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Bridging the Rift

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Bridging the Rift

Quest giver
Veteran Radiant
Radz-at-Han (X:4, Y:10)
Quest line
Post-Endwalker Main Scenario Quests
Gil 1,605
Previous quest
Sharing the Wealth
Next quest
Restricted Reading

The veteran Radiant wishes to share his gratitude.

— In-game description



  • The veteran Radiant wishes to share his gratitude.




Accepting the Quest from Y'shtola

Y'shtola: If we're to enter Noumenon's restricted archives with a minimum of fuss, then we must secure the permission of the Forum.
Y'shtola: First, however, we shall need to enlist the cooperation of a member to broach the matter on our behalf. Who do you think might be inclined to assist us?
Y'shtola: No one springs to mind?
Y'shtola: Hm... What of Scholarch Montichaigne?
Y'shtola: He did come to G'raha's defense during the inquiry, after all.
Y'shtola: 'Tis settled. Let us head to Phenomenon and see if he's willing to help us once more.

Optional Dialog stopping at the entrance to the Studium

Y'shtola: I apprenticed to Master Matoya at the age of seven, and labored under her tutelage for a full decade. I never had the chance to attend the Studium...
Y'shtola: Neither did Thancred, as I recall. Soon after Master Louisoix took him in off the streets, he was put in the care of another Archon. His was a rigorous and practical education in the arts of espionage and survival.
Y'shtola: I sometimes wonder what my life might have been like had I pursued studies here instead...
Y'shtola: Oh, that does sound lovely. Afternoons with friends spent sipping tea and debating theories.
Y'shtola: ...Still, I wouldn't give up my time with Master Matoya for the world.
Y'shtola: The dank cave I studied in was about as far from the bright, airy halls of academia as one could get. But it was a wondrous, magical childhood nonetheless.

Upon speaking to Montichaigne

Montichaigne: Ah, visitors! And quite esteemed ones at that. What may I do for you?
Y'shtola: Pray forgive the intrusion, Scholarch, but we were hoping you might help us secure permission to enter Noumenon's restricted archives.
Montichaigne: Oho! No furtive forays into the stacks this time, eh?
Montichaigne: I applaud this newfound sense of propriety. Yet in all this wide world of comparative serenity, what so compels you to disturb a vault of forbidden wisdom?
Montichaigne: Fascinating. I had no idea such a technique existed.
Y'shtola: I would've been surprised if you had. If my assumption is correct, the research left behind by House Daemir has lain dormant in Sharlayan's archives for many centuries.
Montichaigne: And if you unearth this research, what then? Surely you don't intend to cross over into the void?
Y'shtola: That is, in fact, precisely what we intend.
Montichaigne: ...To what end, pray tell?
Y'shtola: To develop a method of traversing the rift, for one, that I might keep my word to a distant friend.
Y'shtola: Sentiment aside, I have journeyed to the end of existence. I have heard, felt, and thought endlessly about the truth of our world and the echo of its future. And yet I want to understand everything─to unravel it all down to its very last secret.
Y'shtola: What scholar worthy of the name wouldn't force open a voidgate or two if a grand revelation was the promised reward?
Montichaigne: Hahaha! Marvelous!
Montichaigne: An audacious proposal worthy of Master Matoya herself!
Montichaigne: And after hearing the whys and the wherefores, I for one do not believe you would use the knowledge for ill.
Montichaigne: I see no reason not to present your request for the Forum's consideration.
Montichaigne: Although... Your petition would be better received if you also had the support of another well-placed acquaintance.
Montichaigne: Why, Master Fourchenault, of course! He can hardly ignore an earnest request from his dear children's most treasured comrades.
Y'shtola: I was hesitant to approach him directly, but there is no denying that having Master Fourchenault on our side would tip the balance in our favor. Very well. We will pay a visit to the Leveilleur estate and plead our case.
Montichaigne: Ah, one last thing before you go. I would consider it a personal favor if you might share with me the discoveries you make in the void.
Montichaigne: My appetite for knowledge is every bit as insatiable as yours, I'd wager, so if you could see your way to indulging an old man's curiosity...?
Y'shtola: Of course, Scholarch. We will be sure to pass on any revelations.

Upon speaking to the House Leveilleur Butler

House Leveilleur Butler: Ah, Mistress Ravenloue, Mistress Y'shtola, how may I be of service?
Y'shtola: We've come to speak with Master Fourchenault. Is he home, by any chance?
House Leveilleur Butler: Yes, the master is in residence. I shall inform him that he has guests.
Fourchenault: Well, well. Ameliance would invite you inside for tea, but I assume this is not a social visit. You have some matter of import to discuss?
Fourchenault: Then pray proceed─you have my full attention.
Fourchenault: Well, I suppose I should praise you for following the proper protocols this time around...
Y'shtola: Scholarch Montichaigne expressed much the same sentiment. I assure you, we'll not attempt to circumvent the Forum's authority again...unless it is absolutely necessary, of course.
Fourchenault: ...Of course.
Fourchenault: You do understand that the restricted archives are restricted for good reason, yes? If no pressing need exists, then why risk the consequences of employing this forbidden knowledge?
Y'shtola: For a brother who misses his sister. She was his guardian and his friend─a selfless hero who crossed the rift between worlds to save her homeland from horror and suffering.
Y'shtola: But the brother has given up on thoughts of reunion. He spends his efforts elsewhere, watching over a people yet healing from the flames of the Final Days, loyal to his duty while betraying the longing in his heart.
Y'shtola: 'Tis no vital mission, perhaps, reuniting these siblings. But it feels a worthy cause to pursue, all the same.
Y'shtola: As one who feared losing his own loved ones, and spent years in research to prevent it, surely you appreciate how painful such a separation must be.
Fourchenault: Reflections are still very much a mystery to us. Offering to share your experiences in the First should constitute a fair exchange for our cooperation.
Fourchenault: Do not celebrate just yet. The Forum must still be convinced.
Fourchenault: I will add your request to the list of today's deliberations, and deliver the decision to you at the Baldesion Annex.

Upon arrival at the Baldesion Annex

Y'shtola: So. What did the Forum decide?
Montichaigne: To put it bluntly, Master Matoya has burned some bridges here in Sharlayan─and salted the earth for good measure. When it became clear that her student was the petitioner in question, well, no few members voiced their discontent...
Montichaigne: Then the chamber was reminded─in no uncertain terms, I might add─of the incredible debt we owe to you and your companions.
Montichaigne: That served to silence the grumbles and stiffen a few spines, and it was agreed that allowing you entry to the archives was the least we could do in return.
Y'shtola: That is wonderful news. Thank you both for speaking on our behalf.
Fourchenault: Yes, well... As I am sure you are aware, this permission was not extended lightly. Forbidden knowledge is to be treated with the utmost caution, and there will be repercussions if it is not.
Fourchenault: I wish you well in your endeavor, and bid you good day.
Montichaigne: Ever the same, that one...
Y'shtola: Uncompromising? Aye, but that very stoicism is exactly what Sharlayan needed to guide it through not one, but two exoduses.
Montichaigne: If I were but five years younger, I'd cast aside my lectern and join you on your adventures in a heartbeat...
Y'shtola: That went rather well, I think.
Y'shtola: As a child, I dreamed up any number of schemes for getting my hands on those forbidden tomes... And now I can simply walk in through the door.
Y'shtola: Our focus will be on finding House Daemir's research notes, of course, but the thought of so much knowledge at my disposal has me feeling a little giddy.

If you log out and log back in while Y'shtola is accompanying you:

Y'shtola: Oh, not to worry─I had plenty of reading to keep me occupied while you were busy. Shall we continue?