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When one peers to the north from atop Whitebrim's jagged cliffs, she can spy the Holy Sec of lshgard; yet if she were to look down, they would see naught but an endless sea of white clouds, and it is for this sight which Whitebrim was named

— In-game description

Whitebrim is a area in Coerthas Central Highlands.


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Stone Vigil

This great watchtower was constructed as part of the last line of defense before the Dravanian Horde would reach the city proper. Once the responsibility of House Haillenarte, which supplied it with the most advanced cannons, airships, and other weaponry, it suffered severe damage during the Calamity, and was overrun and occupied by the Dravanians soon after.

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Behemoth's Dominion

Although this valley appears to be a prime tract ofland for settlement, it is a kingdom already claimed by a terrible beast which occasionally descends from the mountains to wreak havoc: the behemoth. The first sightings of the behemoth were reported after shards of Dalamud fell to the earth, leading to speculation that the monster came from within the false moon. Thus the behemoth is thought to be "Bahamut's spawn" despite its anatomical dissimilarity to dragons.

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Formed in the aftermath of the Calamity; the great ice wall has long been thought an impenetrable barrier between central and western Coerthas. In truth, however, the wall is riddled with hidden tunnels, which heretics have employed as a base of operations.

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Whitebrim Front

Under the command of Lord Drillemoot of House Durendaire, Whitebrim Front is a relatively new outpost established for the purpose of quartering the Temple Knights tasked with retaking the Stone Vigil.