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Kettle to the Mettle

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Kettle to the Mettle

Kettle to the Mettle.png
Quest giver
North Shroud (X:29.5, Y:19.6)
Quest line
Zodiac Weapons Quests
Required items
50 Alexandrite icon1.png  Alexandrite
10 Thavnairian mist icon1.png  Thavnairian Mist
1 Inferno taper icon1.png  Inferno Fragment
1 Cloudkin feather icon1.png  Vortex Fragment
1 Potting soil icon1.png  Crag Fragment
Experience 0
Gil 5,800
Previous quest
The Vital Title

Jalzahn seems to be glaring at Gerolt.

— In-game description




This quest unlocks the ability to purchase the following items from Drake in Hyrstmill:

Deal in Kettles

Item Type Rarity Level Cost
Kettle knuckles icon1.png  Kettle Knuckles Fist Weapon Basic 50 Gil 10,000
Kettle knuckles zenith icon1.png  Kettle Knuckles Zenith Fist Weapon Basic 50 Gil 30,000
Kettle knuckles nexus icon1.png  Kettle Knuckles Nexus Fist Weapon Basic 50 Gil 50,000
Ultimate kettle icon1.png  Ultimate Kettle Other Basic Gil 10,000
Ultimate kettle zenith icon1.png  Ultimate Kettle Zenith Other Basic Gil 30,000
Ultimate kettle nexus icon1.png  Ultimate Kettle Nexus Other Basic Gil 50,000



  • Jalzahn seems to be glaring at Gerolt.
  • Jalzahn complains that Gerolt's preoccupation with kettle-making has made it impossible to address the question of who should rightfully bear the title of Starforger. Having been wholly unable to tear Gerolt away from the object of his obsession, he asks that you attempt to reason with the heedless blacksmith in his stead.
  • Gerolt is swift to dismiss you, but you decide to relay Jalzahn's message regardless. He duly rejects the alchemist's appeal out of hand, and demands that you help him apply the finishing touches to his latest brainchild: a kettle valuable enough to pay off his debts and restore his renown in one fell swoop. For this masterwork, he apparently requires fifty pieces of alexandrite...
  • Having taken receipt of the alexandrite, Gerolt wastes no time finishing his masterpiece, and with a bang and a clang, he presents to you a kettle of breathtaking quality. Drawn by the clamor of hammer and anvil, Jalzahn then comes to inspect Gerolt's work. Though reasonably impressed, the alchemist declares that the kettle is not yet of a standard befitting the creator of a Zodiac Weapon, and duly offers to help Gerolt improve it. For this purpose, he requests that you furnish him with ten bottles of Thavnairian mist.
  • Through the power of alchemy, the kettle is reborn, a vision of culinary perfection. Eager to test their masterpiece, Gerolt and Jalzahn triumphantly set about making tea, only for Drake to appear, his face a picture of dismay. Having been forced to expedite a large order of kettles, the young apprentice admits to having forsaken quality for quantity, producing wares which he fears will have customers up in arms. Though Gerolt and Jalzahn say nothing, both cannot help noticing that's Drake's offerings perform markedly better than their own. When Drake subsequently departs, head hung in shame, both blacksmith and alchemist loudly proclaim their intention to begin their work in earnest. Jalzahn duly decides to infuse the kettle with an aether-rich elixir, but requires an Inferno fragment, Vortex fragment, and Crag fragment to complete the task. Gerolt bids you good luck as they prepare for the next phase of their plan.
  • You brave scorching flames, gale-force winds, and terrible tremors to procure the materials needed for Gerolt's kettle. Hurry back to Hyrstmill that he may at last complete his magnum opus.
  • Thanks to your efforts, Gerolt and Jalzahn are able to combine their skills to create what is undoubtedly the zenith of kitchen utensils─Ultimate Kettle Nexus. Gerolt is especially overjoyed at the sight, knowing his return to fame is all but assured. With eerily impeccable timing, however, Drake appears once again, bearing more unfortunate news. According to him, this particular kettle was requested just over two years ago, the order having long since been canceled. Hearing this, Gerolt is predictably inconsolable, lamenting the millions of gil that would have ensured his freedom from debt. Jalzahn, meanwhile, is furious. Before you know it, the pair begin exchanging words and then blows, succeeding at last in rendering each other unconscious. In light of all that has occurred, Drake suggests you keep the kettle as a token of thanks for your well-intentioned help.
  • Upon receiving the Kettle, Drake also informs you that he's made available to you similar kettles though the quality is probably not as high as the kettle that was made by Master Gerolt, so you now have access to the Ultimate Kettle and Ultimate Kettle Nexus, as well as the Ultimate Kettle Zenith as outdoor decorations.