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Don't Call It a Comeback

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Don't Call It a Comeback

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Quest giver
Coerthas Western Highlands (X:18.1, Y:10.9)
Quest line
Further Hildibrand Adventures Quests
Experience 0
Gil 1,100
Previous quest
A Gentleman Falls, Rather than Flies
Next quest
The Gigi Situation

Cyr's look of utter confusion is one you know all too well.

— In-game description





  • Cyr's look of utter confusion is one you know all too well.
  • Recovering from his shock, Cyr expresses his strong disapproval of Nashu's willingness to employ a zombie gentleman as a bloodhound. Mustering his courage, he declares that you and he must regain control of the situation, before charging off in pursuit of the others.
  • The Gentle Dead Man pauses, explaining that some strange magical interference is confounding his senses, and that it may be for the best if you were to split up and survey the area. Cyr quickly asserts that the region is infested with wild beasts, and that such a plan is too risky, prompting Godbert to assign you and the zombie gentleman to guard Nashu, while he accompanies the inquisitor during the search.
  • In the distance, Nashu spies two sculpted legs clad in gentlemanly trousers protruding from the snow. Unfortunately, they are not alone. Two equally gentlemanly gazebos─that is to say, yetis─appear to be advancing upon the legs with murderous intent. It falls to you to put an end to their machinations.
  • The dread gazebos are no more, and the gentlemanly legs are no longer in danger. However, if they do indeed belong to the inspector, then it is difficult to imagine how he could yet be among the living...
  • Though they pull with all their might, Nashu and the Gentle Dead Man have not the strength to remove Inspector Hildibrand from the ground. Fortunately, their cries serve to draw the attention of Cyr and Godbert, and the latter states with confidence that he has ways of waking his son. Summoning his strength, he rips Hildibrand free, soaring high into the sky before slamming him even deeper into the snow. After taking a moment to reflect on the silliness of naming one's attacks, he once more pulls his son free with a mighty suplex. Rising to his feet, a bewildered Hildibrand quickly takes stock of the situation and poses for his fans. Yet soon all eyes are upon the mammet which was disgorged from the ground along with him─seemingly broken, but soon brought to life with a few deft whacks of Godbert's hammer.
  • It quickly becomes apparent that the mammet can remember nothing, not even its name─a realization which causes it to panic. Seeing this, Inspector Hildibrand attempts to comfort the poor creation, even going so far as to give it a new name: Gigi (which Inquisitor Cyr is quick to decry as a name no one in their right mind would ever give a mammet). The inspector resolves to help Gigi recover its memories, and they depart for Ishgard along with Nashu. Satisfied that Hildibrand is alive and well, the Gentle Dead Man and Godbert take their leave and set forth for Thanalan. Once more you find yourself left alone with Inquisitor Cyr, who has yet to come to terms with this strange new world he has found himself within, one devoid of reason and logic. Shaking his head, he mutters that Inspector Hildibrand will still need to be cleared of all suspicion before he will be permitted to travel freely in Ishgard. And so you two begin your trek back to the capital as well...
  • Inquisitor Cyr informs you that Inspector Hildibrand has been permitted to enter Ishgard, having been judged to be no more than an “eccentric curiosity,” and now roams the city with Nashu and Gigi in their quest to learn more about the mammet's identity. Though he no longer suspects him of being a heretic, he is nevertheless annoyed by his antics, and cannot help but dread the day that he enters into his life once more...