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Name Points Task Reward Patch
Serving a greater cause i icon1.png  Serving a Greater Cause I 5 Complete 5 guildhests. - 2.0
Serving a greater cause ii icon1.png  Serving a Greater Cause II 5 Complete 10 guildhests. - 2.0
Serving a greater cause iii icon1.png  Serving a Greater Cause III 5 Complete 20 guildhests. - 2.0
Serving a greater cause iv icon1.png  Serving a Greater Cause IV 5 Complete 30 guildhests. - 2.0
Serving a greater cause v icon1.png  Serving a Greater Cause V 5 Complete 50 guildhests. - 2.0
Serving a greater cause vi icon1.png  Serving a Greater Cause VI 10 Complete 100 guildhests. Achievement title icon.png The Last Resort 2.0
Enraptured servitude icon1.png  Enraptured Servitude 20 Complete 200 guildhests. - 2.0
Father knows hest i icon1.png  Father Knows Hest I 5 Complete 3 unique guildhests. - 2.1
Father knows hest ii icon1.png  Father Knows Hest II 5 Complete 7 unique guildhests. - 2.1
Father knows hest iii icon1.png  Father Knows Hest III 10 Complete 14 unique guildhests. - 2.1
On the road again icon1.png  On the Road Again 10 Complete the quest "The Burdens We Bear." - 3.3
I like big fish and i cannot lie icon1.png  I Like Big Fish and I Cannot Lie 10 Complete the quest “The Beast of Brewer's Beacon.” Achievement title icon.png The Ambitious Angler 2.2
I'll sleep when i'm dead icon1.png  I'll Sleep When I'm Dead 10 Complete the quest "The Nightmare's End." - 3.35
Dead tired icon1.png  Dead Tired 10 Complete the quest “Dead but Not Gone.” Achievement title icon.png Corpse Dancer 3.45
The truth is down there icon1.png  The Truth Is Down There 10 Complete the quest “Alisaie's Pledge.” - 2.2
You can handle the truth icon1.png  You Can Handle the Truth 20 Complete the quest “Alisaie's Resolve.” - 2.2
Uncoiled icon1.png  Uncoiled 20 Complete the quest “Alisaie's Path.” Achievement title icon.png The Final Witness 2.4
Awake the metal icon1.png  Awake the Metal 10 Complete the quest “Enigma.” Achievement title icon.png Illuminati Quencher 3.0
The midas touch icon1.png  The Midas Touch 10 Complete the quest “A Gob in the Machine.” Achievement title icon.png Allthoughts 3.15
Back in time icon1.png  Back in Time 10 Complete the quest “Of Endings and Beginnings.” Achievement title icon.png The Wings of Time 3.4
Delta force icon1.png  Delta Force 10 Complete the quest "The Anomaly." Achievement title icon.png Deltascape Deleter 4.01
Paying the Bills icon1.png  Paying the Bills 10 Complete the quest "To Rule the Skies." Achievement title icon.png Sky Pirate 3.1
Imagine dragon icon1.png  Imagine Dragon 30 Complete the quest “Feast of Famine.” Achievement title icon.png Of Dragons Deep 2.4
The postmoogle always rings twice icon1.png  The Postmoogle Always Rings Twice 10 Complete the quest “Of Errant Epistles.” Achievement title icon.png The Postman (Male) / The Postwoman (Female) 2.3
Postal icon1.png  Postal 10 Complete the quest “The Little Postmoogle That Could.” Achievement title icon.png Postmaster 2.55
The rest of the story icon1.png  The Rest of the Story 10 Complete the quest “The Greatest Story Never Told.” - 2.3
Storyteller i icon1.png  Storyteller I 5 Complete 10 unique quests. - 2.1
Storyteller ii icon1.png  Storyteller II 10 Complete 30 unique quests. - 2.1
Storyteller iii icon1.png  Storyteller III 20 Complete 100 unique quests. - 2.1
Whats Nexus.png  What's Nexus 10 Complete the quest "His Dark Materia." - 2.45
Out of the dark icon1.png  Out of the Dark 20 Complete the quest “The Light of Hope. Achievement title icon.png Of the Silver Lining 2.5
Cidception icon1.png  I'll Be There for You 20 Complete the quest "Her Last Vow." Achievement title icon.png Gentleman (Male) / Gentlewoman (Female) 2.5
Home of the brave icon1.png  Home of the Brave 20 Complete the quest "The Vital Title." - 2.51
The war still wageth on icon1.png  The War Still Wageth On 10 Complete the quests “Thok Around the Clock” and “The Diabolical Bismarck.” Achievement title icon.png Finder of False Gods 3.0
Back to school i icon1.png  Back to School I 10 Complete the quest “More than Meets Her Eye.” Achievement title icon.png Special Advisor 3.15
Back to school ii icon1.png  Back to School II 10 Complete the quest “Finding Ulaa.” - 3.4
