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This War of Ours

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This War of Ours

Quest giver
Matoya's Cave (Zone) (X:6, Y:6)
Quest line
Experience 5,000
Gil 1,194
Previous quest
The Word of the Mother
Next quest
Staunch Conviction

Alphinaud has reached a decision.

— In-game description



  • Although Alphinaud intends to inform Tataru and Urianger of Minfilia's fate, he asks that you share with no one else what you have learned -- especially F'lhaminn. He then states that you have more than earned a rest, only to suddenly recall that he but recently received a missive from Ser Aymeric. It would seem that the lord commander is planning a ceremony of some sort and would like you to attend. However, he neglected to provide details, and so a visit to the Congregation appears to be in order.
  • Never one to let an opportunity pass him by, Ser Aymeric wishes to take advantage of the recent shift in public sentiment towards the Dravanians to reestablish relations with their neighbors. To that end, he has begun making formal arrangements for a peace conference in Falcon's Nest, to be attended by Vidofnir... and by you, if possible. He admits that your presence would be more than a symbolic gesture, as he fears that Nidhogg and his followers may attempt to disrupt the proceedings. Moved by his passion, you agree, and prepare to leave for Falcon's Nest and speak with Lucia. In that moment, however, Ser Aymeric calls out, asking that you share a drink once the conference has concluded -- doubtless a gesture of gratitude and camaraderie. Yet, in that moment, a thought unbidden of a woman in white floating before a great crystal gives you pause... and though you accept his invitation, it is with a heavy heart.
  • Most are blessed with precious few chances to choose their course in life, and Lucia is no different. Dispatched to a foreign nation as a spy, it was her duty to infiltrate Ishgardian society for her masters' ends. In the end, however, she chose a different path -- to pledge herself to another nation's cause, and to join in their war. As she watches the masons of Falcon's Nest put the finishing touches on a relief, she reflects on what that war's resolution could mean for her... and for the country whose faith she has come to share.