Sylphie's Trials

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Sylphie's Trials

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Quest giver
Old Gridania (X:6.0, Y:10.6)
Experience 6,960
Gil 0
Previous quest
Feature QuestTrial by Water
Next quest
Feature QuestLike Mother, Like Daughter

Brother E-Sumi-Yan requests that you assist with Sylphie's training.

— In-game description


In addition to the above, choose one of the following options:


  • Investigate the corrupted soil and defeat the tainted earth sprite.
  • Speak with Sylphie.
  • Investigate the corrupted air an defeat the tainted wind sprite.
  • Speak with Sylphie.
  • Investigate the corrupted water an defeat the tainted water sprite.
  • Speak with Sylphie.
  • Report to Brother E-Sumi-Yan at Stillglade Fane.


  • Brother E-Sumi-Yan requests that you assist with Sylphie's training.
  • Brother E-Sumi-Yan asks that you repeat the trials of earth, wind, and water, this time accompanied by Sylphie. It is the Padjal's hope that the experience will help the young conjurer to understand the forces of nature. Head first to Bentbranch Meadows in the Central Shroud and cleanse the patch of corrupted soil.
  • You have purified the corrupted soil. Speak with Sylphie and see what the young conjurer has learned.
  • Let Sylphie witness the power of wind by dispersing the pocket of corrupted air at the Bannock.
  • You have purified the corrupted air. Speak with Sylphie and see what the young conjurer has learned.
  • Join Sylphie at Lilystone, and cleanse the area of corrupted water.
  • You have purified the corrupted water. Speak with Sylphie and see what the young conjurer has learned.
  • It appears the experience of facing the elements has had a profound effect on Sylphie. Return to Stillglade Fane and report to Brother E-Sumi-Yan.
  • Sylphie seems much changed after witnessing your confrontations with the elements, and expresses bewilderment at her mother's failure to teach her of the majesty of nature. After speaking with the young conjurer about her experience, Brother E-Sumi expresses his gratitude for your assistance. Continue to hone your skills as a conjurer, that you might be ready to answer the call when the guildmaster next requests your aid.
    • The next conjurer quest will be available from E-Sumi-Yan upon reaching level 25.


Accepting the quest

E-Sumi-Yan: Greetings, [Player]. You radiate the confidence of a conjurer who neglects not his/her study of the elements.
E-Sumi-Yan: I confess, I have no lesson for you to learn this day. Instead, I would ask that you aid me in the education of another.
E-Sumi-Yan: Yes, I speak of Sylphie.
E-Sumi-Yan: After no small amount of prompting, bordering on coercion, the child has finally promised to attempt to embrace the forces of nature. But I am afraid the matter is not so easily resolved.
E-Sumi-Yan: Sylphie has never attempted to learn the basic offensive spells that you and most other conjurers mastered before first venturing into the wild. As such, she is ill equipped to undertake the trials which furnished you and your peers with an understanding of the elements. Put simply, she is no match for the tainted spirits of nature.
E-Sumi-Yan: But if a more capable conjurer were to accompany her and purify the corruption in her stead, it may yet serve to impress upon her the power of the forces at work. I bid you take her on a pilgrimage around the Twelveswood, and give her the opportunity to witness these confrontations firsthand.
E-Sumi-Yan: Earth, wind, water——she must know them all. Show her the majesty and primal ferocity of nature.
E-Sumi-Yan: As it was with you, let earth be her first lesson. Sylphie awaits you at Bentbranch Meadows. Pray forgive my presumption, but I thought it best to send her on ahead while her conviction remained strong.
E-Sumi-Yan: Once you have located the patch of corrupted soil at Bentbranch, draw forth the tainted sprite and let her witness the struggle that ensues. May the elementals aid you in this endeavor, [Player].

Speaking to Sylphie

Sylphie: Aaah!
Sylphie: I wasn't scared! I was...just a little startled, that's all!
Sylphie: It was as if a mass of solid wrath had erupted from the ground. I've never felt anything li——
Sylphie: I mean, um, never mind. We have to head to the Bannock next. Let's get this over with.

Speaking to Sylphie again

Sylphie: Gods!
Sylphie: The wind blew straight through me! It felt both gentle and sharp at the same time. I-I can't explain it...
Sylphie: This is something you can conjure...?
Sylphie: Let's be on our way. The last one is at Lilystone.

Speaking to Sylphie again

Sylphie: The lake is so beautiful. I never noticed how clearly the sky is reflected in its surface.
Sylphie: I never noticed...
Sylphie: Let's head back. I'm ready to speak with the guildmaster now.

Reporting back to E-Sumi-Yan - cutscene

E-Sumi-Yan: Welcome back, my avid conjurers. How fared you in your encounter with the elements?
E-Sumi-Yan: Sylphie, what did you sense as [Player] cleansed the sources of corruption?
Sylphie: It's hard to explain. It hearing voices crying out in joy.
Sylphie: And I felt their happiness wash over me. The world seemed sharper, more...alive. It was almost as if nature were speaking to me.
Sylphie: But why, Brother E-Sumi? Why did mother teach me to avoid this side of conjury?
Sylphie: What was she so afraid of?
E-Sumi-Yan: There are certain truths that hide behind the mask of our words, and there is much that your mother didn't tell you. But you needn't seek all the answers at once, Sylphie.
E-Sumi-Yan: Even now, your mind founders amid a sudden inundation of awareness. The first time we connect with nature can be a wonderful but disorienting experience. I suggest you allow yourself some time to adjust to this new perspective.
Sylphie: Yes, Guildmaster...
E-Sumi-Yan: You have my gratitude, [Player]. Thanks to you, Sylphie has taken a most important step.
E-Sumi-Yan: You heard her mention "voices crying out in joy," did you not? It appears the mother's gift has been passed to the daughter.
E-Sumi-Yan: Such sensitivity is not something one can achieve through meditation and training, but a blessing that only a few fortunate chosen receive. And, as you have no doubt surmised, Sylphie's mother was one such person.
E-Sumi-Yan: The misunderstanding of that blessing, however, is what led her down such a tragic path. We cannot allow Sylphie's astonishing talents to consume her in the same manner.
E-Sumi-Yan: ...But we mustn't get ahead of ourselves. The girl has barely awoken to her potential.
E-Sumi-Yan: And for that potential to be fully realized, your support is yet needed. I suspect she failed to mention that the promise of your involvement in her lessons was the reason for her change of heart.
E-Sumi-Yan: Ah, you underestimate the impression your quiet determination has made on young Sylphie. If modesty prevents you from acknowledging your own good deed, consider this task a part of your training——for conjurers are healers of wounds, be they physical or otherwise. Walk with her on her journey, [Player], and together explore the myriad mysteries of nature.