Back to school iii icon1.png  Back to School III 10 Complete the quest “The Life and Lies of Father Saturnois.” Achievement title icon.png Of the Holy Body 3.5
That is what you are icon1.png  That Is What You Are 10 Complete the quest "If I Could Turn Back Time." Achievement title icon.png Gigi's Best Friend 3.5
Anima Crossing icon.png  Anima Crossing 20 Complete the quest "Coming into Its Own." Achievement title icon.png The Noumenon 3.15
A watched pot icon1.png  A Watched Pot 10 Complete the quest “Kettle to the Mettle.” Achievement title icon.png Carrier of the Kettle 3.15
Good night sweet hildy icon1.png  Good Night, Sweet Hildy 10 Complete the quest "Don't Do the Dewprism." Achievement title icon.png The Soboro 4.56
Mander-mander-manderville demands icon1.png  Mander-Mander-Manderville Demands 5 Complete the quest “Make It a Manderville.” - 6.25
With great power comes great mandervillity icon1.png  With Great Power Comes Great Mandervillity 5 Complete the quest Resonating with Perfection. Achievement title icon.png The Mandervillous 6.55
Identified flying gentlemen icon1.png  Identified Flying Gentlemen 10 Complete the quest Gentlemen at Heart. - 6.55
Second chances icon1.png  Second Chances 5 Complete the quest "To Thaw a Frozen Heart." - 5.25
Featherfall rising icon1.png  Featherfall Rising 5 Complete the quest "May Featherfall Flourish." - 5.4
Solid ground icon1.png  Solid Ground 5 Complete the quest "Smiles Cross the Sky." - 5.41
Modern design icon1.png  Modern Design 5 Complete the quest "Work It Harder, Make It Better." - 5.25
Launch party icon1.png  Launch Party 10 Complete the quest "Greater Heights." - 5.45
Cidception icon1.png  Cidception 10 Complete the quest "The Bozja Incident." - 5.25
In the trenches icon1.png  In the Trenches 10 Complete the quest "The Lady of Blades." - 5.4
She's a killer queen icon1.png  She's a Killer Queen 10 Complete the quest "Fit for a Queen." - 5.45
Carry on carry on icon1.png  Carry On, Carry On 10 Complete the quest "March of the Bloody Queen." Achievement title icon.png Queen's Elect 5.55
Mass destruction of weapons icon1.png  Mass Destruction of Weapons 10 Complete the quest "Forever at Your Side." - 5.5
Sultana's favor icon1.png  Sultana's Favor 20 Complete the quest “For Coin, Country, and Comrades." Achievement title icon.png Sultana's Shadow 6.25
Crystal accord icon1.png  Crystal Accord 5 Complete the quest “An Adaptive Tool.” - 6.35
A stroke of brilliance icon1.png  A Stroke of Brilliance 5 Complete the quest “La Vie Mowen.” - 6.45
Many-splendored icon1.png  Many-splendored 5 Complete the quest “Dearly Bekettled.” Achievement title icon.png The First's Foremost 6.51
Big dreams, found fortune icon1.png  Big Dreams, Found Fortune 10 Complete the quest More Precious than Gil. - 6.55
A tale of two orphans icon1.png  A Tale Of Two Orphans 20 Complete the quest “Of Price and Ruin.” Achievement title icon.png Reincarnator 6.45
Live to serve icon1.png  Live to Serve 10 Complete the quest "In Bad Taste." Achievement title icon.png Lord of the Fetch (Male) / Lady of the Fetch (Female) 4.5
Inner truth icon1.png  Inner Truth 10 Complete the quest "Whence the Heart Leads." Achievement title icon.png Witness to the Dark Apocalypse 5.55
Awesome gaol, great job icon1.png  Awesome Gaol, Great Job 10 Complete the quest “Guided by the Past.” - 6.4
For eorzea, for etheirys icon1.png  For Eorzea, For Etheirys 10 Complete the quest “Embraced by Gods.” Achievement title icon.png Embraced by Gods 6.5
The man, the myth, the legend icon1.png  The Man, The Myth, The Legend 5 Complete the quest “Preserving the Future.” - 6.48
The new king on the block icon1.png  The New King on the Block 10 Complete the quest "The New King on the Block." Achievement title icon.png Monster Hunter 4.36
Aloalo's greatest gift icon1.png  Aloalo's Greatest Gift 20 Complete the quest “A Fish a Day.” Achievement title icon.png Sparrow's Harmony 6.51


The following achievement is from a removed quest and is no longer achievable.

Name Points Task Reward Patch
Walking on sunshine icon1.png  Walking on Sunshine 10 Complete the quest “I Believe I Can Fly.” Achievement title icon.png Lighter than Air 3.0