Slaying, Black Willow Necklace of Aiming, Black Willow Necklace of Casting, Black Willow Necklace of Healing, Black Willow Necklace of Crafting, Black Willow Armillae of Fending, Black Willow Armillae of Slaying, Black Willow Armillae of Aiming, Black Willow Armillae of Casting, Black Willow Armillae of Healing, Black Willow Armillae of Crafting, Black Willow Ring of Crafting, Suzaku Wall Hanging, Nightsteel Saw, Nightsteel Claw Hammer, Nightsteel Cross-pein Hammer, Nightsteel Lapidary Hammer, Nightsteel Mortar, Nightsteel Culinary Knife, Nightsteel Pickaxe, Nightsteel Sledgehammer, Nightsteel Hatchet, Nightsteel Scythe, Nightsteel Frypan, Silvergrace Rod
Camphorwood Branch Camphorwood branch icon1.png Level 60★ Logging Camphor
Camphorwood Log Camphorwood log icon1.png Level 60★ Logging Camphorwood Lumber
Camphorwood Lumber Camphorwood lumber icon1.png Level 60★★ Carpenter
Cassia Block Cassia block icon1.png Level 60★ Carpenter
Cassia Log Cassia log icon1.png Cassia Lumber
Cassia Lumber Cassia lumber icon1.png Level 56 Carpenter
Cedar Branch Cedar branch icon1.png Level 50★★★ Logging Cedar Longbow, Cedar Crook, Holy Cedar Composite Bow, Cedar Fishing Rod, Mythrite Hatchet, Mythrite Scythe
Cedar Log Cedar log icon1.png Level 50★★★ Logging Cedar Lumber
Cedar Lumber Cedar lumber icon1.png Level 51 Carpenter Mythrite Trident, Cedar Longbow, Holy Cedar Lumber, Cedar Fishing Rod, Round Banquet Table, Cask Rack, Alpine Chair, Toy Box, Mythrite Katzbalger, Mythrite War Axe, Mythrite Claymore, Mythrite-barreled Arquebus, Mythrite Lump Hammer, Mythrite Raising Hammer, Mythrite Lapidary Hammer, Mythrite Round Knife, Mythrite Pickaxe, Mythrite-barreled Musketoon, Frypan Caliente, Yeti Staff, Mythrite Needle
Cedar Plank Cedar plank icon1.png
Cherry Branch Cherry branch icon1.png
Chestnut Branch Chestnut branch icon1.png
Chestnut Log Chestnut log icon1.png
Chestnut Lumber Chestnut lumber icon1.png
Chestnut Plank Chestnut plank icon1.png
Cocobolo Lumber Cocobolo lumber icon1.png
Coffin Lid Coffin lid icon1.png Mhachi Coffin
Cryptomeria Log Cryptomeria log icon1.png Cryptomeria Lumber
Cryptomeria Lumber Cryptomeria lumber icon1.png Level 70★ Carpenter
Cypress Log Cypress log icon1.png Level 50★★★ Logging Perfect Firewood, Perfect Pestle
Dark Chestnut Branch Dark chestnut branch icon1.png Level 55 Logging Dark Chestnut Longbow, Dark Chestnut Rod, Dark Chestnut Fishing Rod, Hallowed Chestnut Composite Bow, Hallowed Chestnut Fishing Rod, Titanium Hatchet, Titanium Scythe, Hardsilver Hatchet, Topiary Moogle
Dark Chestnut Log Dark chestnut log icon1.png Level 54 Logging Dark Chestnut Lumber, Dhalmel Leather, Dragon Leather, Amphiptere Leather
Dark Chestnut Lumber Dark chestnut lumber icon1.png Level 54 Carpenter Titanium Lance, Dark Chestnut Longbow, Dark Chestnut Rod, Dark Chestnut Fishing Rod, Hallowed Chestnut Lumber, Cloud Mica Grinding Wheel, Dark Chestnut Spinning Wheel, Alpine Chair, Alpine Round Table, Toy Box, Titanium Jamadhars, Titanium Axe, Titanium Claymore, Titanium-barreled Arquebus, Hardsilver Saw, Hardsilver Texture Hammer, Titanium Creasing Knife, Hardsilver Dolabra, Titanium Claw Hammer, Titanium Awl, Titanium Mortar, Titanium Culinary Knife, Titanium Sledgehammer, Titanium Frypan, Dragon Fang Needle
Dry Branch Dry branch icon1.png
Ebony Branch Ebony branch icon1.png
Ebony Log Ebony log icon1.png Level 50★★★ Logging Ebony Lumber
Ebony Lumber Ebony lumber icon1.png Level 50 Carpenter Riviera Canopy Bed, Glade Canopy Bed, Oasis Canopy Bed, Armoire, Guildleve Counter, Order of Nald'thal Lectern, Wootz Spear, Ebony Longbow, Ebony Cane, Ebony Staff, Wootz Bhuj, Kirimu Sandals of Striking, Kirimu Sandals of Scouting, Kirimu Codex
Ebony Plank Ebony plank icon1.png
Elm Branch Elm branch icon1.png
Elm Log Elm log icon1.png Level 12 Logging Elm Lumber, Hard Leather Grimoire
Elm Lumber Elm lumber icon1.png Level 16 Carpenter Material Supplier, Ixali Vendor, Material Supplier, Material Supplier Elm Fishing Rod, Iron Spear, Elm Cane, Elm Longbow, Elm Crook, Initiate's Spinning Wheel, Iron Lance, Initiate's Fishing Rod, Elm Velocity Bow, Iron Guisarme, Mudstone Grinding Wheel, Elm Spinning Wheel, Wrapped Elm Longbow, Elm Pattens, Elm Macuahuitl, Vintage Square Shield, Vintage Guisarme, Glade Lancet Window, Oasis Oblong Window, Riviera Bay Window, Lalafellin Step Stool, Glade Cottage Wall (Wood), Glade Pendant Lamp, Glade Cupboard, Riviera Cottage Roof (Composite), Riviera Half Partition, Laundry Pole, Ash Cabinet, Riviera Partition, Oasis Cottage Roof (Wood), Oasis Cottage Wall (Wood), Riviera Cottage Roof (Stone), Oasis Cupboard, Iron Labrys, Iron Cross-pein Hammer, Iron Doming Hammer, Iron Chaser Hammer, Iron Awl, Initiate's Sledgehammer, Initiate's Hatchet, Iron Daggers, Iron Claw Hammer, Iron Mortar, Iron Culinary Knife, Iron Scythe, Iron Shortsword, Initiate's Pickaxe, Iron Sledgehammer, Bas-relief Iron Saw, Oasis Round Table, Riviera Oblong Window, Iron Hoplon, Initiate's Skillet, Steel Skillet, Riviera Placard, Oasis Dining Table, Riviera Cottage Wall (Composite), Hard Leather Espadrilles, Goatskin Espadrilles, Highland Barding, Glade Cottage Roof (Wood), Glade Bed, Low Barrel Planter, Glade Tiled Awning, Glade Flower Vase, Glade Cottage Roof (Composite), Planter Partition
Elm Plank Elm plank icon1.png
