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An Aura for Trouble

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An Aura for Trouble

White Mage Job Image 3.JPG
Quest giver
The Fringes (X:9.0, Y:11.9)
White Mage
Experience 103,000
Gil 1,396
Previous quest
Feature QuestUnease in East End
Next quest
Feature QuestA Beacon for Bad Things

Sylphie seems eager to speak with you.

— In-game description



  • Sylphie seems eager to speak with you.
  • Sylphie tells you of the hints of the disturbance she felt while accompanying the serpent scouts on patrol. Meet with her near Bittermill and investigate further.
  • Whilst searching for the origin of the elementals' disquiet, you and Sylphie encounter the same strange girl you spotted once before. The child flees upon being discovered, and you hurry off in pursuit at Sylphie's urgent behest...
  • You find the trembling child being attacked by a pack of vicious voidsent, and act quickly to dispatch the fiendish creatures. Coaxed by Sylphie's gentle words, the girl then tells you her name─Gatty─and that she and her mother live in the borderland forest. Before Sylphie can tend to her wounds, however, you are both distracted by another surge of power, and look back to find that Gatty has disappeared. Convinced that the girl and her potent aura are connected to the disturbance, Sylphie suggests that a report to Brother E–Sumi–Yan is in order.
  • Upon hearing Sylphie's summary of events, Brother E–Sumi–Yan agrees with her assessment. He surmises that Gatty's uncontrolled aetherial gifts are likely acting as a beacon for marauding voidsent─the presence of the malevolent creatures subsequently agitating the elementals. Return to Castrum Oriens once more, and help Sylphie with her plan to question the elusive girl at her forest home.
  • Sylphie hopes that her search will be successful, but wonders if Gatty and her mother will be willing to talk. Thinking back on how the girl reacted to her offer of healing, the acolyte fears that an outburst of emotion might lead to yet another battle with the voidsent...
    • ※The next white mage quest will be available from Sylphie upon reaching level 65.