Stillglade Fane

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Stillglade Fane

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Stillglade Fane

Stretching forth beneath the roots of a mighty tree, Stillglade Fane is a space for the quiet contemplation of conjurers. In the silence, many take to the alcoves of the cavern, and burn exotic incenses to heighten their senses. In this, they seek to catch the whispering voices of the elementals that elude the common man.

— In-game description

Stillglade Fane is a landmark in Old Gridania, The Black Shroud.

Additional Information

Serves as the Conjurers' Guild and overseen by Brother E–Sumi–Yan.

Conjurers' Guild Lore

The Fifth Astral Era saw a blossoming of magic, and grand civilizations arose with command over a thousand and one varieties of the arcane arts. However, after the War of the Magi triggered the Sixth Umbral Calamity, the practice of magic was strictly forbidden. Though much knowledge was lost, some modest magicks, low in risk and easy to wield, have survived into the present day.

The Gelmorrans were the heirs to such small spells, and explored the arcane arts as best they could. The mages who first communed with the elementals learned much from the beings, particularly how to harness the forces of nature. From this grew a form of magic in Gridania known as conjury. Practitioners established the Conjurers’ Guild, and there instruct Hearers in their spells. From its founding, the guild has worked to prevent the dangerous abuse of magic, and today opens its doors even to adventurers seeking to learn of conjury. [1]


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