Empyrean Pine Log Empyrean pine log icon1.png Odder Otter Bench, Odder Otter Screen, Odder Otter Chair, Odder Otter Dining Table
Enchanted Elm Lumber Enchanted elm lumber icon1.png Magicked Bed
Fragrant Log Fragrant log icon1.png Level 50★ Logging
Grade 2 Artisanal Skybuilders' Log Grade 2 artisanal skybuilders log icon1.png Level 80★ Logging
Grade 2 Skybuilders' Maple Log Grade 2 skybuilders maple log icon1.png Level 10 Logging
Grade 2 Skybuilders' Oak Log Grade 2 skybuilders oak log icon1.png Level 70 Logging
Grade 2 Skybuilders' Switch Grade 2 skybuilders switch icon1.png Level 10 Logging
Grade 2 Skybuilders' Teak Log Grade 2 skybuilders teak log icon1.png Level 60 Logging
Grade 2 Skybuilders' Umbral Galewood Log Grade 2 skybuilders umbral galewood log icon1.png Level 80★ Logging
Grade 2 Skybuilders' Walnut Log Grade 2 skybuilders walnut log icon1.png Level 80 Logging
Grade 3 Artisanal Skybuilders' Log Grade 3 artisanal skybuilders log icon1.png Level 80★★ Logging
Grade 3 Skybuilders' Cedar Log Grade 3 skybuilders cedar log icon1.png Level 80 Logging
Grade 3 Skybuilders' Ebony Log Grade 3 skybuilders ebony log icon1.png Level 10 Logging
Grade 3 Skybuilders' Lauan Log Grade 3 skybuilders lauan log icon1.png Level 60 Logging
Grade 3 Skybuilders' Switch Grade 3 skybuilders switch icon1.png Level 10 Logging
Grade 4 Artisanal Skybuilders' Log Grade 4 artisanal skybuilders log icon1.png Level 80★★★ Logging
Grade 4 Skybuilders' Mahogany Log Grade 4 skybuilders mahogany log icon1.png Level 10 Logging
Grade 4 Skybuilders' Spruce Log Grade 4 skybuilders spruce log icon1.png Level 60 Logging
Grade 4 Skybuilders' Switch Grade 4 skybuilders switch icon1.png Level 10 Logging
Grade 4 Skybuilders' Umbral Galewood Branch Grade 4 skybuilders umbral galewood branch icon1.png Level 80★★★ Logging
Grade 4 Skybuilders' White Cedar Log Grade 4 skybuilders white cedar log icon1.png Level 80 Logging
Hallowed Chestnut Lumber Hallowed chestnut lumber icon1.png Level 56 Carpenter Titanium Fork, Hallowed Chestnut Composite Bow, Hallowed Chestnut Mask of Aiming, Hallowed Chestnut Mask of Casting, Hallowed Chestnut Mask of Healing, Hallowed Chestnut Fishing Rod, Hallowed Chestnut Ring, Hallowed Chestnut Armillae, Hallowed Chestnut Necklace, Royal Plotting Table, Titanium Longsword, Titanium Knuckles, Titanium Battleaxe, Titanium Kris, Titanium-barreled Snaphance, Titanium Lump Hammer, Titanium Raising Hammer, Hardsilver Lapidary Hammer, Hardsilver Round Knife, Titanium Pickaxe, Mandragoras Frypan, Titanium Hoplon, Chimerical Felt Klobuk of Healing, Hallowed Chestnut Wand
Holy Cedar Lumber Holy cedar lumber icon1.png Level 52 Carpenter Mythrite Pugil Stick, Holy Cedar Composite Bow, Astral Grinding Wheel, Holy Cedar Spinning Wheel, Holy Cedar Armillae, Holy Cedar Ring, Holy Cedar Necklace, Mythrite Jamadhars, Mythrite Labrys, Mythrite Zweihander, Mythrite-barreled Musketoon, Mythrite Claw Hammer, Mythrite Awl, Mythrite Mortar, Mythrite Culinary Knife, Mythrite Sledgehammer, Hardsilver Needle, Holy Cedar Wand
Horse Chestnut Log Horse chestnut log icon1.png Level 81 Logging Horse Chestnut Lumber, Sungold Firesand
Horse Chestnut Lumber Horse chestnut lumber icon1.png Level 81 Carpenter Horse Chestnut Spear, Horse Chestnut Longbow, Horse Chestnut Rod, Horse Chestnut Cane, Horse Chestnut Grinding Wheel, Horse Chestnut Spinning Wheel, Horse Chestnut Fishing Rod, Horse Chestnut Kasa, Horse Chestnut Earrings of Gathering, Horse Chestnut Necklace of Gathering, Horse Chestnut Bracelet of Gathering, Horse Chestnut Ring of Gathering, Rarefied Horse Chestnut Kasa, High Durium Saw, High Durium Claw Hammer, High Durium Cross-pein Hammer, High Durium Raising Hammer, High Durium Lapidary Hammer, High Durium Creasing Knife, High Durium Awl, High Durium Mortar, High Durium Culinary Knife, High Durium Pickaxe, High Durium Sledgehammer, High Durium Hatchet, High Durium Garden Scythe, High Durium Bhuj, High Durium Bayonet, High Durium Knives, High Durium Musketoon, High Durium Knuckles, High Durium Namazu Frypan, Rarefied High Durium Knuckles, Gajaskin Boots of Casting, Gajaskin Boots of Healing, Darkhempen Tabigoromo, Luncheon Toadskin Grimoire
Integral Log Integral log icon1.png Level 89 Logging Integral Lumber
Integral Lumber Integral lumber icon1.png Level 88 Carpenter Integral Magitek Spear, Integral Magitek Bow, Integral Magitek Rod, Integral Magitek Cane, Aetherial Conductor, Integral Earrings of Crafting, Integral Necklace of Crafting, Integral Bracelet of Crafting, Integral Ring of Crafting, Rarefied Integral Armillae, Integral Grinding Wheel, Integral Spinning Wheel, Integral Fishing Rod, Chondrite Magitek Sword, Chondrite Magitek Baghnakhs, Chondrite Claw Hammer, Chondrite Awl, Chondrite Mortar, Chondrite Culinary Knife, Chondrite Sledgehammer, Chondrite Garden Scythe, Rarefied Chondrite Culinary Knife, Chondrite Saw, Chondrite Cross-pein Hammer, Chondrite Raising Hammer, Chondrite Lapidary Hammer, Chondrite Round Knife, Chondrite Pickaxe, Chondrite Hatchet, Rarefied Chondrite Lapidary Hammer, Chondrite Magitek Shield, Chondrite Sollerets of Scouting, Chondrite Bomb Frypan, Ophiotauroskin Boots of Maiming, Ophiotauroskin Boots of Striking, Ophiotauroskin Boots of Aiming, Ophiotauroskin Boots of Casting, Ophiotauroskin Boots of Healing, Aetherial Conductor, Ophiotauroskin Earrings of Gathering, Ophiotauroskin Necklace of Gathering, Ophiotauroskin Wristband of Gathering, Ophiotauroskin Ring of Gathering, Ophiotauroskin Work Boots of Crafting, Ophiotauroskin Boots of Gathering, Aetherial Conductor
