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Male ♂
Really Old[1]
Hyur (Padjal)
Old Gridania (6.0, 10.6)
Conjurers' Guild
Quest NPC

"By placing yourself in the midst of nature and seeing it with a conjurer's eyes, you have taken your first step along the path to enlightenment. Healing, protection, and destruction... Though our spells vary in function, they all derive their power from the same source─the forces embodied in all creation. By gaining a true understanding of these, a conjurer may call upon them to manipulate his environment, thereby realizing the state of being that he desires."

— In-game description

E-Sumi-Yan is a Hyur found in Old Gridania.

Quests Started

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
You Have Selected Regicide Main Scenario quest 50 E-Sumi-Yan
My First Cane Class quest 1 E-Sumi-Yan
Trial by Earth Class quest 5 E-Sumi-Yan
Trial by Wind Class quest 10 E-Sumi-Yan
Trial by Water Class quest 15 E-Sumi-Yan
Sylphie's Trials Class quest 20 E-Sumi-Yan
Like Mother, Like Daughter Class quest 25 E-Sumi-Yan
In Nature's Embrace Class quest 30 E-Sumi-Yan
Seer Folly Class quest 30 E-Sumi-Yan
One Night in Amdapor Feature quest 50 E-Sumi-Yan
One More Night in Amdapor Feature quest 60 E-Sumi-Yan

Quests Involved In

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
Hail to the King, Kupo Main Scenario quest 50 Vorsaile Heuloix
Tataru's Surprise Main Scenario quest 57 Tataru
Way of the Conjurer Class quest 1 Madelle
Fear and Odin in the Shroud Feature quest 50 Scarlet
Kindred Spirits Job quest 54 Sidurgu
Unease in East End Job quest 60 Raya-O-Senna
An Aura for Trouble Job quest 63 Sylphie


Zone Coordinates Level range
Old Gridania (X:6.0, Y:10.6)

Additional Information


“Some burdens are too heavy to bear even for those so favored to abide.”

Eldest of the Padjal in Gridania, Brother E-Sumi-Yan claims that he stopped counting the number of years in his life after his hundredth nameday. As such, scholars can only speculate as to his actual age, though many believe him to have seen no fewer than two hundred and thirty summers. Regardless, his knowledge is rich and deep, and he has used it well in educating a great many younger Padjal. He is well suited to his present position as master of the Conjurers’ Guild. [2]


  1. "Aha... I am Brother E–Sumi–Yan, master of this guild. And though you will labor to believe it, young man, I am several times your age." said to Sidurgu Orl during Feature QuestKindred Spirits.
  2. Encyclopaedia Eorzea: Volume I, page 122