Mother Miounne

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Mother Miounne

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Carline Canopy Proprietress
Female ♀
Elezen (Duskwight)
Tavernkeeper, Triple Triad Player
New Gridania (11.7, 13.5)
Adventurers' Guild
Quest NPC

The motherly proprietress of the Carline Canopy, Gridania's ever popular teashop. Even as her fellow citizens look upon outsiders with distrust, Miounne welcomes newly arrived adventurers with open arms, and helps them to find their way in the forest nation.

— In-game description

Mother Miounne is an Elezen found in New Gridania. She is the proprietress of the Carline Canopy (Gridania's Adventurers' Guild), and is one of the first NPCs to welcome new adventurers starting in Gridania.


Quests Started

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
Close to Home Main Scenario quest 1 Mother Miounne
To the Bannock Main Scenario quest 4 Mother Miounne
On to Bentbranch Main Scenario quest 10 Mother Miounne
To Guard a Guardian Main Scenario quest 14 Mother Miounne
Renewing the Covenant Main Scenario quest 14 Mother Miounne
Fire in the Gloom Main Scenario quest 16 Mother Miounne
Call of the Desert Main Scenario quest 16 Mother Miounne

Quests Involved In

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
Coming to Gridania Sidequest 1 Bertennant
Spirithold Broken Main Scenario quest 9 Galfrid
Dread Is in the Air Main Scenario quest 14 Luquelot
Festive Endeavors Main Scenario quest 14 Lewin
The Gridanian Envoy Main Scenario quest 15 Kan-E-Senna
Call of the Forest Main Scenario quest 15 Baderon
Secret of the White Lily Main Scenario quest 28 Aethelmaer
Carline Memories Sidequest 50 Deputy Postmoogle
Derision of Labor Sidequest 4 Celestine (NPC)
The Kindness of Strangers Sidequest 9 Emeria
Small Business, Big Dreams Sidequest 90 Mehdjina

Triple Triad NPC


Ahriman card1.png, Baderon tenfingers card1.png, Frixio card1.png, Goobbue card1.png, Momodi modi card1.png, Mother miounne card1.png, Papalymo and yda card1.png, Pudding card1.png


Win Draw Lose
32 12 4
  • Card Rewards: Goobbue card1.png, Mother miounne card1.png


“Great or small, every contribution counts.”

Miounne runs the Carline Canopy in Gridania. From the establishment's open terrace, one can see the mighty waterwheel built by the Wildwood woman's best friend, Figaga Figa, and always smell the comforting scent of tea-Miounne's passion. Indeed, she can prepare a most reinvigorating brew, thanks to her talents as an herbalist and mixer of medicines. At the age of thirty six, Miounne is a well-known figure, having done much to aid the city-state. This is in no small part due to her role in the Adventurers' Guild. As the Gridanian liaison, she has earned the trust of not only adventurers, but also of the townsfolk who can come to her when they require a reliable hand. [1]

Players can learn the origin of the Carline Canopy's name through the Delivery Moogle Quest: Carline Memories.


Mother Miounne: Welcome to the Carline Canopy, a place of respite for adventurers like yourself.

Mother Miounne: As you may imagine, the Twelveswood has scarcely begun to recover from the devastation wrought by the Calamity, and Gridania wants for all the help it can get. I hope we can count on yours.

Mother Miounne: Though I will not deny there are those among us who view outsiders with suspicion, if you play your part, they will come to see that adventurers are the very salve our nation so sorely needs.

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