Ironwood Log Ironwood log icon1.png Level 86 Logging Ironwood Lumber
Ironwood Lumber Ironwood lumber icon1.png Level 86 Carpenter Ironwood Spear, Ironwood Longbow, Ironwood Staff, Ironwood Cane, Ironwood Earrings of Crafting, Ironwood Choker of Fending, Ironwood Choker of Slaying, Ironwood Choker of Aiming, Ironwood Choker of Casting, Ironwood Choker of Healing, Ironwood Necklace of Crafting, Ironwood Bracelet of Crafting, Ironwood Ring of Crafting, Ironwood Grinding Wheel, Ironwood Spinning Wheel, Ironwood Fishing Rod, Rarefied Ironwood Grinding Wheel, Varied Wood Flooring, Hanging Bench, Marimba, Wooden Bin, Woodland Chair, Wooden Blinds, Apothecary's Workbench, Manganese Sword, Manganese Knuckles, Manganese Saw, Manganese Claw Hammer, Manganese Cross-pein Hammer, Manganese Raising Hammer, Manganese Lapidary Hammer, Manganese Round Knife, Manganese Awl, Manganese Mortar, Manganese Culinary Knife, Manganese Pickaxe, Manganese Sledgehammer, Manganese Hatchet, Manganese Garden Scythe, Rarefied Manganese Cross-pein Hammer, Chondrite Magitek Axe, Chondrite Magitek Sawback, Chondrite Magitek Cleavers, Chondrite Magitek Handgonne, Manganese Kite Shield, Manganese Boots of the Black Griffin, Manganese Boots of the White Griffin, Manganese Chocobo Frypan, Kumbhiraskin Leg Guards of the Last Unicorn, Kumbhiraskin Shoes of Crafting, Kumbhiraskin Boots of Gathering, Rarefied Kumbhiraskin Shoes, Ophiotauroskin Magitek Index, Leafy Ceiling Lamp, Candlelit Sundries, Heavenly Ornamental Array
Larch Log Larch log icon1.png Level 63 Logging Larch Lumber
Larch Lumber Larch lumber icon1.png Level 62 Carpenter Larch Wand, High Steel Fork, Larch Composite Bow, Stiperstone Grinding Wheel, Larch Spinning Wheel, Larch Earrings, Larch Necklace, Larch Bracelets, Larch Ring, Oriental Pipe Box, High Steel Claw Hammer, High Steel Awl, High Steel Mortar, High Steel Culinary Knife, High Steel Sledgehammer, High Steel Scythe, High Steel Longsword, High Steel Battleaxe, Folded High Steel Knuckles, High Steel Uchigatana, High Steel Kris, High Steel-barreled Snaphance, Doman Iron Greatsword, Doman Iron Uchigatana, Doman Iron Culverin, Koppranickel Rapier, Stuffed Dhalmel, Gyuki Leather Codex, Gyuki Leather Grimoire
Lauan Branch Lauan branch icon1.png
Lauan Log Lauan log icon1.png
Lauan Lumber Lauan lumber icon1.png
Lauan Plank Lauan plank icon1.png
Lignum Vitae Log Lignum vitae log icon1.png Level 80 Logging Lignum Vitae Lumber
Lignum Vitae Lumber Lignum vitae lumber icon1.png Level 78 Carpenter Dwarven Lignum Lance, Dwarven Lignum Bow, Dwarven Lignum Pole, Dwarven Lignum Cane, Lignum Vitae Earrings, Lignum Vitae Necklace, Lignum Vitae Bracelet, Lignum Vitae Ring, Lignum Vitae Grinding Wheel, Lignum Vitae Spinning Wheel, Lignum Vitae Fishing Rod, Lute Repair Materials, Dwarven Mythril Manatrigger, Dwarven Mythril Rotaries, Dwarven Mythril Pistol, Dwarven Mythril Claw Hammer, Dwarven Mythril Awl, Dwarven Mythril Mortar, Dwarven Mythril Culinary Knife, Dwarven Mythril Sledgehammer, Dwarven Mythril Scythe, Dwarven Mythril Saw, Dwarven Mythril Cross-pein Hammer, Dwarven Mythril Raising Hammer, Dwarven Mythril Lapidary Hammer, Dwarven Mythril Round Knife, Dwarven Mythril Pickaxe, Dwarven Mythril Hatchet, Dwarven Mythril Frypan, Dwarven Mythril Rapier, Dwarven Mythril Needle, Titania Shadow Box, Swallowskin Shoes, Swallowskin Boots, Lute Repair Materials, Lute Repair Materials, Dwarven Mythril Grimoire, Dwarven Mythril Codex
Mahogany Branch Mahogany branch icon1.png
Mahogany Log Mahogany log icon1.png Level 37 Logging Mahogany Lumber
Mahogany Lumber Mahogany lumber icon1.png Level 39 Carpenter Mahogany Spinning Wheel, Mahogany Fishing Rod, Garnet Grinding Wheel, Vintage Round Shield, Jade Crook, Eagle-crested Round Shield, Cobalt Trident, Pastoral Mahogany Cane, Mahogany Pattens, Oasis Half Partition, Oasis Stall, Oasis Desk, Model Star Globe, Royal Partition, Glade Bookshelf, Glade Stool, Oasis Bookshelf, Oasis Stool, Glade Chandelier, Glade Floor Lamp, Riviera Mansion Roof (Stone), Glade Mansion Wall (Wood), Carbuncle Chair, Carbuncle Garden Table, Large Wall Chronometer, Carbuncle Wardrobe, Manor Harpsichord, Manor Harp, Clothcraft Loom, Carbuncle Desk, Eorzean Map Table, Royal Plotting Table, Mythril Zweihander, Mythril-barreled Musketoon, Mythril Mortar, Mythril Culinary Knife, Mythril Scythe, Mythril Chocobotail Saw, Cobalt Cross-pein Hammer, Mythril Lapidary Hammer, Mythril Round Knife, Cobalt Dolabra, Cobalt Hatchet, Cobalt Awl, Demilune Bhuj, Mythril Pugiones, Cobalt Claymore, Cobalt-barreled Carbine, Cobalt Winglet, Cobalt Claws, Riviera Counter, Apkallu Weathervane, Mahogany Screen, Riviera Fence, Carbuncle Garden Bench, Wolf Winglet, Wolf Claws, Cobalt Skillet, Vintage Buckler, Vintage Kite Shield, Riviera Hanging Placard, Moogle Letter Box, Riviera Bookshelf, Manor Marching Horn, Perfect Mortar, Oasis Pillar, Oasis Rounded Chimney, Sylphic Chair, Sylphic Table, Sylphic Screen, Sylphic Cupboard, Sylphic Bookshelf, Sylphic Wall Lantern, Sylphic Dining Table, Sylphic Counter, Riviera Picket Wall, Oasis Hanging Placard, Glade Wall Chronometer, Astroscope, Riviera Bathtub, Oasis Mansion Roof (Composite), Oasis Mansion Wall (Composite), Riviera Banner, Tonberry Armchair, Tonberry Couch, Oasis Bench, Glade Thatch Wall, Oasis Armchair, Oasis Couch, Tonberry Round Table, Tonberry Bed, Tonberry Dining Table, Glade Mansion Roof (Wood), Double Feather Bed, Planter Partition, Sylphic Flower Vase, Large Planter Box
