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Count Baurendouin de Haillenarte, head of House Haillenarte
Haillenarte emblem.png

House Haillenarte is one of the four High Houses of Ishgard, the four most powerful houses in the city-state. The house was built by Driancoin de Haillenarte, one of the knights twelve of King Thordan. The house has a long history of forging arms and armor for the military, and is the head of the Skysteel Manufactory, flying their banner of a red rose on a black field overhead.


While proud of their forge, the Count of the House wishes nothing more than his children to earn respect on the battlefield as knights and carry on his legacy. However, only one of his four sons has done so, however he met his end on the field where he distinguished himself. His daughter, Laniatte, currently commands the Rose Knights out at Camp Cloudtop. The house has fallen on hard times after the Seventh Umbral Calamity, having lost both the Stone Vigil and Steel Vigil. However, the Skysteel Manufactory has recently begun developing alternative weapons to traditional swords and spears.

Notable Members

  • Driancoin de Haillenarte, founder and one of the knights twelve of King Thordan.
  • Count Baurendouin de Haillenarte: the present head of the family, and father of Stephanivien, Aurvael, Laniaitte, and Francel. In his youth, he was considered a knight without peer with several tournament wins to his name. However, he did not often get to face the Dravanian Horde in battle, until Nidhogg awoke and commanded his children to attack Ishgard. Surprising many, he chose to issue commands instead of standing on the front lines. His shirking away from the battlefield and the death of his son were seen as blows to the legacy of House Haillenarte.
  • Stephanivien de Haillenarte: Stephanivien works at the Skysteel Manufactory as a smith, under his father. He held a vision of one day creating technology to combat the Dravanian threat, soldiers called Machinists using firearms and Magitek drones. With his inventions, anyone could join the fight to protect their home, not just nobility. However, his father wishes he would simply find honor on the battlefield with a spear. But through trial and tribulation, he and his Machinists proved their worth not just to his father, but to Ishgard as a whole.
  • Chlodebaimt de Haillenarte: Chlodebaimt was the third son of Count Baurendouin de Haillenarte. He perished prior to the Calamity while defending the Steel Vigil from Svara's horde.
  • Joacin Charlemend Francel de Haillenarte: Son of Baurendoin. Fourth son of House Haillenarte, Francel is a man of no particular talent, despite his twenty and two years under the tutelage of some of the best instructors old money can buy. Nonetheless, the Elezen's gentle benevolence has won him not merely the love of his servants, but also the friendship of Haurchefant—a man best described as both honorable and complex. It is Francel's secret wish to one day establish an orchestra so that the streets of Ishgard might ring out in song.


The men and women of House Haillenarte are descended from Driancoin de Haillenarte, a surviving member of King Thordan’s knights twelve and a founding father of Ishgard. The house has a long and storied history of forging arms and armor for the military, as evidenced by the red rose on black standard which flies proudly over the Skysteel Manufactory.

While Count Baurendouin de Haillenarte would like nothing more than for his sons to acquit themselves with honor on the battlefield as knights of Ishgard, his firstborn, Stephanivien, prefers to tinker with devices of his own creation, whereas his second-born, Aurvael, has dedicated himself to his commercial ventures. His third-born son, Ser Chlodebaimt, more than exceeded his expectations, but tragically perished in the line of duty, leaving the count to place his hope in Francel, his fourth-born son.

Meanwhile, his eldest daughter Laniaitte commands the Rose Knights of House Haillenarte, who are currently tasked with defending Ishgardian interests in Camp Cloudtop. [1]


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