Mahogany Plank Mahogany plank icon1.png
Maple Branch Maple branch icon1.png Level 5 Logging Ferreol, Ixali Vendor, Esmenet Maple Longbow, Maple Fishing Rod, Plumed Maple Shortbow, Maple Wand
Maple Log Maple log icon1.png Level 3 Logging Engerrand, Ferreol, O'rhoyod, Esmenet, Fridurih Maple Lumber, Leather Grimoire, Maple Picatrix
Maple Lumber Maple lumber icon1.png Level 1 Carpenter Engerrand, Smydhaemr, Soemrwyb, Ixali Vendor, O'rhoyod, Osgyth, Esmenet, Fridurih Maple Clogs, Maple Shortbow, Bone Harpoon, Amateur's Grinding Wheel, Maple Pattens, Amateur's Spinning Wheel, Square Maple Shield, Bronze Spear, Maple Cane, Maple Longbow, Maple Crook, Maple Fishing Rod, Round Shield, Brass Spear, Bronze Hatchet, Bronze Bastard Sword, Bronze War Axe, Bronze Saw, Amateur's Awl, Bronze Daggers, Amateur's Claw Hammer, Bronze Cross-pein Hammer, Bronze Doming Hammer, Amateur's Mortar, Amateur's Culinary Knife, Bronze Labrys, Bronze Chaser Hammer, Bronze Knives, Bronze Head Knife, Bronze Pickaxe, Bronze Claw Hammer, Brass Daggers, Bronze Skillet, Bronze Hoplon, Leather Sandals, Riviera Bed, Maple Picatrix
Maple Plank Maple plank icon1.png
Mempisang Log Mempisang log icon1.png
Mempisang Lumber Mempisang lumber icon1.png Level 90★★ Carpenter Classical Spear, Classical Cavalry Bow, Classical Longpole, Classical Cane, Classical Wristband of Fending, Classical Wristband of Slaying, Classical Wristband of Aiming, Classical Wristband of Casting, Classical Wristband of Healing, Classical Greatsword, Classical War Scythe, Classical Tonfa, Classical Samurai Blade, Classical Daggers, Classical Chakrams, Classical Shield, Classical Signifer's Caligae, Classical Medicus's Caligae, Classical Index, Classical Codex
Merbau Log Merbau log icon1.png Level 80★★ Logging Merbau Lumber
Merbau Lumber Merbau lumber icon1.png Level 80★★★ Carpenter Neo-Ishgardian Longbow, Neo-Ishgardian Cane, Neo-Ishgardian Earring of Fending, Neo-Ishgardian Earring of Slaying, Neo-Ishgardian Earring of Aiming, Neo-Ishgardian Earring of Casting, Neo-Ishgardian Earring of Healing, Neo-Ishgardian Ring of Fending, Neo-Ishgardian Ring of Slaying, Neo-Ishgardian Ring of Aiming, Neo-Ishgardian Ring of Casting, Neo-Ishgardian Ring of Healing, Neo-Ishgardian Greatsword, Neo-Ishgardian Trident, Neo-Ishgardian Claws, Neo-Ishgardian Blade, Neo-Ishgardian Daggers, Neo-Ishgardian Chakrams, Neo-Ishgardian Shield, Neo-Ishgardian Plate Belt of Fending, Neo-Ishgardian Plate Belt of Maiming, Neo-Ishgardian Wristbands of Fending, Neo-Ishgardian Wristbands of Slaying, Neo-Ishgardian Wristbands of Aiming, Neo-Ishgardian Wristbands of Casting, Neo-Ishgardian Wristbands of Healing, Neo-Ishgardian Boots of Striking, Neo-Ishgardian Boots of Aiming, Neo-Ishgardian Boots of Healing, Neo-Ishgardian Grimoire, Neo-Ishgardian Codex
Miracle Apple Log Miracle apple log icon1.png Level 72 Logging Miracle Apple Lumber
Miracle Apple Lumber Miracle apple lumber icon1.png Level 72 Carpenter Applewood Spear, Applewood Longbow, Applewood Staff, Applewood Cane, Upholstery Repair Materials, Upholstery Repair Materials, Upholstery Repair Materials
Mornveil Tree Bark Mornveil tree bark icon1.png Level 90** Logging Craftsman's Alkahest
Oak Branch Oak branch icon1.png Level 31 Logging Ixali Vendor Ash Cavalry Bow, Walnut Fishing Rod, Oak Radical, Mythril Cavalry Bow, Mahogany Fishing Rod, Budding Oak Wand, Wand of Frost, Wand of Tremors, Wand of Tides
Oak Log Oak log icon1.png Level 32 Logging Oak Lumber, Black Firesand, Book of Silver, Vintage Picatrix
Oak Lumber Oak lumber icon1.png Level 32 Carpenter Ixali Vendor Oak Longbow, Mythril Cavalry Bow, Pastoral Oak Cane, Mythril Lance, Oak Pattens, Oak Composite Bow, Plumed Oak Macuahuitl, Cobalt Halberd, Riviera Wooden Door, Glade Arched Door, Oasis Wardrobe, Glade Sideboard, Oasis Wooden Wall, Glade Stall, Glade Lamppost, Glade Half Partition, Wine Barrel, Dried Well, Glade House Wall (Wood), Glade Table, Glade Desk, Riviera House Wall (Wood), Oasis House Roof (Wood), Oasis House Wall (Wood), Glade Pillar, Model Star Globe, Riviera Stool, Glade Bookshelf, Glade Chandelier, Riviera Mansion Roof (Composite), Cask Rack, Steel Dolabra, Steel Hatchet, Steel Baselards, Steel Crowsbeak Hammer, Steel Doming Hammer, Steel Bhuj, Crosscut Saw, Wrapped Steel Culinary Knife, Steel Round Knife, Mythril Broadsword, Mythril Knives, Mythril Claymore, Mythril-barreled Carbine, Steel Raising Hammer, Plumed Mythril Pickaxe, Mythril Hatchet, Mythril Claws, Spiked Mythril Labrys, Mythril Saw, Mythril Head Knife, Mythril Claw Hammer, Mythril Ornamental Hammer, Mythril Awl, Mythril Sledgehammer, Cobalt Katzbalger, Cobalt Doming Hammer, Oaken Bench, Riviera Chandelier, Steel Frypan, Glade Wall Chimney, Mythril Table, Glade Hanging Placard, Sinking Minnow, Riviera Pillar, Glade House Wall (Stone), Glade Wall Chronometer, Vodoriga Sculpture, Raptorskin Targe, Glade Counter, Retainer Counter, Glade Banner, Glade Armchair, Glade Couch, Oasis Bed, Glade House Roof (Stone), Glade Awning, Oak Low Barrel Planter, Riviera House Roof (Wood)
Oak Plank Oak plank icon1.png
Oddly Delicate Birch Log Oddly delicate birch log icon1.png Level 80★★★ Logging
Oddly Delicate Pine Log Oddly delicate pine log icon1.png Diana, Scrip Exchange, Anna, Sanana, Enie Oddly Delicate Pine Lumber
Oddly Delicate Pine Lumber Oddly delicate pine lumber icon1.png Level 80★★★★ Carpenter
Oddly Specific Cedar Log Oddly specific cedar log icon1.png Scrip Exchange, Anna, Sanana, Enie Oddly Specific Cedar Lumber, Oddly Specific Cedar Plank
Oddly Specific Cedar Lumber Oddly specific cedar lumber icon1.png Level 80★★ Carpenter
Oddly Specific Cedar Plank Oddly specific cedar plank icon1.png Level 80★★★ Carpenter
Oddly Specific Dark Chestnut Log Oddly specific dark chestnut log icon1.png Level 80★★ Logging
Oddly Specific Petrified Log Oddly specific petrified log icon1.png Scrip Exchange, Anna, Sanana Oddly Specific Petrified Orb, Oddly Specific Shaft
Oddly Specific Petrified Orb Oddly specific petrified orb icon1.png Level 80 Carpenter
Oddly Specific Primordial Log Oddly specific primordial log icon1.png Level 80★★ Logging
Oddly Specific Shaft Oddly specific shaft icon1.png Level 80★★ Carpenter
Old-growth Camphorwood Log Old-growth camphorwood log icon1.png Level 60★ Logging Treated Camphorwood Lumber
Paldao Log Paldao log icon1.png Level 90★★ Logging Paldao Lumber
Paldao Lumber Paldao lumber icon1.png Level 90★★★ Carpenter Rinascita Spear, Rinascita Composite Bow, Rinascita Cane, Rinascita Bracelet of Fending, Rinascita Bracelet of Slaying, Rinascita Bracelet of Aiming, Rinascita Bracelet of Casting, Rinascita Bracelet of Healing, Rinascita Ring of Fending, Rinascita Ring of Slaying, Rinascita Ring of Aiming, Rinascita Ring of Casting, Rinascita Ring of Healing, Rinascita Labrys, Rinascita Greatsword, Rinascita War Quoits, Rinascita Kite Shield, Rinascita Shoes of Striking, Rinascita Shoes of Casting, Rinascita Shoes of Healing, Rinascita Codex
Palm Chippings Palm chippings icon1.png Level 90 Logging
Palm Log Palm log icon1.png Level 82 Logging Palm Lumber
Palm Lumber Palm lumber icon1.png Level 82 Carpenter Palm Halberd, Palm Longbow, Palm Crook, Palm Ear Cuffs of Fending, Palm Ear Cuffs of Slaying, Palm Ear Cuffs of Aiming, Palm Ear Cuffs of Casting, Palm Ear Cuffs of Healing, Palm Bracelets of Fending, Palm Bracelets of Slaying, Palm Bracelets of Aiming, Palm Bracelets of Casting, Palm Bracelets of Healing, Rarefied Palm Bracelet, Aetherial Lens, High Durium Longsword, High Durium Cesti, Bismuth Axe, Bismuth Gunblade, Bismuth Daggers, Bismuth Blunderbuss, High Durium Kite Shield, Rarefied High Durium Kite Shield, Pewter Rod, Luncheon Toadskin Thighboots of Casting, Luncheon Toadskin Thighboots of Healing, Aetherial Lens, Aetherial Lens, Saigaskin Grimoire
Peach Branch Peach branch icon1.png
Perfect Firewood Perfect firewood icon1.png Level 50★★★ Carpenter
Persimmon Log Persimmon log icon1.png Level 67 Logging Persimmon Lumber
Persimmon Lumber Persimmon lumber icon1.png Level 66 Carpenter Persimmon Cane, Doman Steel Halberd, Persimmon Bow, Gazelle Horn Fishing Rod, Polished Slate Grinding Wheel, Persimmon Spinning Wheel, Persimmon Earrings, Persimmon Necklace, Persimmon Bracelets, Persimmon Ring, Zelkova Earrings, Zelkova Necklace, Zelkova Bracelets, Doman Partition, Doman Steel Battleaxe, Doman Steel Patas, Doman Steel Saw, Doman Steel Raising Hammer, Durium Lapidary Hammer, Doman Steel Round Knife, Plumed Doman Steel Pickaxe, Doman Steel Hatchet, Doman Steel Tachi, Doman Steel-barreled Musketoon, Doman Steel Claw Hammer, Doman Steel Awl, Doman Steel Mortar, Doman Steel Culinary Knife, Doman Steel Sledgehammer, Doman Steel Scythe, Doman Steel Frypan Caliente, Molybdenum Kite Shield, Gazelle Horn Needle, Durium Rod, Marid Leather Codex, Marid Leather Grimoire
Petrified Log Petrified log icon1.png Straight Stepping Stumps, Curved Stepping Stumps, Oriental Striking Dummy, Petrified Orb, Ancient Lumber
Petrified Orb Petrified orb icon1.png Level 50★★★ Carpenter
Pine Branch Pine branch icon1.png
Pine Log Pine log icon1.png
Pine Lumber Pine lumber icon1.png
Pine Plank Pine plank icon1.png
Rattan Lumber Rattan lumber icon1.png
Red Pine Log Red pine log icon1.png Level 84 Logging Red Pine Lumber
Red Pine Lumber Red pine lumber icon1.png Level 84 Carpenter Red Pine Cane, Red Pine Spear, Red Pine Grinding Wheel, Red Pine Spinning Wheel, Red Pine Fishing Rod, Rarefied Red Pine Spinning Wheel, Aetherial Amplifier, Varied Wood Flooring, Wooden Blinds, Bismuth Katzbalger, Bismuth Tonfa, Bismuth Bow, Bismuth Saw, Bismuth Claw Hammer, Bismuth Cross-pein Hammer, Bismuth Raising Hammer, Bismuth Lapidary Hammer, Bismuth Round Knife, Bismuth Awl, Bismuth Mortar, Bismuth Culinary Knife, Bismuth Pickaxe, Bismuth Sledgehammer, Bismuth Hatchet, Bismuth Garden Scythe, Rarefied Bismuth Sledgehammer, Manganese Axe, Manganese Bayonet, Manganese Daggers, Manganese Arquebus, Bismuth Fat Cat Frypan, Bismuth Shield, Rarefied Bismuth Fat Cat Frypan, Phrygian Rod, Square Niche Partition, Saigaskin Boots of Fending, Saigaskin Boots of Maiming, Saigaskin Shoes of Striking, Saigaskin Shoes of Scouting, Saigaskin Shoes of Aiming, Saigaskin Shoes of Casting, Saigaskin Shoes of Healing, Aetherial Amplifier, Kumbhiraskin Earrings of Gathering, Kumbhiraskin Necklace of Gathering, Kumbhiraskin Armilla of Gathering, Kumbhiraskin Ring of Gathering, Aetherial Amplifier, Kumbhiraskin Grimoire
Redolent Log Redolent log icon1.png Level 50★★ Logging
Reinforced Spruce Plywood Reinforced spruce plywood icon1.png Level 50★★★ Carpenter
Rosewood Branch Rosewood branch icon1.png Level 47 Logging Sprouting Rosewood Radical, Rosewood Fishing Rod, Magic Broom, Buccaneer's Bardiche, Stone Vigil Beacon, Amdapori Beacon, Carpenter's Hood, Wand of Flames, Wand of Gales, Wand of Storms, Budding Rosewood Wand, Tane Mahuta
Rosewood Log Rosewood log icon1.png Level 46 Logging Rosewood Lumber, Book of Electrum, Wolf Grimoire of Casting, Wolf Grimoire of Healing
Rosewood Lumber Rosewood lumber icon1.png Level 45 Carpenter Rosewood Spinning Wheel, Rosewood Fishing Rod, Yew Longbow, Basilisk Grinding Wheel, Vintage Bow, Hart Guisarme, Knight Captain's Chair, Lattice Planter, Oasis Bookshelf, Riviera Wall Shelf, Riviera Garden Table Set, Corner Counter, Oasis Table, Glade Floor Lamp, Deluxe Manor Fireplace, Glade Bathtub, Glade Roundpole Fence, Chocobo Pillar, Tonberry Bookshelf, Tonberry Screen, Looming Tonberry Screen, Kotatsu Table, Riviera Open-shelf Bookcase, Oasis Open-shelf Bookcase, Riviera Mansion Roof (Composite), Oasis Mansion Roof (Wood), Glade Mansion Wall (Composite), Oasis Mansion Wall (Wood), Oriental Bathtub, Woodworking Bench, Leatherworking Bench, Wolf Bow, Cobalt Claw Hammer, Cobalt Culinary Knife, Cobalt Sledgehammer, Wrapped Hawksbeak Hammer, Cobalt Mortar, Cobalt Scythe, Bas-relief Cobalt Saw, Electrum Head Knife, Cobalt Raising Hammer, Electrum Lapidary Hammer, Cobalt Zweihander, Cobalt-barreled Musketoon, Egret Dolabra, Spiked Cobalt Labrys, Cobalt Baselards, Horned Hatchet, Riviera Bench, Knight Captain's Desk, Oasis Counter, Mahogany Screen, Chocobo Weathervane, Shower Stand, Wolf Labrys, Wolf Pugiones, Wolf Zweihander, Wolf Musketoon, Hells' Kitchen, Glade Rounded Chimney, Riviera Desk, Manor Fireplace, Topwater Frog, Riviera Table Chronometer, Cactuar Weathervane, Wall Chronometer, Riviera Mansion Wall (Composite), Oxblood Targe, Morbol Chair, Morbol Chandelier, Morbol Bookshelf, Morbol Screen, Behemoth Wall Trophy, South Seas Armchair, South Seas Couch, Vamper's Knives, Planter Box, Large Planter Box, Glade Mansion Roof (Composite), Glade Hedgewall
Rosewood Plank Rosewood plank icon1.png
Sandalwood Log Sandalwood log icon1.png Level 80★ Logging
Sandalwood Lumber Sandalwood lumber icon1.png Level 80★★ Carpenter Skystrider, Gendawa, Catalyst, Clearpath, Facet Sandals of Striking, Facet Thighboots of Scouting, Facet Boots of Aiming, Facet Boots of Casting, Facet Boots of Healing, Galdrabok, Pragmatism
Sandteak Log Sandteak log icon1.png Level 76 Logging Sandteak Lumber
Sandteak Lumber Sandteak lumber icon1.png Level 76 Carpenter Sandteak Fauchard, Sandteak Longbow, Sandteak Rod, Sandteak Cane, Sandteak Grinding Wheel, Sandteak Spinning Wheel, Sandteak Fishing Rod, Titanbronze Bayonet, Titanbronze Musketoon, Titanbronze Saw, Titanbronze Claw Hammer, Titanbronze Lump Hammer, Titanbronze Ball-pein Hammer, Titanbronze Texture Hammer, Titanbronze Creasing Knife, Titanbronze Awl, Titanbronze Mortar, Titanbronze Culinary Knife, Titanbronze Pickaxe, Titanbronze Sledgehammer, Titanbronze Hatchet, Titanbronze Scythe, Titanbronze Moogle Frypan, Titanbronze Needle
Silver Beech Log Silver beech log icon1.png Level 80★★★ Logging Silver Beech Lumber
Silver Beech Lumber Silver beech lumber icon1.png Level 80★★★★ Carpenter Exarchic Spear, Exarchic Cane, Exarchic Choker of Fending, Exarchic Choker of Slaying, Exarchic Choker of Aiming, Exarchic Choker of Casting, Exarchic Choker of Healing, Exarchic Bracelet of Fending, Exarchic Bracelet of Slaying, Exarchic Bracelet of Aiming, Exarchic Bracelet of Casting, Exarchic Bracelet of Healing, Exarchic Earrings of Fending, Exarchic Earrings of Slaying, Exarchic Earrings of Aiming, Exarchic Earrings of Casting, Exarchic Earrings of Healing, Exarchic Boots of Striking, Exarchic Boots of Scouting, Exarchic Boots of Aiming, Exarchic Shoes of Casting, Exarchic Sash of Striking, Exarchic Sash of Scouting, Exarchic Sash of Aiming, Exarchic Shoes of Healing
Skybuilders' Ash Log Skybuilders ash log icon1.png Skybuilders' Wain, Skybuilders' Leather Straps
Skybuilders' Camphorwood Log Skybuilders camphorwood log icon1.png Skybuilders' Barrel, Skybuilders' Broom, Skybuilders' Charcoal
Skybuilders' Urunday Log Skybuilders urunday log icon1.png Skybuilders' Pedestal, Skybuilders' Longboots, Skybuilders' Soap
Skybuilders' White Ash Log Skybuilders white ash log icon1.png Skybuilders' Bed, Skybuilders' Oven, Skybuilders' Overalls
Skybuilders' Yew Log Skybuilders yew log icon1.png Skybuilders' Plywood, Skybuilders' Leather
Splendid Tree Bark Splendid tree bark icon1.png
Spruce Branch Spruce branch icon1.png
Spruce Log Spruce log icon1.png Level 50★ Logging Spruce Lumber
Spruce Lumber Spruce lumber icon1.png Level 50★ Carpenter Champion's Lance, Longarm's Composite Bow, Militia Grinding Wheel, Militia Spinning Wheel, Treated Spruce Lumber, Sarnga, Glade Bathtub, Chocobo Pillar, Tonberry Bookshelf, Tonberry Screen, Looming Tonberry Screen, Kotatsu Table, Glade Open-shelf Bookcase, Oasis Open-shelf Bookcase, Riviera Mansion Wall (Wood), Glade Mansion Wall (Wood), Oriental Bathtub, Open Hearth, Carbuncle Chair, Carbuncle Garden Table, Carbuncle Wardrobe, Manor Harpsichord, Manor Timpani, Manor Cello, Manor Harp, Goldsmithing Bench, Clothcraft Loom, Carbuncle Desk, Riviera Canopy Bed, Glade Canopy Bed, Oasis Canopy Bed, Guildleve Counter, Wolf Guisarme, Wolf Bow, Wolf Cane, Spruce Plywood, Militia Claw Hammer, Militia Awl, Militia Mortar, Militia Culinary Knife, Militia Sledgehammer, Militia Scythe, Avengers, Rampager, Obelisk, Misericordes, Subduer, Darksteel-barreled Blunderbuss, Cooking Stove, Vortex Couch, Glade Mansion Wall (Stone), Raging Vortex Couch, Bridesmaid's Sandals, Tonberry Floor Lamp, Glade Mansion Roof (Stone), Carbuncle Round Table, Alkalurops, Potted Dragon Tree, Potted Oliphaunt's Ear, Riviera Mansion Roof (Wood)
Spruce Plank Spruce plank icon1.png
Spruce Plywood Spruce plywood icon1.png Level 50★★ Carpenter Reinforced Spruce Plywood
Steppe Rattan Lumber Steppe rattan lumber icon1.png
Stone Vigil Lumber Stone vigil lumber icon1.png Dragon Piece, Wyvern Piece, Vigil Piece, Temple Knight Piece, Dragoon Piece, Eorzean Map Table
Straight Shoot Straight shoot icon1.png
Supple Cosmowood Supple cosmowood icon1.png
Supple Spruce Branch Supple spruce branch icon1.png
Teak Branch Teak branch icon1.png
Teak Log Teak log icon1.png
Teak Lumber Teak lumber icon1.png
Teak Plank Teak plank icon1.png
Torreya Branch Torreya branch icon1.png Level 70★ Logging
Torreya Log Torreya log icon1.png Level 70★ Logging
Torreya Lumber Torreya lumber icon1.png Level 70★★ Carpenter Fool's Portal, Imitation Square Window, Chromite Spear, Torreya Longbow, Torreya Cane, Ala Mhigan Fishing Rod, Mirific Mogshelf, Hingan Hot Spring, Counter Cart, Kitchen Hanger, Mounted Cupboard, Torreya Choker of Fending, Torreya Choker of Slaying, Torreya Choker of Aiming, Torreya Choker of Casting, Torreya Choker of Healing, Torreya Bracelet of Fending, Torreya Bracelet of Slaying, Torreya Bracelet of Aiming, Torreya Bracelet of Casting, Torreya Bracelet of Healing, Suzaku Wall Hanging, Chromite Axe, Chromite Knuckles, Chromite Uchigatana, Chromite Daggers, Chromite Arquebus, Chromite Shield, Palladium Staff, Palladium Orrery, Grimoire of the True Griffin, Codex of the True Griffin, Chirurgeon's Essentials
Treated Camphorwood Lumber Treated camphorwood lumber icon1.png Level 60★★★ Carpenter Camphorwood Necklace of Fending, Camphorwood Necklace of Slaying, Camphorwood Necklace of Aiming, Camphorwood Necklace of Healing, Camphorwood Necklace of Casting, Camphorwood Armillae of Fending, Camphorwood Armillae of Slaying, Camphorwood Armillae of Aiming, Camphorwood Armillae of Healing, Camphorwood Armillae of Casting
Treated Spruce Lumber Treated spruce lumber icon1.png Level 50★★ Carpenter Sarnga Limb, Spruce Round Shield, Spruce Pattens, Oriental Bathtub, Artisan's Spinning Wheel, Artisan's Sandals, Artisan's Claw Hammer, Artisan's Awl, Artisan's Mortar, Artisan's Culinary Knife, Forager's Sledgehammer, Forager's Scythe, Megalodon Jaws, Stuffed Takitaro, Drachen Armor Augmentation, Choral Attire Augmentation, Healer's Attire Augmentation
Urunday Log Urunday log icon1.png Level 70★★★ Logging Urunday Lumber
Urunday Lumber Urunday lumber icon1.png Level 70★★★★ Carpenter Rakshasa Greatbow, Rakshasa Cane, Rakshasa Necklace of Fending, Rakshasa Necklace of Slaying, Rakshasa Necklace of Aiming, Rakshasa Necklace of Casting, Rakshasa Necklace of Healing, Rakshasa Bracelet of Fending, Rakshasa Bracelet of Slaying, Rakshasa Bracelet of Aiming, Rakshasa Bracelet of Casting, Rakshasa Bracelet of Healing, Rakshasa Lance, Rakshasa Rod, Rakshasa Zori of Casting, Rakshasa Zori of Healing
Verdant Branch Verdant branch icon1.png
Walnut Branch Walnut branch icon1.png
Walnut Log Walnut log icon1.png Level 24 Logging Walnut Lumber, Engraved Goatskin Grimoire
Walnut Lumber Walnut lumber icon1.png Level 25 Carpenter Ixali Vendor Initiate's Grinding Wheel, Viper-crested Round Shield, Silver Battle Fork, Steel Halberd, Walnut Cane, Staghorn Fishing Rod, Steel Spear, Walnut Fishing Rod, Walnut Spinning Wheel, Walnut Pattens, Walnut Macuahuitl, Siltstone Grinding Wheel, Heavy Steel Lance, Yarzonshell Harpoon, Oasis Cupboard, Glade Lancet Door, Glade Thatch Chimney, Riviera Flooring, Glade Flooring, Oasis Flooring, Walnut Dining Table, Manor Highback Chair, Shipping Crate, Oasis Crowned Door, Riviera Wooden Awning, Walnut Table, Riviera Cupboard, Manor Wardrobe, Manor Cupboard, Manor Bookshelf, Manor Table, Manor Music Stool, Manor Music Stand, Display Stand, Arbor Interior Wall, Stepladder, Standing Signboard, Glade Wardrobe, Walnut Cartonnier, Oasis Chair, Riviera Interior Wall, Glade Interior Wall, Retainer Cartonnier, Glade Partition, Riviera Stall, Deluxe Glade Pendant Lamp, Glade Stall, Riviera House Roof (Composite), Glade House Wall (Wood), Glade Table, Glade Desk, Oasis Half Partition, Glade House Wall (Composite), Riviera House Roof (Stone), Glamour Prism (Woodworking), Grade 2 Glamour Prism (Woodworking), Grade 3 Glamour Prism (Woodworking), Grade 4 Glamour Prism (Woodworking), Grade 5 Glamour Prism (Woodworking), Crowsbeak Hammer, Iron Raising Hammer, Iron Dolabra, Steel Broadsword, Spiked Steel Labrys, Iron Chocobotail Saw, Steel Claws, Wrapped Iron Raising Hammer, Iron Head Knife, Plumed Iron Hatchet, Steel Knives, Bas-relief Steel Saw, Steel Chaser Hammer, Steel Pickaxe, Steel Sledgehammer, Steel Falchion, Steel Claw Hammer, Steel Awl, Steel Cross-pein Hammer, Steel Ornamental Hammer, Steel Mortar, Steel Culinary Knife, Steel Scythe, Steel Zweihander, Steel-barreled Musketoon, Heavy Steel Mortar, Steel Longsword, Mythril Bhuj, Mythril Baselards, Riviera Ornate Door, Galleas Wheel, Deluxe Riviera Pendant Lamp, Riviera Lamppost, Ahriman Bookshelf, Ahriman Screen, Ahriman Sideboard, Ahriman Cupboard, Bull Hoplon, White Skillet, Glade Placard, Oasis Arched Door, Manor Desk, Riviera Round Table, Riviera Wardrobe, Ahriman Round Table, Riviera Dining Table, Riviera Studded Door, Oasis Classical Door, Glade Classical Door, Oasis Wall Chimney, Riviera House Wall (Composite), Oasis House Roof (Composite), Oasis House Wall (Composite), Gemscope, Goatskin Targe, Raptorskin Artisan's Belt, Manor Sofa, Manor Couch, Ahriman Chair, Oasis Banner, Glade House Roof (Wood), Riviera Armchair, Riviera Couch, Half Barrel Planter, Wall Planter, Lotus Parasol, Glade House Roof (Composite), Assorted Fruit
Walnut Plank Walnut plank icon1.png
Wattle Bark Wattle bark icon1.png Level 60★ Logging
Wattle Petribark Wattle petribark icon1.png Level 80★★★ Logging Thylacoleo Leather
White Ash Log White ash log icon1.png Level 74 Logging White Ash Lumber
White Ash Lumber White ash lumber icon1.png Level 74 Carpenter Bluespirit Spear, Bluespirit Cane, White Ash Grinding Wheel, White Ash Spinning Wheel, White Ash Fishing Rod, White Ash Earring of Fending, White Ash Earring of Slaying, White Ash Earring of Aiming, White Ash Earring of Casting, White Ash Earring of Healing, White Ash Earrings, White Ash Necklace, White Ash Bracelet, White Ash Ring, Amaro Barding Repair Materials, Bluespirit Claw Hammer, Bluespirit Awl, Bluespirit Mortar, Bluespirit Culinary Knife, Bluespirit Sledgehammer, Bluespirit Scythe, Bluespirit Halfheart Saw, Bluespirit Cross-pein Hammer, Bluespirit Raising Hammer, Bluespirit Lapidary Hammer, Bluespirit Round Knife, Bluespirit Pickaxe, Bluespirit Hatchet, Metal Trident, Bluespirit Porxie Frypan, Metal Trident, Manasilver Needle, Metal Trident, Amaro Barding Repair Materials, Amaro Barding Repair Materials
White Oak Branch White oak branch icon1.png Level 70★★ Logging
White Oak Log White oak log icon1.png Level 71 Logging White Oak Lumber
White Oak Lumber White oak lumber icon1.png Level 71 Carpenter White Oak Partisan, White Oak Composite Bow, White Oak Rod, White Oak Cane, White Oak Grinding Wheel, White Oak Spinning Wheel, White Oak Fishing Rod, White Oak Earrings, White Oak Necklace, White Oak Bracelets, White Oak Ring, Deepgold Battleaxe, Deepgold Claymore, Deepgold Saw, Deepgold Claw Hammer, Deepgold Cross-pein Hammer, Deepgold Raising Hammer, Deepgold Lapidary Hammer, Deepgold Head Knife, Deepgold Awl, Deepgold Mortar, Deepgold Culinary Knife, Deepgold Pickaxe, Deepgold Sledgehammer, Deepgold Hatchet, Deepgold Scythe, Deepgold Rail Frypan, Stonegold Needle, Smilodonskin Grimoire, Smilodonskin Codex
Willow Branch Willow branch icon1.png
Willow Log Willow log icon1.png
Willow Lumber Willow lumber icon1.png
Willow Plank Willow plank icon1.png
Yew Branch Yew branch icon1.png Level 20 Logging Ixali Vendor Initiate's Fishing Rod, Yew Radical, Yew Fishing Rod, Staghorn Fishing Rod, Yew Longbow, Glade Lantern, Steel Bardiche, Yew Wand, Campfire
Yew Log Yew log icon1.png Level 19 Logging Yew Lumber, Engraved Hard Leather Grimoire, Yew Picatrix, Goatskin Grimoire
Yew Lumber Yew lumber icon1.png Level 21 Carpenter Material Supplier, Ixali Vendor, Material Supplier, Material Supplier Yew Crook, Yew Fishing Rod, Pastoral Yew Cane, Riviera Half Partition, Glade Rounded Window, Riviera Partition, Riviera Cottage Wall (Wood), Glade Cartonnier, Glade Cottage Wall (Composite), Glade Wardrobe, Glade Partition, Glade Half Partition, Riviera House Roof (Composite), Riviera Garden Table Set, Glade Bathtub, Initiate's Cross-pein Hammer, Initiate's Doming Hammer, Initiate's Chaser Hammer, Initiate's Awl, Iron Bill, Initiate's Claw Hammer, Initiate's Mortar, Iron Round Knife, Initiate's Culinary Knife, Initiate's Scythe, Steel Daggers, Plumed Steel Hatchet, Riviera Chair, Riviera Table, Iron Frypan, Bomb Frypan, Glade Dining Table, Glade Cottage Wall (Stone), Oasis Placard, Weighing Scale, Glade Cottage Roof (Stone), Riviera Awning, Yew Picatrix, Riviera Cottage Roof (Wood), Potted Azalea
Yew Plank Yew plank icon1.png
Zelkova Log Zelkova log icon1.png Level 70 Logging Zelkova Lumber
Zelkova Lumber Zelkova lumber icon1.png Level 68 Carpenter Zelkova Cane, Molybdenum Trident, Zelkova Longbow, Zelkova Earrings, Zelkova Necklace, Zelkova Bracelets, Zelkova Ring, Almandine Grinding Wheel, Zelkova Spinning Wheel, Zelkova Fishing Rod, Doman Partition, Eastern Teahouse Bench, Molybdenum War Axe, Molybdenum Knuckles, Molybdenum Uchigatana, Molybdenum Rimfire, Molybdenum Lump Hammer, Palladium Texture Hammer, Molybdenum Creasing Knife, Molybdenum Pickaxe, Molybdenum Hatchet, Molybdenum Claw Hammer, Molybdenum Awl, Molybdenum Mortar, Molybdenum Culinary Knife, Molybdenum Sledgehammer, Molybdenum Scythe, Molybdenum Frypan, Palladium Needle, Lakshmi Miniature, Stuffed Gagana, Gazelleskin Codex, Gazelleskin Grimoire